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Westar manufactures quality auto parts that are guaranteed by an independently certified SGS manufacturing facility, All plants are ISO 9001 and TS169469 certified, employing over 600 workers. A team of engineers and technicians, who are qualified and trained in the manufacturing process, oversee production and quality control. Westar also has a well-equipped research and development department for new developments, product design and process improvement is in-house. The plant has an in-house test laboratory equipped with various endurance test machines, generating real-time stress on components. Products pass through numerous quality checks; at incoming, during process, and at pre-dispatch stage to eliminate defects.
Weater's featured products include engine mounts, transmission mounts, strut mounts, drive shaft center supports, and other related products to the category. But Westar is also one of the leading manufacture's of automotive air suspension systems, producing all the parts your need to restore your air suspension, from compressor to springs.

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