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Eastern Catalytic manufactures the highest quality original replacement catalytic converters, manifold converters, and converter components for the automotive aftermarket as well as for original equipment manufacturers, including universal catalytic converters, Direct-fit replacement converters, CARB compliant converters, High Performance and Diesel catalytic converters with OBDII coverage for all 50 states. Eastern is continually adding new catalytic converter products and making ongoing improvements in their design, production, and product delivery systems. Their flexible, efficient manufacturing facilities in the US, Mexico, Canada, and the UK make their converter lines highly competitive.
Eastern's direct fit catalytic converters are the perfect replacement option for your exhaust and emissions system. Following the exact designed in the original manufacturer's exhaust and exhaust hanger system, Eastern produces their direct fit converters to install exactly as expected with piping, hangers, and flanges all exactly where they need to be. And for your custom exhaust or as an alternative option, Eastern's universal catalytic converters will have the application specifications needed for your vehicle but exclude any additional piping leaving you with the perfect cut-out and replace option. They also offer the industry's widest range of converter components, including shells, flex connections, bosses, plugs, end caps, and cow bells.

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