1995 Geo Metro Engine Oil Filter 4 Cyl 1.3L Fram

  • FRAM Ultra Synthetic® Oil Filters with SureGrip® is the proven leader in ultimate engine protection for today's cars and light duty trucks. Ultra Synthetic is engineered for drivers who require maximum engine protection and use synthetic motor oils for extended 20,000 mile change intervals. This high capacity, high efficiency filter delivers peak performance. No matter what you drive, or what motor oil you use, FRAM® has a filter for you.
This Part Fits the Following OEM/Substitute Numbers:
5214435, AF27, B23145, BE-231, FB100

Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Block CC Engine CID
1995 Geo Metro L 1295 4 Cyl 1.3L 79
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$19.74 USD
$23.69 USD
Brand Fram
Part # F24XG3614
Condition New
Warehouse B


  • FRAM, XG3614, Oil Filter
  • Spin-on Oil Filter
  • Ultra Synthetic
  • FRAM Filtration produces a wide variety of quality oil filters, air filter and fuel filters, as well as many other automotive components such as PCV valves, crankcase filters and transmission modulators. With research and development, manufacturing, and marketing locations in North America, FRAM employs state-of-the-art process controls and automated inspection equipment's to assure that their auto parts are made to meet rigorous internal and customer requirements. Some plants have also earned a number of quality certifications including ISO 14001 and ISO/QS 9000. Today FRAM is known as America's number one oil filter brand, and the FRAM team continues to manufacture and market a variety of quality oil, air and fuel filters, as well as many automotive accessories such as PCV valves, crankcase filters and transmission modulators.


    Non Slip Grip
    Micron Rating
    Torque Nut
    Burst Pressure
    Replaceable Filter
    Inside Thread Diameter
    Bypass Relief Valve Setting
    Marine Approved
    Outside Diameter
    Bypass Relief Valve
    Filter Media Material
    Cellulose/synthetic Blend
    Anti-Drain Back Valve


