1976 Lancia Beta Windshield Wiper Blade - Front Bosch

  • Features:
    • Dual steel tension springs supports the wiping edge for a consistent clean wipe
    • Graphite-treated wiping edge reduces friction and noise
    • Flow-through frame reduces blade lift-off
    • Quick and easy installation
    • All steel frame construction for dependable wiping
  • Pluma limpiaparabrisas Bosch DirectConnect
  • Suggested Purchase Quantity: 2
    • Most jobs typically require 2 of this item.

Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Position Body
1976 Lancia Beta Front Wagon
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$11.35 USD
$13.62 USD
Brand Bosch
Part # B4140518
Condition New
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  • Bosch DirectConnect Wiper Blade
  • DirectConnect
  • As one of the largest North American automotive suppliers, Bosch develops, manufactures and supplies precision components and systems - including body electronics, chassis and powertrain products - for vehicle manufacturers worldwide. Since its foundation 1886, the company accelerates the progress of Automotive Technology with continued innovations.

    Bosch is a globally recognized company that manufacture's tools, parts, and equipment in a wide variety of industries and is respected for their quality and innovation many times over, especially in the automotive industry, both as an Original Equipment Manufacturer and aftermarket manufacture. Bosch produces some of the best auto parts in the following categories; gasoline fuel pump and delivery systems, diesel fuel pump and ignition, chassis system controls, electric motors, starters and alternators, all sorts of automotive electronics and sensors, steering systems, and more!


    Blade Material
    Natural Rubber W/graphite
    Frame Material
    Heated (Wiper Blade)
    Adapters Included
    Unit(s) per Car Qty (ORLY)
    Cases Per Pallet (ORLY)
    Quick Connect Hardware Included
    Frame Color
    Wiper Blade Design
    Attached Spoiler / Aerofoil
    Blade Type


