1982 GMC C1500 Coil Spring Set - Front 6 Cyl 4.1L Moog

  • Features:
    • 100% Load tested
    • Easy to install
    • Provides like-new steering
    • Designed to lower stresses for longer service life
    • Worn or sagging coil springs can cause premature tire wear due to vehicle misalignment
  • By constantly introducing design enhancements that extend product life and simplify installation and replacement, MOOG has earned its reputation as the chassis industry's Problem Solver.

Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Block CC Position Engine CID
1982 GMC C1500 L - Front 6 Cyl 4.1L 250
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Brand Moog
Part # M126454
Condition New
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  • Coil Spring Set
  • GM Brake Code JB1 GM Brake Code JB3 Heavy Duty Constant Rate Spring
  • MOOG 6454 Coil Spring Set
  • MOOG produces the complete steering and suspension package making them the ultimate to undercar solutions. MOOG's leading-edge engineering, metallurgy and manufacturing, along with long-lasting, problem-solving performance, have earned the trust of technicians. Through MOOG's broad range of Problem Solver, Asia-Spec and Euro-Spec steering and suspension parts, MOOG offers comprehensive coverage that provides the latest in domestic and foreign applications. No matter what the service occasion, MOOG provides the problem-solving innovation and precise engineering needed to restore like-new steering and handling to today's vehicles.
    Some of the most popular MOOG auto parts consist of tie rod ends, control arms, ball joints, stabilizer bar links, strut mounts, coil springs, suspension bushings, steering parts and so much more.


    Spring Color
    Rear Spring Relaxed Length
    • 13.61
    • 345.70
    Wire Diameter
    • 0.82
    • 21.00
    Front Spring Compressed Length
    • 10.00
    • 254.00
    Rear Spring Compressed Length
    • 10.00
    • 254.00
    Front Spring Outside Diameter
    Front Spring Relaxed Length
    • 13.61
    • 345.70
    Rear Spring Outside Diameter


    bar code
    package quantity
    34.10 lb
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    1. Stephen T.
      19 Apr, 2015
      These fit perfectly in my 1995 Ford F150 XL. They are an extremely comfortable spring. It will make the front of your vehicle ride liek a cadillac. Beware though, the progressive rate coils do compress a lot and the from end of my truck sags now. If you get these springs consider getting a front end leveling kit or you will need to get your camber adjusted. Otherwise these are great coil springs.
    2. Fernando
      07 Apr, 2015
      Amazing produce but I found out that it DOES NOT COME INDIVIDUALLY AS I WAS TOLD. Comes in a PAIR so only place one order and u will get 2 guys cheers!
    3. I.Boutoma
      04 Mar, 2015
      Good stuff! Replaced original springs on a '94 2-door Explorer Sport. The distance from the top of wheel rim to top of wheel well arch increased by exactly 2cm or about 3/4" (car has original 15" rims). The ride quality improved some, too. There is a bit less wobble going over speed bumps and left/right lean during cornering. Great value, hope they don't sag or settle too quickly!
    4. RN2B
      09 Feb, 2015
      Perfect fit. Lifted the 'rat about 2.5" and made her a smooth, comfortable ride. Very pleased.
    5. Michael
      01 Feb, 2015
      Great replacement springs.
    6. Big Daddy
      28 Jan, 2015
      Excellent ride. No fitting issues using this on my 1994 Nissan Quest minivan. Rides like new again (also installed new KYB struts on front and KYP shocks on rear). I should mention though, that both of these coils had defects that would prevent anyone from wanting them had they seen them in person before the purchase. Both coils had pretty decent gouges and nicks. Definitely premature rusting points. But I figure they will outlast the remaining life of this vehicle so I used them anyway. They just were not "new" condition.
    7. Motormike
      03 Jan, 2015
      Good price oem front coil springs
    8. Christopher Grimm
      10 Dec, 2014
      Used these to replace the broken down springs on a 96 F150 4.9L Eddie Bauer 2WD. Better anti sway characteristics than the original springs. Gained about and inch in ride height. No adjustments to camber were necessary.
    9. Ted Slack
      10 Nov, 2014
      These springs are as represented.They put a spring in my step, until I dropped one on my foot.
    10. jose a vega
      04 Nov, 2014
      82 buick regal ..my car was saggin at the rear replace these bad boys and now rides smooth,and has the right height..direct fit,fast shipping..
