1981 Lancia Beta Windshield Wiper Blade - Front Anco

  • The ANCO Profile blade offers advanced technology for every vehicle.
  • Suggested Purchase Quantity: 2
    • Most jobs typically require 2 of this item.
This Part Fits the Following OEM/Substitute Numbers:
18-180, 19-180, DLF18, NBC18

Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Position
1981 Lancia Beta Front
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$23.09 USD
$27.71 USD
Brand Anco
Part # A19A-18-M
Condition New
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  • ANCO Beam Profile Wiper Blade 18
  • To replace OEM-style blade, use Double End Pin Adapter (part number 48-05) - Not Included
  • ANCO Profile Wiper Blade (Pack of 1)
  • Profile
  • ANCO is the Clearest Choice in Wiper Blades. For nearly a century, the ANCO family of premium wiper blades has been the leader in replacement wiper blades, refills, washer pumps and wiper arms, keeping your family safe with a clearer view of the road ahead. ANCO's full-line of wiper blades utilize exclusive designs and materials, and are engineered with the latest technology to ensure a clear streak-free wipe in any driving environment. From passenger cars to commercial vehicles, conventional or profile-style wiper blades, ANCO has the most comprehensive coverage for all types of vehicles for the best and safest visibility. That's why ANCO is the Clearest Choice in Wiper Blades. Look to ANCO for any season, any vehicle.

    ANCO is the Clearest Choice in Wiper Blades. For nearly a century, the ANCO family of premium wiper blades has been the leader in replacement wiper blades, refills, washer pumps and wiper arms, keeping your family safe with a clearer view of the road ahead. ANCO's full-line of wiper blades utilize exclusive designs and materials, and are engineered with the latest technology to ensure a clear streak-free wipe in any driving environment. From passenger cars to commercial vehicles, conventional or profile-style wiper blades, ANCO has the most comprehensive coverage for all types of vehicles for the best and safest visibility. That's why ANCO is the Clearest Choice in Wiper Blades. Look to ANCO for any season, any vehicle.


    Adapters Required
    Adapters Included
    Frame Color
    Wiper Blade Connection Type
    J-hook: 9mm; Bayonet: 22mm; Pinch Tab; Pinch Tab Button; Side-pin: 22mm; Classic Side-pin: 3/16", 1/4"
    Blade Material
    Duraklear - Natural Rubber
    Frame Material
    Steel; Plastic; Rubber
    Blade Type


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    1. Erika
      26 Apr, 2015
      Works well great product.
    2. Tyler Kullich
      08 Apr, 2015
      Only wiper blades that fit my 1994 Camaro z28. Great quality.
    3. Rich Miller
      12 Mar, 2015
      Worked and fit as desired, good enough from where I stand. "On The Road Again"
    4. J. M. Crum
      20 Feb, 2015
      Better than the OEM $50 a pair price.I think the monopolies getting rid of refills is outrageous. What is next, replace your windshield when you replace your wipers???It would be great for someone to start a class-action suit against the OEMs.
    5. Brian
      08 Feb, 2015
      Yes it did fit the Jeep Liberty.
    6. Mark Chace
      17 Jan, 2015
      I bought Goodyear winter blades from Costco and the driver's side didn't contour to the windshield so I had big patches were it wasn't cleaning. I found these here and decided to give them a try they work fine. No streaking and they clean the windshield perfectly.
    7. deansbtt
      13 Jan, 2015
      perfect fit
    8. Omari Moore
      09 Jan, 2015
      Great buy if your looking for cheaper i-beam windshields that are cheaper then you would find at a auto store or the dealer especially for mercedes benz car.
    9. SDS
      30 Sep, 2014
      OK, but not as good as the original. Probably need to spend double and get original OEM wiper.
    10. Dennis
      06 Sep, 2014
      looks like good quality, I had another one on my boat and it lasted 10 years.
    11. C. Looney
      11 Jun, 2014
      Does not fit the original wiper arm, make sure you buy the adjustable arms.they are much better than the original blades.
