1977 American Motors Pacer Windshield Wiper Blade - Front Trico

  • All-weather durability

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1977 American Motors Pacer Front
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Brand Trico
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  • 18" TRICO Tech Beam Blade
  • 9mm Hook, 9x4 Hook, 3/16" Side Lock, 7mm Bayonet, Side Pin (17mm), Pinch Tab, Push Button (22mm), Push Button (19mm)
  • TRICO Tech
  • TRICO has been a global leader in wiper technology for more than 90 years, providing reliable, innovative wiper blade products that come through at the moment you need them most. TRICO is the wiper blade company whose wiper systems and accessories are trusted to protect more drivers in North America than any other manufacturer. You can count on TRICO to provide trusted, quality wiper products to keep you safe.
    Some of the best TRICO products include the Force Beam Blade, Neoform Beam Blade, Tech Beam Blade, Exact Fit Wiper Blade, Chill Teflon Winter Blade, HD Heavy Duty Wiper Blade, Sense Wiper Blade, Teflon Shield Hybrid Blade, as well as the Spray Washer Pumps.

    TRICO has been a global leader in wiper technology for more than 90 years, providing reliable, innovative wiper blade products that come through at the moment you need them most. TRICO is the wiper blade company whose wiper systems and accessories are trusted to protect more drivers in North America than any other manufacturer. You can count on TRICO to provide trusted, quality wiper products to keep you safe.
    Some of the best TRICO products include the Force Beam Blade, Neoform Beam Blade, Tech Beam Blade, Exact Fit Wiper Blade, Chill Teflon Winter Blade, HD Heavy Duty Wiper Blade, Sense Wiper Blade, Teflon Shield Hybrid Blade, as well as the Spray Washer Pumps.


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    1. Mahesh
      20 Apr, 2015
      Good product. perfect fit for RAV4 2010 Base Model.
    2. Leigh & Harold Beshaw
      19 Apr, 2015
      It was time to replace wipers on my wife's Hyundai Tucson so rather than go to the local auto parts store and guess at it, I did some research on AutoPartsWAY. Important items with regard to windshield wipers for me are: ease of installation, wiping, and noise.Installation: easy as pie, assuming you bought the pie from the frozen section of the grocery store, defrosted it and baked it. All that to say, if you follow the very clear instructions, it should take you no more than 10 minutes to remove the old ones and install these. Couldn't be easier unless you paid someone else to do it for you.Wiping: My wife verbally noted after the next rain shower how much better the blades were. In the limited time in her car as a family, I've taken notice and will very likely purchase a set for my car next time I need to replace.Noise: Don't you hate squeaky wipers? These don't squeak. Quiet, smooth, no stuttering on your windshield. They worked well in the snow and...
    3. B. Schmidt
      17 Mar, 2015
      The wiper I received looks very similar to the one pictured here, however the packaging is completely different. Mine came in a Napa Auto Parts package. Nowhere on the package does it say Trico NeoForm. So far the performance is fine and the installation was a cinch, so I won't complain too much. But the item description and picture should be updated to reflect what is actually being sold. One star off for that...
    4. Keith E Vierling
      27 Feb, 2015
      perfect fit. Other brands were too narrow to fit on our newer RV needing 28 inch blades.
    5. Charles P.
      22 Feb, 2015
      Have not installed the wiper blade as yet; however, I have used these Trico blades before and they are good quality. These were the only blades we ever sold at my father's service station because he believed that they were the best.
    6. csapprun
      22 Feb, 2015
      Was as easy to install as a stock wiper blade and has performed perfectly for a couple of months now.
    7. JKMartin
      03 Dec, 2014
      BLUF: These worked fine for me until they died almost two years later. Different 2006 Jettas can have different blade connectors.Nothing fantastic about these blades, but I have not encountered any of the flailing problems other reviewers have had either. Lasted about 23 months with infrequent use in Arizona, with occasional trips through snow in Colorado or rain in Oregon. While in use, I never had a problem with streaking until the last month or two. There wasn't excessive noise, but they weren't silent either.They got an extra star for a) lasting almost two years and, more importantly, b) being the only wiper blades I've found on AutoPartsWAY that fit my 2006 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0T. These are the simple pin types where installing/uninstalling simply requires tilting the blade and putting the blade onto the pin/pulling off from the pin.Unfortunately, Volkswagen had an odd year in 2006. They have same year Jettas that have different windshield wiper...
