1997 Chevrolet Astro Oxygen Sensor - Downstream 6 Cyl 4.3L NGK

  • NTK is The Sensor Specialist for import and domestic applications. Established under the NGK family of products, NTK Oxygen Sensors are part of our ongoing commitment to streamline product types and increase coverage. A ceramics company at our core, NTK uses state-of-the art technology enabling control of the ceramic that is used in our oxygen sensors from raw material to finished product. NTK is the world's largest supplier and manufacturer of original equipment oxygen sensors. Combining expertise with innovation, NTK Oxygen Sensors offer superior fit, form and function. NTK Oxygen Sensors are extensively tested during manufacturing to guarantee quality and reliability that meets or exceeds OE specifications. As new vehicles incorporate connected and automated technologies, trust The Sensor Specialist for full-line market support and OE application technology.
This Part Fits the Following OEM/Substitute Numbers:
13016, 13452, 13474, 13488, 13507, 19178116, 19178935, 19178945, 19178958, 213-2868, 234-4018, 75-1726, AFS106, AFS109, AFS125, AFS135, AFS95, ES10012, ES10013, ES10066, ES10076, ES10083, ES20000, ES20001, OS216, OS5042, OS823, OS824, OS839, SG272, SG273, SG279, SG479

Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Block CC Position Engine CID
1997 Chevrolet Astro V - Downstream 6 Cyl 4.3L 262
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Brand NGK
Part # N1221539
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  • NTK OE Type Oxygen Sensor
  • Located After Catalyst B1S3 OE Equivalent Design
  • Direct Fit Oxygen Sensor
  • NGK is a world leader in original equipment and aftermarket spark plugs and oxygen sensors. When it comes to spark plugs, NGK is the World Leader. Makers of spark plugs for virtually every automotive, motorcycle, marine and small engine application, NGK dominates.
    NGK Spark Plugs: When you require the best, count on The World Leader in spark plug technology NGK Spark Plugs. We offer the highest quality products for virtually every vehicle application. Count on NGK Spark Plugs to deliver the finest quality products and customer service. NTK Oxygen Sensors is the world's largest supplier and manufacturer of original equipment oxygen sensors. NTK Oxygen Sensors brings our expertise and innovation to the aftermarket providing oxygen sensors with superior fit, form and function. When you require the best, count on NTK Oxygen Sensors to deliver. Each NTK Oxygen Sensor is extensively tested during manufacture to guarantee quality and reliability, are supplied with a factory-fitted OEM Connector for easy installation, and is precision manufactured with a sensing element incorporating NTK's premier technical ceramics.


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    1. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      04 May, 2015
      On Honda engines it is worth it to get the NGK/NTK sensors as opposed to Bosch, in my opinion. Should replace every 80K or so, the ones I took out had 200K on them.My car was showing some bizarre symptoms, but no check engine lights. Hesitation, random fuel cuts around 3K rpm. Up and downstream NGK/NTK 02 sensors fixed the issue and bumped the mpg from 25 to 30+ in my b series obd2a del sol. The old sensors were completely toast.Some folks in the community say that the honda 02 are all the same (swap between civic, integra etc.) are all the same sensors, but have different plug and wire lengths. I am a believer in getting the sensors that are designed for your engine/ecu.
    2. Cyril B
      18 Apr, 2015
      Fit my 02 Acura RSX base, and cleared my CEL for a malfunctioning secondary sensor.
    3. Cory
      22 Mar, 2015
      Worked great
    4. Marcos
      04 Mar, 2015
      Great!! Pretty simple install and it got rid of the cel on my 2004 Acura RSX base. Cheaper on AutoPartsWAY than auto parts stores in my area too.
    5. David O.
      25 Jan, 2015
      Perfect fitment, great performance.
    6. Meticulous "rogue08"
      08 Dec, 2014
      Bought this and NGK/NTK24521 to replace original Nissan Oxygen sensors on 1998 Nissan Pathfinder. You will also want to order the special socket. I bought the TEKTON 4929 3/8" Drive by 7/8" Oxygen sensor socket. This worked very well with standard 3/8" socket wrench. We didn't encounter any engine lights but figured after 16 years it is probably best to replace these. I'm hoping for 2-4mpg improvement. Will have to monitor and see what happens, we typically get 14-15mpg. It will take 1-2 hours to replace both sensors and buying both on AutoPartsWAY is cheaper than one OEM.