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    package quantity
    3.10 in
    3.10 in
    3.51 in
    0.73 lb
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    1. Scott D. Saifer "Bike Jock"
      29 Apr, 2015
      It's a Fram filter. It does what it's supposed to do. It's exactly as easy to install as any other oil filter. I'll never know if it works any better or worse than any other filter since I'm just going to drive until the odometer says to replace it again.
    2. Todd Sanger "Paul T. Sanger"
      30 Mar, 2015
      What can I say ? It's a Fram product ! Love the coating on the end . It sure makes removal much easier !
    3. Mikel
      21 Mar, 2015
      Very good... excelent quality from Mexico
    4. afsp20
      08 Mar, 2015
      The spares I need for my old TR6.
    5. chase
      05 Mar, 2015
      I've gone through 2 of these filters now and will definitely be buying these types of filters for any car I own. Can be taken off with a bit of elbow grease thanks to the sure grip. Highly recommend and much cheaper through AutoPartsWAY than anywhere else
    6. Timothy Benham
      08 Feb, 2015
      These are excellent high mileage filters from Fram. I've always preferred Fram filters for their ability to be easily identified (Fram products are usually bright orange) and because they are reliable. I've used Fram oil filters for over a decade and with my cars having in excess of 175,000 miles, they seem to be working very well. The price of these filters just can't be beat, so I will definitely be purchasing them from here in the future,
    7. 996driver
      06 Feb, 2015
      30 Jan, 2015
      Great product. Good value and easier to get then going to the local auto parts store.
    9. V. R. Mcguffy
      26 Jan, 2015
      It is what is is
    10. eanquiel "Ean B. Quiel"
      28 Dec, 2014
      Basic oil filter... fit my 1949 Ford F1 V8 Flathead Great
    11. Max Harlan
      01 Dec, 2014
      Used on a Diesel Massey Ferguson Tractor. One of the few oil filters still available for it.
    12. Adriana P. Roth
      21 Nov, 2014
      Used on my MF40
    13. DJ Reviewer "Mr. Cost Effective"
      21 Nov, 2014
      I'm not sure why the not so perfect reviews. I used this filter with my 2005 Audi S4 V8 4.2; and it fits just fine. Fram typically does a good job making oil filters so I don't there would be any difference in this one.
    14. John L "John"
      03 Nov, 2014
      Excellent filter for synthetics. I've used this in the past and have had excellent results every time.
    15. rjeii2 "rjeii2"
      12 Oct, 2014
      oops.. not for a 2001 sport trac!
    16. Janet B Hayes
      28 Aug, 2014
      good price for stockup item
    17. Randy Sexton
      21 Aug, 2014
      Comes with all the "O" rings too.
    18. Marie Serino
      21 Jul, 2014
      Absolutely what you need for long oil change intervals. Also why wouldn't you want the best filtration and construction in any interval?Jay
    19. AutoPartsWAY Customer "williamsbr"
      03 Jul, 2014
      Fits as expected and good quality filter ... same as OEM.
    20. Kenny B
      11 Jun, 2014
      Fit perfectly in my jetta tdi 06. I will purchase again. I noticed my mechanic uses the same filter so I feel I have made a great choice.
    21. Phych
      23 May, 2014
      Nice small package, and the grip top is nice for easy install.What more can I say besides it's working? No leaks, car's running (01 Corolla)...nuff said.
    22. Brandy Haney
      15 May, 2014
      Just what I was looking for. I have a hard time locating this filter at my local automotive store, so I was glad to find it on AutoPartsWAY.
    23. Mahmahmonkey
      23 Mar, 2014
      I've been using Fram oil filters and conventional oil for 20 years in all of my vehicles and I've never had a problem.
    24. Big Kahuna
      22 Mar, 2014
      All Volvo oil filters manufactured overseas, in places such as Poland, etc. This filter was manufactured in Germany and is the most substantial cartridge filter for the S-40 Volvo that I have found. You can see the difference over other filters I have purchased in the last eight years. Highly recommend.
    25. Zoltar
      18 Mar, 2014
      worked fine, it filteredNow I have to ramble on because I need more words apparently, sheesh! Really three more?
    26. Edgar J. Nieves "savingabuck"
      24 Feb, 2014
      Once again, item was offered at an amazing price and I could not refuse the offer. Local purchase would have cost substantially more, so buying two was a no brainer.
    27. John Kaffenberger
      04 Feb, 2014
      I love this product and it's all I use. Would recommend it to any one. Quick shipping too! dfgf dsrge
    28. TSus
      17 Jan, 2014
      Actually I'm not sure anyone else makes this product for the Honda Element but other then an unnecessary K&N package for it... this seems to be it and I wouldn't use anything else if they did.
    29. James. Backus
      17 Oct, 2013
      I have a piece of mind that it was made for cars with higher mileage. I am not sure if it makes a difference but it was prices below the local auto part chains.
      10 Sep, 2013
      It arrived very quickly and it was much cheaper than what Ford charged. Not to mention the cost of shipping the filter was low!
    31. A. Bell
      18 Aug, 2013
      No problems with these filters. They are usually the middle of the line price-wise and seem to of reasonable quality. I found them much cheaper to buy on AutoPartsWAY than in a brick and mortar store.
    32. JASB
      04 Aug, 2013
      This product fits my car right. I've ordered filters before saying they will work but don't. I'll buy from them again.
    33. Ireflyfish
      15 Jul, 2013
      I've never had a problem with FRAM filters. This product is made of sturdy metal and has a rough area on the bottom to give you some grip when hand tightening. I'd recommend this to others.
    34. David B. Horvath
      20 Jun, 2013
