2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Engine Oil Filter K&N

  • Features:
    • OE Replacement Oil Filter
    • 1 in. Exposed Nut Designed For Easy Oil Filter Removal
    • Heavy Duty Construction For Extreme Conditions
    • Anti-Drain Back Valve - Where Applicable - Eliminates Dry Starts
  • K&N premium oil filters are meticulously engineered to offer outstanding filtration and engine protection. Designed to operate with all synthetic, conventional, and blended motor oils, K&N's pleated synthetic-blend filtration media helps to shield your engine from contaminants and ensure a consistent flow of oil. The heavy-duty canister is engineered to be exceptionally durable, and a one-inch welded hex nut can be used for quick and easy filter removal. Each filter is specifically designed to withstand the service intervals recommended by vehicle manufacturers, and is protected by the K&N 1-Year Limited Warranty.
This Part Fits the Following OEM/Substitute Numbers:
0410755, 0410769, 0410789, 0410797, 0410812, 0418064, 0418075, 0418076, 0418135, 0986452036, 102827901, 1041426, 1041427, 11715829, 11715849, 120137, 120722, 122497, 12582255, 12700, 12867, 12868, 13504509, 1356, 1357, 1457011, 1520831U00, 1520831U01, 1520831U0C, 152087B000, 152089E000, 152089E01A, 15208AA15A, 15208HC400, 15208HC401, 15208KA000, 15208PE01A, 15400PLC004, 15400PLMA01, 15400PLMA02, 15400PLMA0PLE, 15400PMET01, 15400RTA003, 15400ZJ1004, 15400ZJL004, 156071920, 164, 164MP, 1651082210, 16691, 171740, 1717454, 1717470, 187882, 187914, 1992239, 2080101281, 2095, 2112, 21356, 2142, 2163, 2230294, 2325800, 2326500, 25014568, 25014768, 25161878, 2540006, 2540086, 30866266, 30A4000100, 30A4000103, 30A4000105, 3124027, 31356, 3323, 35822626Q04, 35822626Q05, 35822626Q2, 3I1603, 41356, 4294841, 46544820, 46751149, 46751179, 46808398, 51356, 51357, 51357VN, 51357VR, 5142416AA, 5142416AB, 551356, 551357, 5650301, 57141, 5JW1344000, 60612882, 60621830, 60621890, 60810852, 61356, 61356BP, 61851356, 649010, 649013, 649014, 6918250, 7141, 71736161, 72179, 72180, 72226WS, 7410062, 7458888, 7545700, 84141, 85356, 85357, 8943687270, 90511146, 90541162, 91151707, 91356, 91357, 918250, 92338, 92356, 92357, 925952, 93182630, 94314263, AC021, AC026, AC027, AC028, AL7317, AS51356, AS51357, AW343979, AY100MT023, B1401, B1402, B1431, B4458, B4620, B530, B7318, B7441, BMJ4610, C2700, C2867, C2868, C2876, C413, C414, C4620, C901, CA1030, CAS7317, CF236, CF240, CF240AP, CL7317, CM5343, CM7317, CMP5343, CMP7317, CO2867, CO2868, D303, D3323, DG303, DG7317, DL3430, DL3530, DL5343, DL7317, DO853, DO925, EFL129, ELH4168, ELH4233, ELH4257, ELH4278, F0PH2867, F0PH2868, F116, F126, F128, F12Z6731B, F23Z6731B, F2Y014302, F2Y014302ACA, F32Z6731A, F80223802, FE3R14302, FEY014302, FEYO14302, FL2007, FL803, FL821, FL822, FO011A, G6Y014302, G6Y014302A, G6Y014302ACA, GL14610, H97W02, H97W05, H97W08, HL5343, HL7317, HM7317, HSO133, J131313, JE1514302, JEY014302, JEY0143029A, JEY014302A, JFO313, JFO315, K43, KL0714302A, L112291, L14610, L14620, L265, L365, LF240, LF240F, LF3537, LF3644, LF3691, LF486, LF611, LG2659, LO2208K, LO332K, LO721K, LO730K, LO731K, LS225, LS287, LS350, M1110, M1110A, M1MC134, M36, M4620, M4622, MD135737, MD321589, MD325714, MD332678, MD3326879, MD352627, MD360935, MGL7317, MH382, ML1008, ML16833, MO4610, MO4612, MO4620, MO511, MO526, MO529, MO5343, MO6607, MT7317, MZ690072, N3R114302, NW3593A, O32, OC194, OC196, OC707, OC986, OF1007, OF4458, OF450, OF452, OF4622, OF850, OFE00370, OFE3R14302, OJE1514302, OP4458, OP5371, OP5451, OP5452, OP575, OP597, OP598, OP6323, P502007, P502057, P502063, PC413, PC414, PC901, PF1356, PF1357, PF2057, PF23802, PF48, PFFEY01, PFJEYO1, PG4610, PGO4620, PGO5343, PH2700, PH3807A, PH4458, PH4610, PH4913, PH5317, PH5343, PH6607, PH7317, PH9688, PL14610, PL14620, PL7317, PLB7317, PN5343, PN7317, PO108, PO109, PO4503, PO4610, PPL14610, PPL14620, PS1010, PS1356, PS1357, PSL14610, PSL43, PSL55, PW510577, PZ108, PZ109, PZ32, PZ36, PZI36, Q4610, Q4620, QS14610, QS7317, R198, R359, R85356, R85356MP, S02700, S02867, S02868, S53, S61, S6607, SF2867, SFS06136, SH48, SH529, SL14610, SL14620, SMD360935N, SO2867, SO534, SO7317, SS1010, T34, T48, TF2876, TF4620, TFC529, TG6607, TG7317, TG9688, TY26276, V4610, V4620, V6607, V85357, VF7317, VO18, VO40, VO43, VO46, VO50, VOF225, VOF88, W6102, W6103, W61081, W61082, W71216, W71320, W7317, WL7083, WL7134, WL7164, WPH2876, WS7317, WT520023, WT522007, WT533004, WT544002, X146, X147, X156, X4001E, X4012E, X4032E, X577, XF5Z6731AA, XG6607, XG7317, XG9688, Z1128, Z1129, Z411, Z429, Z456, Z547