    11. Dale Fryxell
      22 Sep, 2014
      My 93 Toyota 4Runner 4X4 rear hitch receiver square tubing inside top, to the ground measures a full 18". She old original springs had sagged way below that and the vehicle looked lopsided. The running boards are just a hair off level from the rear only slightly lower than the front. Who knows if the rear will settle a bit after I hall a few heavy loads. If it does I will install a lift air bags. After a deposit, I borrowed AutoZone's spring compressor kit and they worked great, EZ install. These Moog CC255 springs are much thicker than stock springs. My shocks were still in good shape so I did not have to change them. Much better ride! Good luck, Dale
    12. Ms*Dee623
      27 Aug, 2014
      These added with his rancho shocks made my Bro's truck sit just right he said
    13. Frank C. Lavacca "chevy man"
      25 Aug, 2014
      the car rides like new pefect fit for it.
    14. kyle
      28 Jul, 2014
      Just what I needed for my 1983 cutlass
    15. J. Weber
      17 Jul, 2014
      These do what they say. They raised the back end of my 2002 Chevrolet Venture about two inches. I have a receiver hitch attached to this van and with my children sitting in the back seat it would occasionally drag the receiver hitch when exiting parking lots. This fixed the problem.
    16. Michael hampton
      06 Apr, 2014
      Went right in. Good ride height. High quality. I can't beleive they were so cheap. I'm going to buy the fronts next
    17. sbalcom
      20 Feb, 2014
      I have a 1986 F150 4x4 with a Meyer plow. The front end dropped like crazy when I raised the plow. Someone recommended these so I ordered them. Problem solved. The front end barely moves now when I raise the plow. It said I can expect the front end to raise about 2". Reviews said I would be lucky to get 1 & 1/2". Well when I lowered my truck off the lift I had ALL OF 2". Point is....they will fix the issue with plow sag or just leveling the front of your truck with the back. Oh yea, they also make Moog CC844(s), they are the same exact spring just stiffer. The CC844 springs ride rough enough so be warned!!
    18. Sherwin Talinao "sst photography"
      18 Jan, 2014
      It works as advertised. Lifted my 89 F150 about ~2 inches. Now it is sitting level. I would recommend this to anyone looking to level their truck.
    19. brando
      15 Dec, 2013
      The springs did everything I wanted them to. I put them on my f150 and it lifted it 2" I only expected 1.5". Now my truck doesn't bottom out on pot holes or out on the trail, I do have a but of positive camber but its fine with me
    20. E.T.
      15 Nov, 2013
      These springs were the perfect solution for my El Camino - the old springs were wearing out, but the thought of putting standard springs in place on a vehicle that may actually carry something? Well, the variable rate is the answer.I get my usual great ride, normal height and response, but when I load up the bed, the springs only go down so far before the higher resistance kicks in.I also replaced the spring insulators at the same time. I highly recommend these Moog springs!
    21. Ben
      07 Nov, 2013
      Lifted my caddy up 1.5" back to stock height. Great springs. The steel rings are much thicker than what was on the car originally.
    22. BigBob
      05 Oct, 2013
      Bought these when re-doing the suspension on my 1971 Chevelle Super Sport. They installed easily and ride great. Car is a factory equipped big block, air conditioned model.
    23. Peter Allen
      21 Sep, 2013
      Springs work good. Lifted rear by 6 inches. The worst part was getting the shocks off. It would help if you were double jointed to get to the top bolts.
      06 Sep, 2013
      Comfortable ride and slightly higher than stock. Perfect for my sagging rear end on a 1996 Camaro. This permits wider tires, in the rear, whithout the worry of tire rub. Fully loaded, it still sits nicely.
    25. JIM BLIMM
      28 Aug, 2013
      I Have a 2003 cadillac deville that I installed these on to give me the extra lift I needed for my set of 24 inch rims.Works perfect to give me 3 inch higher ride height over my stock. .
    26. A Customer
      11 Jul, 2013
      The Moog CC859 are "Cargo Coils" AKA progressive rate springs.IF they measure for proper fitment of your chassis they are the single bestitem to install for rear end cornering and stability on FWD.(The Monroe Sensa-tracs are Junk,Junk,Junk,Junk...Find a Koni that will fit!)