    12. Terry Norton "EarthSurfer"
      20 Apr, 2014
      This is the third set of Anco wipers I have used on my 2008 Ford Escape. These wipers provide 8-12 months of excellent performance in the Colorado mountains, enduring plenty of snow & sand.Installation Notes: The bracket must be swapped for the newer Ford vehicles. Be certain to note the orientation of the bracket! The wiper will not make full contact with the windshield if the bracket is not properly installed on the wiper. Unfortunately, the installation instructions on the back of the package does not clearly highlight the orientation clearly.
    13. Michael Duveneck
      03 Apr, 2014
      Snapped directly into place in less than 5 minutes. The installation could not have been easier and the blade works great for cleaning the window.
    14. Brian Goudy
      03 Mar, 2014
      Shopped all over for a replacement wiper blade for a 2007 Durango and noone had one on hand except AutoPartsWAY! I bought it and it fits like a glove. Less than 3 mins to install and does a great job! I would recommend this to anyone that needs a replacement for their SUV.
    15. Beldar
      21 Feb, 2014
      This product is hard to find in stores, thanks AutoPartsWAY! I can see out my rear window now. Like all wiper blades, a little tricky to replace, but YouTube helps
    16. Craig R. Clarkson "h00ver"
      13 Jan, 2014
      Super easy remove and install. Watch the really short video with the product pics. I'm really pleased with the fit, look, and performance. 2008 Nissan Versa Hatchback.
    17. Thad L McMullen
      29 Dec, 2013
      I couldn't find a rear wiper blade for my 2009 Nissan Rogue in any retail auto shop so I purchased the ANCO wiper through AutoPartsWAY. It was easy to install, a perfect fit, and works well.
    18. JP
      06 Dec, 2013
      This is a perfect fit for the Toyota 4 Runner. The only difference is that the OEM comes with a little rubber cover on part of it, which is unnecessary. The biggest problem is getting the old one off - which requires you to pull hard. Look at the old one before you pull it off so you can see how this fits. I used some silicone grease to ease the mounting of the new one.
    19. Jack Kennedy
      31 Oct, 2013
      These ANCO blades go on sale semi-frequently here on AutoPartsWAY, and I find myself buying more blades than I really need.I've never done a scientific use-case on these blades, but I don't feel like we replace these ANCO blades any quicker than RainX or Goodyear blades.I would recommend these blades - especially when they're on a B1G1 promotion.
    20. thejmjohnson
      26 Sep, 2013
      I bought this from AutoPartsWAY warehouse deals. For less than five dollars this thing works great. No streaks and is fairly quiet. Would buy again, no doubt.
    21. CLK63
      04 Aug, 2013
      Was happy to find these replacement wiper blades for my old truck. They are exact replacements, so the fit and performance are perfect.
    22. gervin
      13 Jun, 2013
      I discovered that finding a rear window wiper blade for our 2010 Honda Pilot would be difficult as an aftermarket product. Honda has made a special wiper arm and blade for the rear door. It also has special way it comes to the rest position when it stops. The Anco contour wiper blade --Rear Wiper AR-14B was purchased but I removed the rubber blade from the holder that it was in. I matched it exactly with the Honda product on the vehicle. I removed the vehicle's wiper blade and blade holder from the arm. On a table with both wiper products side by side, I placed the new wiper blade in the Honda blade holder because they match. The Honda blade holder is dedicated to the Pilot. The rear wiper works just fine now.
    23. Ted E. Kinson "kayak teddy"
      23 May, 2013
      We just bought a 2013 Suzuki SX4 new, and just a week after the purchase, the factory rear wiper blade was vandalized in a parking lot. The dealer recommended this blade as a replacement and covered the cost. The length is just an inch and half longer than the original blade, but that gives us that much more coverage for clearing the window. There are no gaps in the sweep and it does an excellent job over the road. Great product!