    7. Jake Taylor "OtakuLife005"
      04 Dec, 2014
      Picked up for my 98 Grand Cherokee, as they are the OEM. Comes with everything you need (Other than the tools obviously). If you know how to use a wrench, it takes about 10 minutes.
    8. christopher
      21 Nov, 2014
      Identical to the OEM O2 Sensor
    9. David Ong
      05 Nov, 2014
      Thank you, the item excellent shipping is fast.
    10. Hunter Harris
      19 Oct, 2014
      Sensor is exactly as described and is currently working perfectly in my G35 Coupe.
    11. drac pac
      08 Oct, 2014
      they worked fantastic thank you very much!
    12. David
      29 Sep, 2014
      Make sure you check your vehicle emssions. Mine was California emssions not federal my own mistake good product at a good price unfortunately I had to return.
    13. Rory
      24 Sep, 2014
      Same product as sold everywhere else, but much cheaper price.
    14. D. Tyler
      10 Sep, 2014
      This sensor hasn't died yet, after running on a LT'ed, free-flowing LS1 exhaust system that is a known O2 sensor killer. 3 years and running strong.
    15. Rattlestrike13
      31 Aug, 2014
      Used on a new Cat install, Magnaflow 23285, so install was easy on the bench. I can't comment on how hard it would be under the truck. This is the Downstream sensor, closer to the rear of the truck. Used with NGK 23151(upstream sensor), Gibson GP301 headers, and Gibson 6600 cat-back system. No check engine light after 200 miles so far.
    16. Jonnie Tays
      19 Aug, 2014
      Plugged straight in and worked right out of the box . It cleared the code instantly .
    17. John V.
      06 Aug, 2014
      Did my research well before buying this item. Before the change CEL was on(this was due to burning water from a blown head gasket). Put this O2 sensor on and drove around for nearly 3 weeks and no CEL. Great product and fast shipping. Would do business again.This item comes complete with the actual sensor and the plug that goes fits perfectly with the original harness (it was for a 99 Honda Accord EX 4 cylinder). No modification required. Simply removed the old one and placed this one in. No clipping wires and crimping/soldering required. Plug and play type of deal here.Hope this helps.
    18. khalid bouchenni
      03 Aug, 2014
      Great item!! Great price!! Fast shipping!! Very pleased!! Thanks!!
    19. zonazonwarrior
      02 Jul, 2014
      If it's car related, and made in japan, its pretty much in perfect spec, this part is no exception. Comes with greased threads, and has and immaculate finish (funny to say a oxygen sensor looks good, but it does).Both fit right in to a 2005 accent.
    20. David B.
      03 May, 2014
      This is an OE (original equipment) part so you won't have to fool with wiring the connector, it plugs in just like the original. This exact part (Brand & part number) was quoted twice the price at Advance Auto Parts so I saved a bundle. It fit my 98 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 downstream location.
    21. Philip J.
      10 Apr, 2014
      When I took the old o2 sensor out it stripped the threads in the manifold, so i had to get a thread chaser and re-thread the thing (huge pain). Nonetheless, this thing still fit after i repaired the threads and it hasn't given me any problems/ecu codes yet. Great buy, recommend to anyone driving a Honda.
    22. Morris C. Chance
      02 Apr, 2014
      Got this for 99 Jeep Cherokee...replaced both upstream & downstream sensor...easy DIY. Jeep idles smoother & a noticeable amount of increase in throttle response. The vehicle has 147K miles on it and this was just another way of maintaining the Jeep.
    23. William Duran
      25 Mar, 2014
      ntk for only $46.76 is the best deal that I found period! Item shipped on time and I am a happy customer.
    24. LittleT
      10 Mar, 2014
      This is a ( Downstream ) sensor you can look on RockAuto.com for to double check if you want for details.