    8. Ronnie Bacolod
      07 Nov, 2014
      Perfect :-)
    9. Shilin Ding
      17 Oct, 2014
      Okay, I ordered one 24" and one 21" to replace the blades on my car. I didn't notice that they are different product and from different sellers. This is Trico 2113 and the 24" is Trico 2413. When I received both of them, it's apparent that Trico 2413 has much higher quality and worth the money. I will not recommend this productBut I do appreciate the response I got from closeout.
    10. Electronicbuff
      01 Sep, 2014
      When I first received the wiper blades I was a bit surprised to see what appeared to be thick dust or dirt on the actual blades. The dirt was only on the actual wipers not on the packaging so I knew it was a manufacturing thing. The packages were also sealed.I opened up the clear plastic containers and then scrubbed the wiper blades clean before putting them on my clean car. Don't know why they come pre-dusty or dirty, and I've never had anything like this before, but clearly booth packages that I ordered were identical in the dirt on the blades and both needed cleaning.The cleaned wipers look nice on the car and seem to have worked well for the first rain. Waiting to see now how they perform when we get some freezing weather in a couple of months. My car sleeps in a garage at night so sun damage should not be a problem before winter hits.
    11. Matthew D.
      07 Jul, 2014
      These blades are great. I live in Duluth where we had the coldest and snowiest winter on record, the same season I bought these blades for. They had a streak free wipe, handled tons of snow, got me through two blizzards that blinded me past 10ft. in front of my car (from the blowing snow, I had nothing on my windshield thanks to these bad boys). I highly recommend them for their durability too. After SIX months of brutal Duluth weather, THEY STILL WORK JUST FINE. The boys at Trico know how to engineer a good product. (coming from a Process Engineer myself)
    12. Nolram
      07 Apr, 2014
      I did not have to shop in a store. It was an easy install. Hey, a lady could do this one without breaking a nail. (Smile)
    13. Robin richards
      28 Mar, 2014
      They work great. I think the price was perfect. And color was just what i was looking for for my boyfriend truck
    14. gmj
      08 Feb, 2014
      Winter blades are almost a requirement for living in the Northwest. I use them every winter to combat the build up of snow and ice on my windshield. Once you use them in the winter - you'll never go back to regular blades for snow and icy weather. Try them-You'll like them!
    15. KGR "KenR"
      15 Jan, 2014
      Great wipers. Fit like OEM ones. So far they work great. Lays down well on the windshield. Worth the extra money vs basic wipers or refills.
    16. jkcheung1
      08 Jan, 2014
      Easy installation on these wiper blades. The fit is exact and it's a straight swap on my 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid. Going from a well worn wiper to this brand new wiper is night and day! Even though my OEM wipers were the pinch tab slot type of wipers, these new wipers just snapped on into the bracket arm. Easy and done.
    17. Kyle D.
      15 Oct, 2013
      This is definitely one of those 'you get what you pay for' products. If you are used to buying more expensive blades then you may not be happy with these, but overall I am satisfied for the performance for the price. I use them on my 2010 Mustang since they are incredibly easy to install compared to others that require extra parts. Will be buying another set for my Winter Prep next year for sure.
    18. Patrick Boisclair
      13 Sep, 2013
      I have been looking for a few weeks when I found out how much the dealer wanted for 2 wipers on my BMW E60.Even if the original wipers did not have a brand name or model on them, I am pretty sure these are the same. Very smooth operation , perfect fit, look great and a great price.Bought a 23 and 24 inch. A 22 inch is normally required, but they recommend 23 for this wiper model.
    19. AutoPartsWAY Customer "cynmar58"
      02 Sep, 2013
      It is hard to find a rear wiper blade in the parts stores here, so great to order from AutoPartsWAY. This blade fit perfectly on our 2009 Ford Escape hybrid rear window. Easy to install as well. I've had good experience with Trico and hopefully the blade will stay flexible in cold weather.
    20. axlesup
      31 Jul, 2013
      used these in seattle and they worked great. no more streaks and lasted for two years instead of the one i usually get out of wiper blade.
    21. HR
      04 Jul, 2013
      works well on a 2011 MB GL550. Easy to install. but seems like it is discontinued on AutoPartsWAY, is it?
    22. frodo2844 "Frodo2844"
      07 Apr, 2013
      These wipers took a total of 5 minutes to install on my Grand Cherokee. The time includes opening the packages. If I can do this in this small amount of time, anyone should be more than able.Excellent product, and we will use it again when the time for replacement is at hand.
    23. TG "TG"
      04 Apr, 2013
      Using on a 2004 Honda accord. Can't speak to longevity yet since only installed about 2 months ago but these (which look just like the oem blades) work much better on my car than the more expensive unibody style blades many companies (including trico themselves) position as upgrades. I guess maybe it depends on you exact car's windshield shape and what was designed for it but I would recommend not spending the extra money for those "upgrades" if your car's oem wipers are this style. Just get these.
