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Arc Remanufacturing Inc. has been mastering auto parts remanufacturing for over 40 years. Arc's quality control has proven to produce dependable, quality product with their constant inspection and testing throughout the entire re-manufacturing process in order to assure their customers that that each auto part meets or often exceeds the original equipment manufacturer's specifications before it leaves their facilities.
Arc Remanufacturing has perfected the art of remanufacturing such auto parts as power steering racks and pinions, CV half shaft drive axles, power steering pumps, ignition distributors, power steering gears, windshield wiper motors, window regulators and window motors, and brake calipers. Each and every part gets completely disassembled, fully inspected, and reassembled using all new materials that often exceed the standards of the OEM. During the remanufacturing process Arc continuously tests their product at different stages in order to produce a part that is equal to, if not better than a brand new auto part!

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