    25. John H.
      11 Feb, 2014
      Not being a mechanic, there isn't much I can say about these oxygen sensors. I installed it in my 01 Xterra and it managed to clear out the faulty O2 sensor code. The cord length was long enough without being overly long and here was no wire slicing needed as it came with the correct connector pre-installed.
    26. Hernando Garcia P
      08 Jan, 2014
      Hi,I bought this in April 2011, arrived in perfect condition, very fast, very good quality and even today he is working perfect, very good.
    27. Aaron Victor Monje
      05 Sep, 2013
      Item as described and worked as expected. Just make sure you start applying PB Blaster or Kroil (or similar) several days before you plan on removing the old sensor so it comes out easier.
    28. Bretacious
      04 Sep, 2013
      See above! This was the exact fit replacement for my car and much cheaper than factory ones. Saved $400 by installing myself.
    29. Fabio
      14 Aug, 2013
      When my car failed the smug test, CO2 emmision exceeded the legal limit. I have to replace the O2 sensors on my car.The car dealer quoted me $250 for the O2 sensor. There are 2 O2 sensors on my car. Parts will cost me $500. Labor will cost $120 per hour, plus cost for running diagnostic, $175. Total cost added up to at least $800.I found this product on AutoPartsWAYe and decided to replace the O2 sensors myself.At first, I was concern if this part will fit my car. After entering the year, made & model onto the seller's website, it confirmed this part will fit my car. The part is only $20 each. I also purchase 2 O2 sockets ($7+$9) from another seller on AutoPartsWAYe to install the sensors. Total cost for tools and parts is about $60.After replacing the sensors, the car passed the smug test. It is running more fuel efficient than before.There are other brands of O2 sensors that cost about $50, $100. This $20 sensor will do the job well. Why pay more if you don't have...
    30. Ramjet
      04 Aug, 2013
      Theses sensors were a perfect fit for my Land Rover Discovery 1 (including the harness). Thank-you GoodInfo for your review - it helped!The OBD II codes were cleared and the truck is performing as per specification.For the money - these were a pleasant surprise - a rare event for this kind of vehicle!
    31. PRC "Deal Hunter"
      17 Jul, 2013
      This is the proper fitting post-cat O2 sensor for my 1997 Honda Civic HX. I didnt have any Check-Engine codes but I chose to change the original O2s anyways as preventive maintenance. Its been several months & its performing just fine.
    32. Kelly W Rollyson
      04 Jul, 2013
      O2 Sensor was a factory replacement. Same numbers stamped in the same place on my old one. Worked like a champ
    33. Jennifer & Chris 3way
      01 Jun, 2013
      Great sensor as always but AutoPartsWAY shipped an oxygen sensor it a envelope with little bubbles in it. Oxygen sensors are very sensitive to damage if you drop one on a hard surface its most likely your going to brake it without knowing it till you install it and crap the engine light comes on and you get the trouble code. Till AutoPartsWAY fixes their shipping standards I don't recommend buying one from AutoPartsWAY.
    34. GoodInfo
      28 Apr, 2013
      Great product and price for replacing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Oxygen Sensors on a 1997 Land Rover Discovery with AEL! Replacing the sensors can be challenging especially for the front sensors, as the electrical connectors are hidden behind the engine coil packs near the firewall.
    35. Willy
      21 Mar, 2013
      I had to change my old O2 sensors just before I hit 200k miles. These are super easy to install. I changed both mine for ~$100 and an hour of my time. Before I changed them myself, I got a quote from a local mechanic and he was going to charge me $450 to do it (!!!!!).
    36. Kurt
      21 Feb, 2013
      Bolts right in and plugs in as well... very easy install...doesnt take much... you do have to reset the ecu though...just so it relearns the new sending unit.
    37. JRH "Jerry"
      15 Feb, 2013
      My Wife's 2001 Honda Accord had the check engine light on. I used an OBDII code reader indicating a malfunctioning oxygen sensor. I ordered this replacement from AutoPartsWAY, received it quickly, and replaced my upstream oxygen senser. The plug was an exact match so no splicing as with many generic sensors. I reset the check engine light and the car has been running perfectly for months.