Additional Fitment Information:
2020 Alfa Romeo 4C
Brand K&N
Part # HP-1010
Condition New
Warehouse C


  • Oil Filter
  • H-3.75 in.; PD-2.688 in.; M20x1.5 Thread; psi Relief Valve 11-17
  • K/N Wrench-Off oil filters are engineered to help ensure high flow rates and exceptional protection from contaminants. Each filter comes with a hex nut welded to the top of the canister; allowing for easy removal with a standard wrench.
  • Performance Gold Oil Filter
  • K&N Engineering, Inc. provides reusable cotton gauze filter technology products for automotive applications. Its products include air filters, such as stock replacement air filters and universal air filters; intake kits, including air intake systems, injection performance kits, and high flow intake kits; and oil filters and marine oil filters. The company also offers various performance products and accessories, such as filter wraps, cleaning accessories, custom assemblies and lids, top air filters, crankcase vent filters, covered crankcase vent filters and valve cover adapters, flow control air filter assemblies, filter minder, and marine products. In addition, it offers various accessories, including carbon fiber composites; snowmobile products; off-road, UMP air box, and VW carburetor air filters; fuel injection air boxes; injector stack filters; kart filters; plenums and weber adapter; custom air cleaners; industrial and small engine air filters; fuel injection line air filters; air horns; air filter accessories; scoop air filters and cone air filters; air/fuel ratio monitors; flywheel/rotor pullers; and fuel filters. The company offers its products to automotive, motorcycle, marine, industrial, and military markets. K&N Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Riverside, California with an additional office in Warrington, United Kingdom; and the Netherlands.


    WARNING CA Proposition 65
    Bypass Valve
    Item Weight
    0.600 Lbs. (0.3 Kg)
    Product Box Height
    4.130 In. (105mm)
    Filter Material
    High Flow Premium Media
    Gasket Material
    Viton Rubber
    Product Box Width
    2.810 In. (71 Mm)
    Package Material
    Product Box Length
    2.880 In. (73mm)
    PSI Relief Valve
    Outside Diameter
    2.688 In. (68mm)
    Removal Nut
    Item Height
    3.750 In. (95mm)
    Package Type
    Anti-Drain Back Valve


    package quantity
    2.88 in
    2.81 in
    4.13 in
    0.62 lb
    Information on technical characteristics, the delivery set, the country of manufacture and the appearance of the goods is for reference only and is based on the latest information available at the time of publication.