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    package quantity
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    2.60 in
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    1. kd5
      03 Apr, 2015
      One of the best wiper blades I've used. Beats Anco, hands down.
    2. Tiffany A Wylie
      01 Mar, 2015
      Fits my '01 Honda Civic well. Easy to install. Does a nice job in the rain.This length is for the driver's side. The 19" for the passenger's side.
    3. Joretta Herbst
      16 Feb, 2015
      I've not had it for any length of time, but so far it is doing a good job.
    4. erob914
      14 Feb, 2015
      Went on easily and wipes water from the back glass. What else could you need in a wiper blade?
    5. sheffieldguy
      26 Nov, 2014
      Pleased with this purchase
    6. D. Taylor "Tech Gadget User"
      01 Oct, 2014
      Living in Arizona, you don’t worry much about wiper blades since it rarely rains! The reality is that the heat and sun damages them pretty quick and this summer during the monsoon season I noticed my original blades needed replacement. I wanted nice blades and in reading, discovered these Bosch Evolution blades. I have replaced all of my wiper blades with this brand. The front two are different sizes (one is 21” and the other is 19”), and the rear window is another size (11”). Make sure and check for exactly what your vehicle needs.In my VW Golf TDI, this is the blade that goes on the front passenger side. This is an exact slide in replacement for the OEM factory model. It slides right in without any silly adapters to worry about. You press the square button on the top and slide the old blade out. Compress the button on the new blade and slide it in. You might have to wiggle a little due to the tight fit but that is really what you want to...
    7. 2wdf350
      23 Feb, 2014
      when I found this deal I stocked up for all my vehicles. the UV rayshere in Colo raise hell with blades and with little rain they self destructmore than get used up. frequent replacement has to be done just to geta good wipe when you need one
    8. R. C. Gonzales
      26 Jun, 2013
      I bought this for my 2007 Volvo S60. It fits perfectly and performs well so far. The real question is how long this will last compared to how much it costs.
    9. byrdman
      15 May, 2013
      This wiper blade works very well and doesnt streak. It shipped on time and was priced low. I would recommend this product.
    10. joseph Corrado
      29 Jan, 2013
      I just needed wipers as back- ups. I ordered them and they came in a pretty short amount of time. They aren't the best wipers in the world, BUT...when your existing wipers break, you'll be amazed at how good these really inexpensive wipers are.
    11. Matt
      26 Sep, 2012
      Bought this wiper blade and one in 24" (Bosch 40524) for my 2009 Nissan Titan to replace the original wiper blades. The blades came on separate days so I had a chance to use one along side an original blade, and the difference was obvious. These blades do the job. At first, they squeaked when changing directions at the vertical position, but after a few rains they work great.I purchased the Anco 31 Series about a month prior, but both arrived broken. I will stick to Bosch products from now on.
    12. Costero
      04 Jan, 2012
      These are the best blades I've found, and the 11" is correct for the rear window on a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I've tried Rain-X, Anco, and Trico, and the Bosch Micro-Edge out-perform the others. I live in rain country (Oregon), so streak-free, quiet, long-lasting wipers are important.
    13. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      26 Feb, 2011
      I own a 2004 Jeep Wrangler and it is very hard to find the 13" length in stores. I needed some other options and found these on AutoPartsWAY. I've had them on my Jeep for about a month now and they seem to do a good job at providing a clear view. Much better than the ones I had on before that I found at Wal-Mart.***Update, June, 2013I still have these wipers on my Jeep and don't need to replace them yet. I would recommend these. I will be purchasing them again when these give out.
    14. monoblocks
      02 Nov, 2010
      Highly affordable, these Bosch Micro Edge wiper blades are easy to install and I've found that they have a great service life, generally lasting longer than the six months replacement cycle most experts recommend for wiper blades. Build quality is at least equal to OE units, which is no surprise since Bosch is frequently an original equipment supplier to car manufacturers unlike quite a few of the other brands you'll find on the market. The Micro Edge design is easy to install and work flawlessly right from the word 'go', with positive contact to the windshield across the entire arm sweep. No more streaks or undue friction noises, and we're good to go for at least another half a year. They may not be the most aerodynamic and the exposed metal frame is definitely old-school, but if it works this good why mess with anything else? Solid, sensible buy.
    15. Tu Tran
      08 Oct, 2010
      I bought 2 for my VW Passat 1998 and they fit perfectly. They do really good job, wipe anything falling from the sky. I get a clear view than ever. Highly Recommend.
    16. M. Schulman
      26 Sep, 2009
      For my front windshield I bought the Bosch Excel+ and the Bosch ICON wiper blades so I could compare them side-by-side. As another reviewer notes, the ICON quickly developed hairline streaks everywhere, even when the blades were clean. I've used them both for a year now, and the Excel+ works better and has lasted longer. Given that the Excel+ is less expensive, it is, without a doubt, the better blade in both effectiveness and value.
    17. Hekkenschütze "Hekkenschutze"
      18 Jun, 2009
      It lasts the longest and when the price is low enough (say $7 a piece) on AutoPartsWAY I buy 6 at a time. That beats wal-mart, kmart, autoparts and garage prices hands down and when buying so many you get free shipping here on AutoPartsWAY.Shop smart, plan ahead and save money!
    18. R. Fang
      30 Jan, 2009
      Most new cars come with spring-less wipers from the manufacturer. If that's the case I don't think this makes much sense to get these.If you have an older model car that uses spring-loaded wipers that doesn't do much more than smudging water back-and-forth on your windshield, these wipers are a substantial upgrade. I first bought them for my 2001 RAV4 and replaced only one wiper just to compare side-by-side and it's like seeing half the windshield is squeaky-clean and the other half feels like looking through someone else's eyeglass. The difference is so dramatic you don't need to have the results side-by-side to know there's a huge difference. After that I bought a pair for my 2005 S2000 as well. Same great results compared against the factory spring-loaded wipers.In combination with applying RainX to the windshield, the result is very similar a brand new car off the dealer's lot. RainX helps the wiping during low speed, and it also has the added benefit...
    19. Jeremy Haggard "SlickDeal Enthusiast"
      21 May, 2008
      I ordered the Bosch 19" and 21" wipers for my 2002 Honda Civic as a part of a Buy One Bosch Blade Get One Free [...]. I probably would've never considered trying Bosch windshield blades otherwise, but I'm so happy I did.With my previous blades that I got during an oil change at a quick-lube shop, I got a lot of streaking and squeaking whenever I used them. Every time I encountered a rain storm, I had to abide the same consistent, annoying noise if I didn't want to compromise my own safety. It was very difficult to bear.Even after I pulled the trigger on buying the blades, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to install them on my car because of my lack of automotive know-how. When they came, however, my worries went away. The Bosch blade package showed me how to remove my old blades and how to install the new ones. It was a piece of cake. The only problem? They came individually in two separate boxes that were HUGE. What a waste of packing material, AutoPartsWAY...
    20. James R. Valley "vermont lover"
      24 Jan, 2008
      These blades were the exact fit for my vehicle but I had to go to Autozone to see which blades would fit but still cost about $5 each less than Autozone