    38. Tryst376
      14 Jan, 2013
      The sensors were the proper size and were shipped ahead of schedule. Very happy with product and customer service received.
    39. Frank Jaeger
      07 Jan, 2013
      No complaints here. I installed this for a 00 Subaru RS Coupe and it fits just fine. The wire is just long enough and is a perfect fit. Unfortunately, I found out that I have a bad Catalytic converter and will need it replaced.
    40. Peter J. Ferri
      13 Nov, 2012
      I replaced my oxygen sensor in my 1991 Honda civic DX (canada) because I had no records from the previous owner about when maintenance was done. Replaced at approximately 150,000kmsI replaced it by removing the heat shield on the exhaust mani. and then it was fairly easy to remove. If I owned a shop, I would buy the oxygen sensor socket as it was fairly difficult to remove with a wrench without damaging the radiator fins.I replaced the sensor at the same time as my spark plug wires (NGK HE53) and noticed that my idle was smoother and I had improved throttle response. I didn't notice any MPG increase, but today I noticed that one of my spark plug boots had come unseated and that is probably why, also my performance dropped aswell.This product is definitely benficial if you want your car to run better. I'd definitely recommend replacing yours if your car has over 200,000kms and has no evidence of ever being replaced.
    41. Draughon David Webster
      15 Sep, 2012
      With NGK you can't go wrong. This part replaced a failed BOSCH OS. Not that NGK will last forever and not fail, their parts are a PERFECT match for cars made in JAPAN. NGK rocks!
    42. Brusilov
      08 Jun, 2012
      I got this as a cheap replacement for my lower O2 sensor for my 98 Acura Integra. It was direct Plug and play. Drove 600 miles straight on a road trip with a scan tool to check reading and haven't has any issues.
    43. Lightofgrace
      16 Sep, 2011
      I just installed this O2 sensor for my Camry, runs OK.Difficult to understand instruction about connecting the wires to the old connectors.Need to see how the performance is.
    44. Edgar Hernandez
      09 Sep, 2011
      I have a Hyindai Accent 2002 and it works right. I bought this around 7 months ago and still working fine.
    45. Conrad
      21 Aug, 2011
      Great price, 77 for 2, OEM fit plug and go. I liked how they have the anti seize compound on the threads already.91 Acura Legend... no more codes, running great!
    46. Nick R.
      30 Jul, 2011
      Arrived a few days early, came with factory plug harness and very easy to install, I would recommend and buy another if I was to buy again.
    47. B. Schwan
      04 Apr, 2011
      Item came well packaged with all items necessary for installation. It included the factorty connector(no cutting and splicing) and copper antisieze compound. It was used on a 1996 Tacoma (upstream) to replace a faulty one causing a check engine light. The sensor is working fine so far(approx 1 month) Approximately 40% less on AutoPartsWAY than the local parts house
    48. Anthony Sciandra "CaffeFresco"
      28 Mar, 2011
      I've been running NGK spark plugs on my Subaru Forester and Moto Guzzi motorcycle for almost forever. When the time came to replace the O2 Sensors on the 1999 Subaru Forester I was steered by many to go with Bosch or Denso, but then I stumbled on NTK O2 Sensors under the NGK brand. The NTK sensors were less expensive than the others and with the great reputation of NGK behind NTK I decided to go with the NGK/NTK Oxygen Sensors. Installation was straightforward and hassle free -- easy! An immediate improvement in throttle response was noted and after the first full tank of fuel the MPG went up approximately 18%
    49. Bryan In CA. "Bigfoot"
      07 Nov, 2010
      Worked to clear the the code on the computer so I say they worked! Great prices on AutoPartsWAY too! No one comes close. Keep up the good work AutoPartsWAY.
    50. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      21 Oct, 2010
      I bought a cheaper one about 20k miles ago. It didn't last long. Car(Honda) started puttering, like it wanted to die. After changing other things figured out it was the OS. So this time I went with better product NGK. Perfect. No splicing required, plug and play......We'll see how long this one last, other reviews say for years...I hope so.
    51. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      10 Aug, 2010
      Direct fit for my 1998 Range Rover SE. Took all of about ten minutes to replace both sensors at rear of cats. They seem to be working fine.