1992 Geo Storm Engine Oil Drain Plug 4 Cyl 1.8L Dorman

  • Features:
    • Ideal replacement - this engine oil drain plug matches the fit and function of the original drain plug
    • Durable construction - this replacement drain plug is made of corrosion-resistant materials for reliable service
    • Cost-effective solution - offers original equipment performance at competitive price
    • Quality tested - this part has undergone try-on testing to ensure a quality seal
  • This replacement engine oil drain plug is a direct replacement for a damaged or worn original equipment drain plug, precisely matching the thread pitch to ensure a quality seal.
This Part Fits the Following OEM/Substitute Numbers:
0924714027, 0B6S710404A, 1013938, 1027, 113115193, 1151785Z00, 1151786Z00, 1151786Z02, 11569943, 12582347, 17613pk, 2151221000, 2151221010, 2151223000, 2151223001, 215122X000, 263-917, 323276, 3456849, 4502142, 5862044050, 6506214AA, 6507741AA, 704-1036, 7522691, 7563042, 77-02, 78-02, 78-04, 8711871, 8941526130, 8942230111, 90009PH1000, 90009PM3000, 90009PY3000, 90009R70A00, 90013PHM000, 90081PB6000, 90409376, 9096040070, 9098621560, 9132929, 9280014000, 94000124, 94027565, 94316800, 94500883, 94535699, 96051387, 97227598, 97329621, 97329654, 995111400, 9992023140, AJ83017, AJ88461, AM0110404, AW334411, B6F410404, B6S710404A, B6S710404B, D1FZ6730B, D27Z6730B, E0FZ6730A, E0FZ6730B, E5AZ6730A, E5TZ6730A, E9DZ6730B, F0CZ6730B, F0JY6730A, F3DZ6730A, F3DZ6730B, F4BZ6730A, F5RZ6730A, F6TZ6730BA, F75Z6730BA, HE0310404, JZH100062, JZS100098, KHE0310404, LF1310404, LFE510404, MD050316, MD321251, MD368072, XW4Z6730AA, YF091046Y, ZZL010404, ZZL010404A, ZZM210407, ZZM310404, ZZM410404

Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Block CC Engine CID
1992 Geo Storm L 1809 4 Cyl 1.8L 110
Brand Dorman
Part # D18090-053
Condition New
Warehouse B


  • Oil Drain Plug Pilot Point M14-1.50, Head Size 16Mm
  • 16 mm Head Package Quantity: 5 Dorman - AutoGrade - Boxed Packaging Type: Box Thread Pitch: 1.5 mm
  • Dorman Products is one of the most versatile, innovative and interesting manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket as their strength comes in providing the auto parts and equipment that you need, are hard to find, or otherwise previously known as "dealer only". Dorman specializes in the a lot of the basic parts and tools any mechanic or do-it-yourselfer needs, like screws and bolts of all styles and shapes, including specialty automotive parts. Dorman also focuses on providing original equipment replicated parts that strictly adhere to OEM specifications, but usually go to improve durability and/or performance by using better materials or enhancing design. For nearly 100 years Dorman has been filling the needs of the auto parts world.
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    Thread Size
    Threads Per Inch
    SAE or Metric
    Package Contents
    5 Oil Drain Plugs
    Head Size (SAE/Metric)
    16 Mm
    Thread Type
    Oversized Thread
    Bolt Grade
    Special Tool Required
    Gasket Type
    Socket Points
    Head Drive Type
    Describe Type
    Pilot Point
    Universal Oil
    Drain Method