    24. charles szymcik
      10 May, 2013
      these can be expensive in retail stores $27.00 for one two years ago this was a great deal for me
    25. Jill Florio "Aspergers Girl - My Life Between...
      05 May, 2013
      This is a nice looking wiper blade, if you are the kind of person who notices things like that. It is all a matte black, one piece unit, without the 'traditional' metal looking flanges. It has a 'performance' look to it.I like that the blade comes with three different attachment clips, so you can pick and chose the right one for your car. That is a thoughtful touch - normally I have to futz too much with getting a wiper to fit, clipping things to 'make' them fit.They work well in the rain, clearing off a nice section to see out of, as all wipers do when they are new. They work smoothly and evenly over the glass.They don't work as well for dust, but that's really not what these are made for.Although these are touted as being superior for cold weather, the real test for me will be this summer, in the Arizona desert temperatures. Usually any wipers I install around spring end up warped by the heat a few months later. And the dust doesn't...
    26. Terry L
      28 Apr, 2013
      I have a station wagon that uses three sizes of wiper blades, two different sizes on the front and another on the back. That was one of Ford's better ideas I suppose. Anyway, I have this blade on the front. It works as well as any other blade I have used. However, I don't see that it works any better. I suppose it may last longer, but I have not had it long enough to tell yet. I know part of the advertising says it will not freeze up like conventional blades, but I live in a snowy Ohio and I have never had a problem with that using regular blades.So, in the end, this blades works as well as any other blade I have ever used, but it costs more. If it lasts longer, then it may be worth the added cost. I will have to wait and see.
    27. AutoPartsWAY Customer "nflder"
      11 Apr, 2013
      No noise, no smudges, no blank spots on the windshield.These are great!They were great when I bought them, and four months later they are just like new.
    28. nkrnzm
      27 Mar, 2013
      This Is a solid type wiper not like the picture. The wiper easily removes snow,rain and slushy road grime with one swipe quietly, so far. If you are currently using the skeleton type wiper,this wiper may need a little getting used to because there is more wiper going back and forth in front of you.
    29. Rick R.
      22 Mar, 2013
      After reading mixed reviews, I was a little skeptical about buying these instead of OEM replacements. Gievn ANCO's reputation I decided to give them a shot; am I glad I did.I drive a 4x4 pickup, so the windshield is much less curved than on most cars. I was afraid there would be a section (middle) that would not be swept well from other reviews. WRONG. As long as the springs on your wiper arms are not stretched you will not have any problems. Since I installed them just over a week ago we have had light rain, heavy downpours, heavy / wet snowfall, and a couple of light snowfalls (a.k.a. early spring in New England). These wipe better than any blades - replacement or OEM - I have ever had; even on my Mercedes'. Ice also does not build up on them as heavily as on my OEM blades; a shot with the washers and a few seconds with the wipers on high and they are free of snow and ice. I will now be buying these exclusively for all of my vehicles as long as they are...
    30. Barry C. Collyer
      17 Mar, 2013
      Replaced original without any trouble. Does a good job and helps get the mud off the back window. Anco is a good brand and I also use them for the windshield.
    31. vdub
      04 Feb, 2013
      I'm the kind of guy that wishes 1 inch didn't matter. This blade is around 1 inch smaller then the OEM blade. It's one less inch of viewing circumference in the rear which really does matter. Now I don't believe my wife when she says size doesn't matter.Update: Had this for a month and I don't really notice a decrease in visibility from the driver's seat so I have upgraded from 3 stars to 4 stars.2nd Update: 1 year later, wiper is still holding strong without noise or streaks. Great price also. I have upgraded from 4 stars to 5 stars.
    32. A. Davis
      19 Jan, 2013
      You just can't beat a good wipe. This really gives a good clean satisfying wipe. Good flush fit too. Good price for a great wipe!
    33. AlwaysChecksAutoPartsWAYFirst
      24 Dec, 2012
      Product is exactly as described - a perfect fit as a replacement for the rear window wiper for a 2010 Chevy Traverse if you are looking for a better price and faster shipping than an OEM part.
