2005 Toyota Solara Catalytic Converter with Integrated Exhaust Manifold 4 Cyl 2.4L Dorman

  • Features:
    • Direct replacement - this manifold converter is designed to match the fit and performance of the original equipment on specific vehicles
    • Convenient kit - includes gaskets and downpipe hardware to simplify installation
    • Durable construction -manufactured within strict tolerances for reliable longevity
    • Trustworthy value - backed by team of engineers and quality control experts in the United States
  • This catalytic converter with integrated exhaust manifold - a.k.a. manifold converter - is precision-engineered to match the original equipment on specific vehicle years, makes and models for a reliable replacement.
This Part Fits the Following OEM/Substitute Numbers:
099-1657, 101342, 16384, 18210, 250510H011, 250510H040, 49291, 50803, 641197, SK674811

Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Block CC Engine CID
2005 Toyota Solara L 2362 4 Cyl 2.4L -
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Best Price:

$715.39 USD
$858.47 USD
Brand Dorman
Part # D18674-811
Condition New
Warehouse B


  • Manifold Converter - Not CARB Compliant
  • CARB Compliant: No
  • Dorman Products is one of the most versatile, innovative and interesting manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket as their strength comes in providing the auto parts and equipment that you need, are hard to find, or otherwise previously known as "dealer only". Dorman specializes in the a lot of the basic parts and tools any mechanic or do-it-yourselfer needs, like screws and bolts of all styles and shapes, including specialty automotive parts. Dorman also focuses on providing original equipment replicated parts that strictly adhere to OEM specifications, but usually go to improve durability and/or performance by using better materials or enhancing design. For nearly 100 years Dorman has been filling the needs of the auto parts world.
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    Outlet Mounting Hole Quantity
    Inlet Gasket Included
    Converter Body Material
    Cast Iron
    Grade Type
    Package Contents
    Exhaust Manifold; Gaskets And Hardware
    Outlet Mounting Hardware Included
    Inlet Port Shape
    California Air Resources Board (CARB) Certified
    CARB Compliant