    24. Smearachain
      29 Mar, 2013
      Easy to install. Work great on our Honda Pilot while my standard wipers did not perform well. Will purchase these for future vehicles
    25. KellyK
      06 Mar, 2013
      Works and installs easily on a Toyota Camry on the passenger side. Seems to clear the water off of the windshield adequately.
    26. Greg
      02 Mar, 2013
      This is the perfect size to replace your 12 inch blades with. Provides more coverage, but be careful how it is installed. As it turns out the mounting hole is offset 1 inch from the center of the blade. This allows for the 6 inch portion of the blade to fit exactly to upper portion of the windshield while the 7 inch portion fits perfectly to the lower half. Install it the other way and disappointment will ensue.
    27. Danielle R. Favreau "Renaissance Woman"
      01 Mar, 2013
      When my front wipers started to leave streaks after an ice storm I searched local stores to replace them to no avail. Apparently my vehicle is hard to fit with wipers. I tried three different sets from local stores and none fit. I came to AutoPartsWAY and found these right off, ordered, had them in two days, and installed in seconds and they were perfect. Streak free finish every time.That was March 2012. Fast forward to early 2013 and we've had several ice storms and after one I thought for sure the blades were toast, they were missing chunks of window and so I ordered two more blades just in case. But, I left the other ones on my Tribute for a couple of days while waiting for the new ones and once the weather warmed up the blades were totally fine again.One ice storm took out my original wiper blades, several ice storms haven't touched these. Including several winter trips to Canada. I'd buy them again in a heartbeat.
    28. Lawrence Tan
      26 Dec, 2012
      Looked like they weren't going to work well, being totally plastic, but they seem to do the job. Good price.
    29. David Greene "nakeddave"
      29 Oct, 2012
      I bought an 08 Mazda Tribute same thing as the Escape or Mariner (Ford and Mercury) and it had what I believed was the original equipment blades on it. I thought this because they looked better than the average blades you can buy in the store. I work in the auto repair industry so I am pretty familiar with what is out there. I was WRONG. This product is what was on the car. I sent to the local dealer for a pair of their craptastic blades and they look horrible, don't wipe well,etc. I had the first pair that came with my used Mazda for over a year and they just started to barely streak. I'm very very very happy I figured out that they were Trico Blades!! I also found that AutoPartsWAY had pretty much the best price when you factor in shipping etc.So to sum it up, I would recommend these to anyone I wanted to keep alive in a heavy rain (they really clean well), they last a super long time in fact I still have not put them on the car, just cleaned the ones that are on there for...
    30. Books n Gadgets
      15 Apr, 2012
      This is the second vehicle that I purchased Trico Exact-Fit blades for and they work fine. Perfect match so they were easy to replace, and they work fine. So far I cannot tell any difference in performance compared to OEM.
    31. L. E. Miller
      13 Apr, 2012
      Great product that is fairly priced. I bought 6 wipers for our 2 cars and I must say, these wipers due the best job of cleaning ever. They were alsoeasy to install
    32. Cache
      30 Dec, 2011
      The old wiper blades on my 2007 Infiniti G35x was not working very well. So I bought and installed this one on my car. It works perfectly fine now. I am very satisfied about its performance now. Though it is a bit more expensive than other products, I think it worth it. Hope it can last at least 9 months. I drive less than 5k miles a year and Ohio doesn't rain a lot.
    33. D. Vincent "Techgeek"
      28 Nov, 2011
      These work great, keep the windshield clean and fit the goofy connections on my Chevy Truck. The have a grey weathered look to the casing, not the most appealing, but they do the job at a huge discount versus the local stores.
    34. StarfishTrooper
      15 Sep, 2011
      Product arrived fast (as usual) and was a snap to install on a 2004 Mercedes E320. Saved a ton of money versus paying the price at a dealer.Product does what it is intended to do, wipe the rain of your windshield.Going to buy another set to store for next time, when the blades need to be changed.
    35. protinkerer
      15 Sep, 2011
      Local retails scratch their heads when I ask for these. All they want to sell are the ones that make them money. I've tried several mfg's, but these Tricos have them beat. I have not had ice build up stop them from wiping. Always a clean windshield.
    36. thaknowledgehustla
      14 Aug, 2011
      I have had these on my car for a while now. They are still holding up and swipe clean. I bought them after reading many reviews myself. I wanted a quality, long lasting (in comparison to others of course) wiper blade. They seem to do the job just fine. No complaints. Will probably buy again.