      The Volvo uses a cartridge that fits in a holder -- not the common-US metal canned filter where everything is replaced. It fit the car perfectly and included the gasket for the filter cover. After tightening down per spec, the cover did not leak. When it came time for replacement, this filter was intact. Based on oil tests, I'm not getting excessive wear so the filter appears to be doing its job properly.Certainly better than going to the dealer for the filter and a lot cheaper doing the oil change myself!
    35. Kwang C
      30 May, 2013
      I checked out Fram, Purolator and one off brand filter of the same spec. This Fram filter appears to be the best constructed filter. I do not know if it actually works better than the competing products, but it looks more sturdy consistent in quality. It fit fine in my 2010 Lexus GX 460
    36. Power User
      20 Mar, 2013
      I've been a Fram customer for 40 years. It's a good product, good quality and good price. Never had a failure.
    37. William Whitley
      04 Feb, 2013
      My VW Jetta uses Castrol Edge Full Synthetic oil. The reccomended oil change interval is every 10,000. The last time I changed my oil was at the 50,000 mile mark. The Fram oil filter was beyond spent. I will be using a Mobil 1 oil filter from now on along with the Castrol oil. Moble 1 is supposed to be better and/ or have higher specs.
    38. ZaphodBeeblebroxPOTKU
      12 Oct, 2012
      Had no issues with fitment on my 2009 VW Jetta TDI.I will be ordering my next on from here as well.
    39. Bart
      17 Jul, 2012
      Since I am stationed overseas in the Air Force, this is the only way I can buy filters for my chevrolet Traverse. Thank you for offering. They have always arrived quickly and been the correct part. Thank you.
    40. Darian P. Paganelli
      11 Apr, 2012
      Not much to say. Fram puts in every type of gasket used in every application of this old oil filter cartridge that can be imagined. Installed it in a 1954 Ford 600 tractor, used two of the gaskets needed and had four left over to decorate the barn wall with after I hung them on a nail. It was a dollar and a half more than Tractor supply charged for it, but I did not have to go get it or bear the cost of driving to their store. All is well that ends well.Regards, Pag
    41. SamNine
      10 Apr, 2012
      Though there are other filters out there that fit the early Willys CJ oil canister, I've discovered the canister was built around a either a C-3 or C-4 Fram filter. The others, mostly paper exteriors, are actually "suitable substitutes." The Fram C-3 and C-4 filters are durable, tough, do the job, and fit perfectly. The original seems to be the best here.
    42. stingray
      24 Sep, 2011
      i like the rough texture on the bottom and sides makes it easy grip fram makes a good oil filter i have been using for years
    43. TimmyC "regular guy"
      30 Aug, 2011
      Not sure what more I can say. I've used FRAM filters all my life and will continue to. This was a decent price and not available at Wallyworld, thus my purchase.
    44. Rev. Ronald C. Moss
      23 Feb, 2011
      This filter is a brand that I've used for years and the 2 pack gave free shipping, besides I had a rebate coupon which made them cheaper.
    45. NJ Native "New Jersey Native"
      15 Jan, 2011
      I normally go to Walmart to buy my oil filters but after three tries - and each time they were out of stock on this model, I bought it from AutoPartsWAY. Good price at $8 with free shipping. It comes with an o-ring. But be aware, if this is the first time you are doing an oil change using this type of filter that you will also need a special wrench to remove the outside housing. Fram is a trusted brand and this is a quality filter. Recommended.
    46. Bk Justice
      12 May, 2010
      Being a maintenance buff for our families 4 vehicles, I find AutoPartsWAY a convenient and very cost-effective source for my Fram Automotive products. Besides being priced at competitive prices with leading retail outlets, delivery to my home is the icing on the cake for me. I prefer the ToughGuard line of products, although regular oil & air & filter changes with any brand is the key to good auto health.
    47. tartantyger
      15 Apr, 2010
      I service my own vehicles, and the 2007 Dodge Nitro that this is used on has very limited accessibility to the oil filter (the frame and a crossmember restrict available space). The friction surface on the filter makes hand installation (and removal after 5,000 miles of use) relatively easy, and should the filter be overtorqued at installation, a filter wrench can also be applied to facilitate removal.
    48. Arif Demirel
      07 Mar, 2010
      I buy these for my girlfriends Volvo S40 and AutoPartsWAY has them the cheapest around. Works well and sure beats going to the dealer for an oil change.
    49. AutoPartsWAY Customer "One person can't change the ...
      19 Mar, 2009
      Fram is the only oil filter I use on any of my vehicles! I used the PH16 for my 1994 Chrysler Leberon (120,000+ miles) and it worked great! This filter fits several different makes & models, so if you don't know if this one will work, check out their official website.I used another Fram filter (since the PH16 doesn't fit it) for my '94 Honda Accord, and I noticed a HUGE difference in the performance between the Fram and the off brand one that was on it when I bought it.The filters are also very easy to locate! Almost all auto stores carry Fram and some retail stores like Wal-mart.
    50. NJPE "njpe"
      09 Mar, 2009
      Purchased this filter for my 11 years old Kia. It was a great fit and the price I paid on AutoPartsWAY.com was very reasonable.
    51. Lubin V. Prevatt "prevatt"
      07 Jan, 2009
      Fram Tough Guard Oil Filters are excellent. This is a good price with free shipping.
    52. R. S. Burchette
      15 Jul, 2008
      I am on a 10,000 mile schedule and need a high performance fileter. Seems to do the job.