    package quantity
    0.56 lb
    Information on technical characteristics, the delivery set, the country of manufacture and the appearance of the goods is for reference only and is based on the latest information available at the time of publication.
    1. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      21 Mar, 2015
      I didn't have any problems with the plug. However the description stated it was a pack of 5, I only received 1 bolt. Buyer beware.
    2. stephanie
      14 Mar, 2015
      Perfect replacement for my 98 dodge durango. Has a nice seal to it and it's a perfect 16 mm. Not the product show in the picture. It's a very Shiney new bolt with an orange/yellow seal around it.
    3. Chris Wohlert
      26 Feb, 2015
      Fits great on my 03 Ford Ranger XLT
    4. justin f. flanagan
      14 Dec, 2014
      fits good 86 old school colours salon
    5. John Ski
      20 Sep, 2014
      After a few oil changes, these seem to be of good quality drain plugs that were a heck of a bargain.
    6. Ray French
      13 Aug, 2014
      Just like originalEquipment! My truck had one oil change at a quick lube place. The next time I changed the oil, I noticed the drain plug they used had white paint on it, the hex was partially rounded out, and the gasket was not in the best shape. I promptly ordered this so I would have a new one to use next time I changed the oil. The magnets aren't very strong, Which is why I gave this four stars. Note that this is for FIVE drain plugs, so if you have a friend or relative eith a similiar vehicle, share!
    7. Kevin Radke
      10 Aug, 2014
      Can't fast and works fine
    8. ec
      15 Jul, 2014
      Used it to re-thread the aluminum oil pan on my ford contour. The gasket leaks and replaced it with a rubber one. I'm being very careful slowly tightening it to avoid stripping the oil pan again. I tighten half a turn every time I observe oil around it. Overall, it's the cheapest and simplest repair available.
    9. David Uhland
      30 Jun, 2014
      great deal
    10. Johnny Pasta "Johnny Pasta"
      28 Jun, 2014
      Works for me. I mean how can you screw up on a oil drain plug. Like buying bananas. One brand tastes just like another. I have a '97 Chevy Venture with a 3.4 motor by the way. So to all the owners of this year and model; IT WORKS. It is a good idea to replace the rubber seal that came with it after about every 10 oil changes. It's up to you. But when you go to change your oil and notice some oil around the plug that is a good indication that the rubber seal needs to be replaced.
    11. Tom In Houston, TX
      08 May, 2014
      The screw fit my GMC Yukon XL. It has an O-Ring seal. The only thing was different from the original screw was the size of the hex head and it does not has a magnet at the tip. The original hex head was size 15mm. The Dorman 65265 hex head is 13mm. The thread size is the same 12mm.The screw seal tight after installed the screw plug into the oil pan. No oil leak.
    12. D Sullivan
      23 Mar, 2014
      I ordered this and got exactly the same part that was shown on the Dorman web site. This fixed the stripped out oil drain plug hole very easily and has the 1/8" plug in the center for oil draining on future oil changes. The repair was very easy. You will need a 24mm wrench or socket to install it and a 7/16 wrench to tighten the plug.
    13. MT
      07 Dec, 2013
      Just like the OEM plug, with washer-head and proper sealing gasket. The original seals on my older cars were leaking, and the aftermarket seals I tried were junk. The crankcase drain plug is not somewhere you want to risk a failure. So I bought these new plugs with seals.
    14. Travis
      06 Dec, 2013
      After many oil changes on my 1999 Honda Accord EX, I knew that in order to keep my oil changes smooth and seamless, it would probably be wise to replace my drain plug so that any gradual rounding wouldn't cause me issues down the road.Needless to say, this drain plug fit perfectly and is the exact same wrench size as my old drain plug. It also came with a rubber washer, which worked for a few oil changes but perhaps you should consider buying some other washers just to be on the future-proof safe side.
    15. gabe
      01 Dec, 2013
      Fits well on my '07 LT w/ the 3.9L. I'm not sure if the other sized engines have different sized oil plugs, but if not this fits and suits as a temporary replacement. It feels low quality yet good enough to use until it rounds out like the last one did.5 stars for having it gotten to me in two days thanks to prime, and for being a cheap, perfect fit, temporary replacement.
    16. Vincent
      12 Sep, 2013
      I needed a new automotive oil drain plug for my 1999 Cadillac Seville to replace one that had been damaged and found this one on AutoPartsWAY for a decent price. When I opened the packaging, I noticed that the box was a bit heavy and found FIVE of the drain plugs. All I needed was one. Anyway, like everything else these days, the bolts are "Made in China" but appear to be good enough for my intended use. Incidentally, the photo appearing with the listing is a good representation of what I received. The crown of the hex has cast characters reading "M12" and "1.75", indicating the size and threading. The drain plug accepts a 15mm wrench, same as the original and includes a magnetized tip and a rubber washer as a seal. If I get a chance, I will post a photo. The only reason that I did not award this product five stars is that I have not yet installed it. Have a great day!
    17. TJS 2017 "OCV"
      12 Aug, 2013
      A simple part that I wanted around as a spare. Not expensive and a real time saver should you accidentally loose yours during the oil change. Ask me how I know.
    18. smitty
      10 Jun, 2013
      a exact replacement for the original including the rubber gasket DORMAN is a great name in the auto and truck replacement parts ,have used them for years being a truck mecahanic
    19. Kirk P.
      10 Jun, 2013
      This plug is awesome at plugging the oil drain. Really happy with it. Plus it was a pack of five, which is awesome
    20. Jasonmwa
      02 Jan, 2013
      According to AutoPartsWAY's search for compatible parts, this plug would not fit my 2.5L L4 1995 Jeep Wrangler (but would a 4.0L L6?!?!). Taking a chance, I ordered it anyways and it worked (the photos online looked just like the one I had). It comes with a washer and informs replacing that washer every time you change your oil (looking at my old plug I realized there was a washer on it as well... I never changed it).It does what it's supposed to do. I like products that do that.
    21. scott_mcfarland "AutoPartsWAY ninja"
      20 Dec, 2012
      Used this to fix a stripped oil drain plug on my EX300. Installed quickly and worked perfect. Haven't removed the plug since, so time will tell.
    22. John V Magisano "John"
      05 Dec, 2012
      Material quality was excellent. Good seal with no leaks after the next oil change. It is worth changing the drain plug every now and then especially when you get small leaks like I was experiencing.
    23. Reality Check
      01 Nov, 2012
      This is a replacement for a stripped oil pan plug. I had an aluminum pan with a stripped hole. The plug was a 12mm x 1.25 pitch taper thread. This is a replacement for that opening and will cut new threads in the hoe with a steeper (1.75) pitch. If you use cutting oil and back out after each half turn to clean out the shavings this will work well. I had good luck with this and at a fraction of the cost of other methods. [...]