    37. Ron Childress
      11 Jul, 2011
      Bought and installed these for a 2000 BMW Z3. The wipers look great and do a really good job removing water from the windshield, even in heavy downpours. The wipers make a small, squeaking noise when operating. When the windshield is nearly dry, the bottom third of the wipers tends to skip and buzz a little. This doesn't affect water removal, but indicates the blade tends to adhere to the windshield more than a regular blade. This may be due to a plastic windshield on the Z3 or the continuous contact design of the wiper. All things considered, these wipers work better than the originals. Recently, I noticed the same style wiper is offered at the BMW dealership for a substantially higher price.
    38. DavenBuster
      03 Jun, 2011
      I was wary making this purchase for my 2008 Toyota Rav4 since I had seen other sites recommending that the best option for the rear wiper blade was to go to Toyota and buy from them. The fit was perfect, and the installation simple (and the instructions were accurate). Saved 50% by buying from AutoPartsWAY vs Toyota.
    39. James C. Lauters
      23 Jan, 2011
      I have always loved Trico exact fit wipers because I hate messing with adapters. Then my local auto parts store changed hands and stopped caring them. Trips to two more auto parts stores left me empty handed as well. AutoPartsWAY fulfilled my order very promptly. I will never go to a physical auto parts store again!
    40. Sam
      17 Oct, 2010
      ... you may find it helps to bend the blade to fit.Mine, ordered to fit 2007 Mazda 5, snapped into place no problem. I found, as other reviewers noted, that it missed a portion of the glass. When I looked, I noticed that the blade didn't curve to match the curve of the glass. You can bend the metal in the rubber blade so that it fits better - or even take the rubber blade out of the frame and remove the metal strips, then swap in the metal strips from your old rubber blade.
    41. T. To "gx470"
      10 Mar, 2010
      Very low profile which makes it very sleek looking, easy installed and fitted perfectly on my truck.Get rid of water much more effective then OE blades. Reliability is unknown for now because I only used it for a few rainy days and hope it will last for a year or two.Highly recommended this product.
    42. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      18 Feb, 2010
      Good winter blade. The rubber enclosure keeps them from icing up. Use them on my Suburban and if I was smarter, I would have purchased one for the rear windshield wiper. Highly recomend this.
    43. C. Young
      23 Nov, 2009
      It's unfortunate the last reviewer didn't get these to work with his G6, but this is perfect for me. I have a 2008 Pontiac G6 and the windshield wiper arm doesn't have the old "hook" attachment that all of my previous vehicles have had. Instead, it has a really easy push-button release. Unfortunately, it's not easy to find in stores, so "AutoPartsWAY to the rescue" once again.These wipers are virtually identical to the OEM wipers that came with my car. They even have the "fin" on top of them that helps the wind push down on the blade when driving at fast speeds.Also note that this is for the DRIVERS'S SIDE. If you need the passenger side, go with this: Trico 16-2115 NeoForm Wiper Blade with Teflon - 21" which, of course, is also available from AutoPartsWAY.Don't cheap out on your wipers, get these.
    44. wcbcruzer
      14 Dec, 2008
      I usually buy the basic wiper blades at the auto parts store, but this time I decided to go with something a little better. I gotta say these are the best wiper blades I've owned! The uniform force they apply gives a nice clear swipe of the entire windshield with no streaks. I've only had them on for a month so I don't know how long they'll last but I'm like how they perform so far.
      03 Nov, 2008
      Most wiper blades have brackets that create pressure points at four to six places on the blade -- resulting in a less than smooth wiping action. These blades have constant pressure across the entire surface of the blade resulting in a smooth clear windshield. I have also tried the Bosch blades and these are about the same in initial quality. I don't know if the Teflon will make a difference in the long term use. Keep in mind that these blades had a $20 rebate for two when I ordered them. For that price the value is excellent.
    46. J. S. Harman
      29 Sep, 2008
      I was going on vacation and would be driving 2500 miles. I bought a new set of blades for the trip. I encountered rain, wind and blowing rain from passing trucks. The blades performed flawlessly and gave me an excellent view. Interstate speeds did not lift the flades and there was no streaks or bad spots. Too early to tell how they hold up over time.
    47. B. Wadian
      06 Mar, 2007
      Other than when it's snowing, this blade works very well. There is a hollow channel on the bottom where it mounts to the wiper arm that tends to fill up with snow and slush. This hinders its wiping ability because the blade doesn't fully contact the windshield. A similar blade that works much better in winter conditions is the Bosch Icon.
    48. eggman25
      09 Jan, 2007
      bought these to replace the factory blades on my mazda3. very, very happy with these blades, the difference is unbelievable. installed easily, look great, and get rid of water so much more effectively than the blades i replaced.