    34. cooprego
      29 Nov, 2012
      Installed on a Volvo XC90 and it works just fine. The package came with four different adapters for installation so once I found the correct one to use, it installed pretty simply and has worked well since. A tip I would offer is just to make sure you have the correct sized wipers. In the case of my car, the passenger side uses a 22" blade while the driver side uses a 24" blade.
    35. UBHappy
      15 Mar, 2012
      The AR-14A is an EXACT replacement for the rear wiper blade on 2004-2011 Lexus RX SUVs.Unfortunately ANCO does not provide written installation instructions, but installation was very easy. The wiper arm needs to lift off the glass at about a 45 degree angle. The plastic trim cap at the base of the arm needs to be removed by gently prying the cap away from the wiper arm. Once the trim cap is removed the wiper arm can be lifted off of the glass at a 45 degree angle. The wiper blade is connected to the wiper arm using a "Roc-Lock" connector. To remove the wiper blade, simply raise the wiper arm off of the glass at a 45 degree angle, then rotate the wiper blade so that it is perpendicular to the wiper arm and gently pull the old wiper blade so that it releases from the wiper arm. To install the new AR-14A wiper blade, push the AR-14A blade at a 90 degree angle to the wiper arm into the Roc-Lock connector, then rotate the blade so that it is parallel to the wiper arm. Finally...
    36. M. Christian "Mallard"
      13 Mar, 2012
      I needed front blades and rear blades for a Prius and a RAV4, and none of the sizes were the same. So what happens when you go to a store to shop for blades? They have some sizes but not all. To get what you need you may have to purchase blades from different manufacturers and hunt for them in several stores. You want them to be from one manufacturer so they would look right on the vehicle. And some blades were pricey. So my solution was to check AutoPartsWAY. Glad I did. I got all the blades I needed from ANCO. They look good on the cars, they were easy to install and they do a fine job plus they were reasonably priced. AutoPartsWAY Prime got them to me quickly. Next time I will save a lot of time, effort and coin by coming back to AutoPartsWAY and ANCO.
    37. Doug
      01 Dec, 2011
      I've been using the Anco Winter Blades for probably 25 years. The past few years I've noticed most of the auto stores in my area don't seem to carry Anco. Two seasons ago I purchased NAPA winter blades and by mid winter the rubber "housing" was shifting, ripping and the main wiping part of the blade was getting rough. Last season I installed I believe Bosch winter blades .. again this is what was available locally. I would say they were in the same category as the NAPA. Both of the mentioned blades were not as heavy duty as the Anco winter blades and in the past I've always got about 2 seasons from the Anco blades.. I should also mention the NAPA and Bosch blades cost more than the Anco. "Make them cheaper and charge more". I'll stick with Anco.
    38. Cable Monkey
      07 Nov, 2011
    39. Sheila
      23 Jul, 2011
      This fit perfectly on the rear of my 2008 Nissan Quest SE. I ordered knowing that it's not OEM, but it's the same. I can't tell the difference between this and the OEM one that I had. GREAT price too! I highly recommend this product. It's easy and quick to install.
    40. MdniteEagl
      17 Jun, 2011
      I've been using AeroVantage wipers for a long time (and AutoPartsWAY, it's AeroVantage, not "Aero Advantage") on all my pickup trucks over the last 15+ years. They fit perfectly regardless of the truck make/model, and I get a smooth clean wipe without chatter, smearing, or lifting in wind or on the highway.I've had other blades fall apart on me... one Bosch Micro Edge in particular forced me to stand in the rain and switch the one working blade from the passenger side to the driver side so I could see, after the driver's side blade decided to call it quits and fall apart. Never had such a problem with Anco, I recommend them, and I have not found anything better for my applications.
    41. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      18 Sep, 2010
      If you are an auto enthusiast, perhaps you have certain requirements for your windshield wipers. I only have one -- it has to wipe away all rain in it's path leaving a clean clear view for the driver or passenger. This blade works as it should. It certainly works better than the worn blade it replaced. I simply bought it because AutoPartsWAY indicated it was a match for my vehicle and it was among the lowest priced wipers available.Perhaps it will wear out sooner than a "high performance" (aka Expensive) wiper blade, but I'll just buy another cheap one. I would guess it's good for at least two or three years (like my last cheap ones).Installation was a breeze and the blade came with a few connecting hook options for various vehicles.It's a wiper blade. If it fits your car, buy it, install it and move on with life. I'm happy with this purchase.