    package quantity
    30.00 lb
    Information on technical characteristics, the delivery set, the country of manufacture and the appearance of the goods is for reference only and is based on the latest information available at the time of publication.
    1. Jesse Brice
      16 Apr, 2015
      Car passed emissions, what else do I need to say. . .
    2. cg123456
      30 Mar, 2015
      The piece anyone with an escape needs. Fits perfect and no lights on
    3. derrick johnson
      04 Mar, 2015
    4. T. FORD "Hicktacular"
      02 Mar, 2015
      I used this on my 2007 Nissan Altima. The original one cracked on the converter. I inspected the original on and could not find a crack so I put the original back on with new gaskets. I still had the leak. I found this one and ordered because I was fairly certain that the manifold was the problem. I also ordered the http://www.AutoPartsWAY.com/Walker-54782-Direct-Catalytic-Converter/dp/B008RYMT28/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1425323187&sr=1-1&keywords=Walker+54782+Ultra+Direct+Fit+Catalytic+ConverterI bought both not knowing which one would be the issue, but it was still cheaper than taking it to the shop. The Dorman Manifold fit without any issues. The heat shield took a little working with as the bolt holes did not line up perfectly. The heat shield is thin and easy to work with. Total time was maybe 3 hours.Also, I am a fairly experienced mechanic and have had nightmare stories about working with exhaust systems. I live in the South so no salt on the roads help. I did...
    5. Okan KIRGIL
      20 Feb, 2015
      It is awesome. I got it almost 2 weeks ago and Assembling was very easy to me. You need to remove 13 screws for catalytic converter. And 3 more for cover of converter then you can implement it easily.
    6. Allen
      14 Feb, 2015
      True lifetime warranty. We had one go bad on us within a year. AutoPartsWAY covered it.
    7. Samatva
      10 Jan, 2015
      Working great, bolted right in, heat shield went back on, but most importantly, it passed the emissions test!Now has 1.5 months driving on it, solved the check engine light code P0421, and is working great.
    8. Tim
      05 Nov, 2014
      Great Deal. Fits like a glove. Included everything, all the nuts, bolts and gaskets that were needed to do the job with out a trip to the auto parts store! If you have a Toyota RAV4 and have codes P0420 Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1, P0430 Bank 2, this is your fix.
    9. Mario A.67
      03 Nov, 2014
      Exactly as described and shipped fast. My car found new life. That's a beautiful thing.
    10. Paul Affleck "Week End Mecanic"
      22 Sep, 2014
      I bought the kit to replace a bad cataytic converter in our 2004 Toyota Camry ES with a I4 engine. The replacement manifold fit perfectly to each end of the exhaust; however, the old heat shield had to be slightly modified in order to attach correctly to it. Basically I had to drill a new hole in the heat shield. The only other issue I had is that the replacement "kit" did not come with new studs and the old ones were unusable. I called directly to Dorman and they appologized and overnighted me the new studs and nuts. Others have remarked that their kit did not include the studs either and Dorman is working to correct this issue. This is a quality unit and I think well worth the price. For the 04 Camry, be prepared to make a small modification in the heat shield and if your unit comes without studs, just give Dorman a call. Overall very pleased, especially with Dorman customer service.
    11. Borseth
      09 Sep, 2014
      The Price is Awesome, The fit is OK. They need to include 02 sensor plug for post cat! My post cat 02 sensor is located down under the car not 4 inches away from pre cat so i had to run to the automotive store and locate and buy a plug (big hassle could've been avoided). The factory heat shield holes needed to be enlarged do to brackets being welded incorrectly and mounting holes are quite large to accommodate it not being exact fit, BUT overall nice product, good price, that it has all the bolts and gaskets included!
    12. W. King
      14 Aug, 2014
      Pretty good aftermarket replacement. Fit fine and runs fine, if a bit stinky for a couple of days until the coating burns off. A few details make it short of 5 stars. No instructions is the biggest issue, though I did manage to find enough on the web to figure it out. Doesn't come with all the studs you need to do the job, you have to re-use the original ones by pulling them off the old manifold, which requires a special tool that's not widely available. New exhaust hanger bolt that does come with it is different than the OEM but it does work.
    13. Travis
      01 Aug, 2014
      Bought it for my 2006 Tacoma 4.0 trying to get it to pass smog in California. As some of you know, if it isn't stock, it probably won't pass in California due to the retarded CARB restrictions. Nevertheless the dealer wanted $1000 to replace it, and I found this for around $300, gambled on it passing and put it on myself. It saved me 700 bucks because it not only looked identical to the factory unit, it passed without issue. Even if you aren't in Cali, it's a deal since it's such an easy job. Fully recommend this product!UPDATE: about 7 months (5k or so) after putting it on, I developed a HUGE exhaust leak....needless to say, one of the welds holding on the heat shield busted and ripped a 3/8 inch hole in my manifold....will try and repair. Not sure if it would be a common problem though, as I can't see it doing that every time a tiny spot weld comes loose.
    14. D. M. Edinger
      14 Jul, 2014
      Installed on a 2003 Mazda 6 3.0 V6. As advertised it was a direct fit replacement and is working fine. Included manifold and exhaust gasket as well as new bolts for the exhaust. While it was a direct fit the welded on heat shield was not exact and took extra effort to reinstall the bolts on the head. I installed new upstream and downstream O2 sensors at the same time. Price on AutoPartsWAY saved me huge $$$ over OEM and local auto parts stores. Any changes I'll post an update.
    15. DAVID
      09 Jul, 2014
      Fit perfectly. Bought this on AutoPartsWAY because it was the best price out there.
    16. Lioness
      08 Jul, 2014
      Easy to install. Great fit for my car...
    17. Kristina Agent
      30 Jun, 2014
      From my husband: This same exact part in my local auto parts store was over $500 more than what I paid for it here! Bolted up perfectly and works exactly as it should!
    18. Breper
      25 Jun, 2014
      I boutht these to replace the OEM Nissan exhaust mainifolds that were cracked. The fit and finsh seems pretty good and they bolted right up like they're supposed to. I'm hoping that these won't crack like the OEM junk.
    19. Lance
      20 Jun, 2014
      Great price great part , didnt give me one problem didnt do no cutting fit perfectly fine. Im happy with the results no check engine is on . I dont know why people saying they had to cut it if you take it to the professionals they want have that problem
    20. Jon
      03 May, 2014
      Awesome. lifetime warranty on a converter! I am a certified repair shop and this is the exact product AZ sells for 519.99 carquest 492.83. unbeatable price. This is the same company that sell almost all window regulators to the aftermarket. Product was a perfect fit too.
    21. Eric E. Wilson "professional engineer"
      13 Apr, 2014
      This will need a little help on fitting the heat shield as most everyone has noted.Just plan from the start to have a drill and enlarge the holes on the shield.Have a persuader (rubber hammer) handy to shape the shields a bit.Take care to try and keep the old shield fasteners. I found the old ones were better in some locations than the new ones that come with this kit (a little longer).I also slotted the first hole to avoid removing the alternator. You'll understand and see this advantage when you get there. The original came off without removing the alternator.
    22. Blok227
      16 Mar, 2014
      I was looking for a replace cat. I decided on this one. the cast iron exhaust manifold is just like OEM. And will out-last any tubular unit. Thick steel exhaust flange. Includes heat shield as pictured. Also includes all gaskets and hardware. It was a bit more than the pacesetter unit, but Dorman products have never disappointed me. Good warranty. Even though it was a bit more, it was still cheaper buying it on AutoPartsWAY.
    23. Cars fan
      24 Feb, 2014
      It was nice to work with something made in the USA that showed good quality of construction. It performed flawlessly.
    24. glitch
      15 Feb, 2014
      Easy to install, just had to remove A/C compressor. NOx and CO is lower than last year with the OE cat. Fitment is exactly the same as the old part. Appears to be high quality.Make sure you use new mounting nuts and studs, and that you oil them before installing. The cat comes with new bolts for the y-pipe. I also installed new denso oxygen sensors and ignition coils/plugs. I also replaced the rear cat but that's a different review (dorman 674-830) planning an aftermarket sports exhaust soon (magnaflow borla etc) the sound with these and the oe muffler is good. Seems more rumbly than before but I drove it partially clogged for a while, my memory my be hazy.
    25. Victor B. Mcclearen "bolt37"
      14 Jan, 2014
      I replaced both sides of my exhaust headers with Dorman Aftermarkets, and it solved my issues and improved gas mileage by about 3mpg. It is a big job, but these kits are complete and well made, and about 1/3 the price of Nissan OEM and about 1/2 proce from AutoZone Dorman same exact parts!
    26. Andrieka Gibson
      13 Jan, 2014
      My vechicle has been running great for over a month since it has been put on. I am very satisfied!
    27. Chilliwack BC
      05 Jan, 2014
      Great price, quick shipping. When installing had to use a ratchet straps to pull the pipes into alignment with opposite side. Engine light is now out... so VERY happy. Saved BIG $$$
    28. Jeff Kibler
      06 May, 2013
      part was just what it said it was and bolted on nicely. Way to go Dorman. Priced Less than O.E.
    29. big doggie
      10 Apr, 2012
      the exhaust manifold had to bungs for O2 sensors, my car came equipped with 1, I had to find a plug to fit the hole did not come with kit, the heat shields did not fit properly had to make fit re-drilling mounting holes, that should come ready for installation instead of having to search for plugs for O2 hole,