    42. P. Kingsriter "R.N. Guy"
      16 Jun, 2010
      The Anco 31 Series wiper blade is an excellent value. My last set of Anco wipers lasted a year and were still performing decently when I purchased this blade. They seem to have beefed up the structure of the mechanics and the wipe quality appears even better than my last set. They're very easy to install, simply and securely snapping into place on my Honda.I've purchased more expensive windshield wipers before and have never noticed a significant difference in quality. I'll be purchasing this product again, especially if they keep the pricing so competative.I would encourage you to give these wiper blades a try.
    43. Gary L. Grande
      02 Jan, 2010
      For 25 years I have used these blades on both my cars and trucks in New England's harsh winters and they have been great. There is an reviewer on this page that didn't like the blade, first I would ask why someone who lives in Florida would be using a winter blade????? For me they are perfect and I'm on this site looking for 2 more sets.
    44. Greg Wadlinger
      16 Nov, 2009
      It's worth it to me to write a positive review of Anco Winter wiper blades because I've used them for years and they've never disappointed me. I live in the Upper Connecticut River Valley region of New Hampshire where in winter it's pretty normal to have freezing rain. When this is happening and you're on the road with "open" wiper blades, the freezing rain builds up inside the framework of the wiper and causes the blade to be less effective - even dangerously so, because parts of the blade fail to touch the windshield as they pass over it. Instead of a clear windshield, your "open" wiper gives you smears and streaks (to the extreme sometimes). This same negative effect can happen merely under snowy conditions as well.What Anco Winter wipers have that's so different is a rubber housing that covers the framework of the wiper and prevents most (if not all) of the icy buildup from taking place. I always look for Anco Winter blades whenever I need to replace windshield...
    45. Roadhunter "Roadhunter"
      15 Nov, 2009
      I'm 41 years old. I have been driving for 25 years, and have always prided myself on proper vehicle maintenance. I change my own oil, rotate my own tires, fix my own flats, etc. I have always been a fan of wiper blade refills, since they are inexpensive, and by replacing just the refill, I don't have to trash my entire blade. It's sort of like using a razor with replaceable blades instead of using a dispsosapble razor.However, I just bought my wife a new (used) car after she had been in her first accident. We have 4 year old girl, and everything I buy for my wife's vehicle is going to be the best I can afford (whether I can afford it or not). I found a "by one get one free" deal on these blades (22") at O'Reilly, and picked up a pair. Total price was $19.99 plus tax.I put them on her car, and after trying them out, I went back and paid $15.99 for a pair for my Tacoma, which takes 17" blades. I have never experienced such excitement over such an...
    46. Consumer
      25 Feb, 2009
      I was thinking about getting one of those more expensive uni-blade wipers (Bosh Icon etc), but then I checked Consumer Reports and these basic Ancos are rated just as good and for less money.So far, they wipe like a champ!
    47. Alexander
      15 Feb, 2009
      I bought Anco Contours for my ES330 a little over a year ago at the suggestion of someone at a local parts store. He was right -- they work well in rain and snow, are very quiet, and are still going strong after over a year. (Yes, I've read the recommendations to change blades after 6 months, certainly after a year, but I haven't see any degradation and am not going to change them until I do.)A few weeks ago, a storm was coming and I wanted to replace the OEM wipers on my 2008 Prius with a beam-blade pair, since the Contours have been so great. Unfortunately, the nearby auto parts store didn't carry the Contours, and I didn't have time to order them, so I bought Trico Neoforms instead, hoping they'd be as good. They weren't; during my drive to NY from Boston during the storm, the driver's side cleared well, but the passenger's side left a huge swath of mush. There was also a pronounced squeak most of the time, which was especially annoying at lower speeds when the road...