    27. Security Guy
      26 Jun, 2013
      Do some research as I did but know that these springs come highly recommended for 80s f-bodys. My 87 trans am was sagging in the rear. After I put these in it now has exactly the stance that it should have. I doesn't looked jack up in the back nor lowered. The handling is much improved over my oem springs, Though I have no idea how it would compare to other types and brands. Price is good, for f-body guys this is what you want.
    28. Wounded Knee "jjr3253"
      21 Jun, 2013
      The original Pontiac Montana rear springs were very prone to breakage due to rust. I'm almost 63 years old, and I've never experienced that problem before. Must be a new manufacturing process? These MOOG springs (the web photo shows a shock or strut rather than springs) did improve the ride somewhat, but not enough to be worth changing to unless you already have a broken spring, as I did.The real proof of whether I am satisfied with these springs depends on if they will stand up to rust, unlike the original springs.Because they are "softer" than the original springs, they are manufactured a little bit longer until they are compressed by the weight of the vehicle. This makes installation very difficult, you will probably require a spring compressor.
    29. ay california
      08 Jun, 2013
      so I lowered my vehicle 12 yrs ago . but i wanted to get the original feel back. I saw this product I order it got on time installed was ok got it aligned. the drive and feel is exactly what I wanted. just have to do also the rear. this product met and exceeded my expectation.
    30. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      24 May, 2013
      These are nice springs. If you're looking for coil springs, check some other sites for the right fit, two other sites listed this Moog number as a fit for my car, but AutoPartsWAY's chart felt otherwise--at least they have the best price.
    31. Jamie N. Richards "Jamie"
      21 Apr, 2013
      My old Camaro was way past due for these! Every time you went over a pebble, it felt like you were hitting a boulder, but these did the trick!
    32. Tony
      18 Apr, 2013
      Brand name moog. Says it all..they fit and work excellent..
    33. Jason
      08 Jan, 2013
      I bought these springs for my 91 firebird. I had cut the previous coil springs a tad too much and the car was bottoming out in the rear. I hope not to replicate that problem this time around.... When I installed the springs, I was greeted with a 4.5" fender gap. While that will stop the bottoming out, it is about an inch too high. Reading on thirdgen.org tells me I'm not the only one to find this out. Seems most cut one coil, and replace the isolator with some heater hose. I'll be attempting to do both to get the car down 1.5" so it better matches the front springs.
    34. S. Horton
      02 Jan, 2013
      Bought these as a gift for my husband who was modifying his Nova , and these worked like a charm, for much less money!
    35. Better Properties Solutions "Jack C"
      02 Dec, 2012
      Had a problem with my Chrysler Struts , Moog springs saved the day!! Width, weight ,,spring rates, height,,all are PERFECT!MOOG THANK YOU ! Great Product!! Buy with happiness as you will love ,,love the ride!! Wow!Quality is there!!
    36. Thomas P.
      06 Jun, 2012
      I purchased these for an upgrade for the rear of my z28 all I can is it was better than the stock but, I guess they were tired ride is better not rough at all.
    37. AutoPartsWAY Rocks
      24 Nov, 2011
      11-24-11The product descriptions were very helpfulin making this purchase.Installed the springs and the car is at the OEM height.Driving is very comfortable.These were the correct springs for my application.-Thanks again!!!
    38. james mason
      04 Oct, 2011
      I purchased these springs as an upgrade to the stock spring that was on my 72 Buick GS. These springs gave me better handling and less body roll during turns.
    39. Hossrod
      23 Feb, 2011
      I have a 1996 Lincoln Town Car and the air suspension went bad. For hundreds less than diagnosis and replacement part prices, I pick these up and installed them myself. They replace the air bags and make it like every other car on the road. :)The ride quality is great with these. Doesn't really feel much different than the air bags. The springs come with instructions that also explain how to disable the electronics of the air system including the warning light in the dash. They also come with rubber mounts for both the top and bottom of the springs, this prevents metal on metal so that corrosion/rust and noise are not an issue.Installing these yourself can be a bit of a challenge depending on the tools available and skill level. I did it on the ground with the back of the car held up with jack stands, so I had to lay on my back and work on things right in front of my face. Getting the old air bags out was not too hard, but took some time and internet searching...
    40. Tommy Tabolt
      10 Jan, 2011
      I have put these in 2 Lincolns - a '93 that I owned from 2000 to 2011 & now into a '96. The ride is SOFTER with the springs. There are 2 kinds of these springs on the market - variable rate & uniform rate. These Moog CC865's are the variable rate. They are the best. I have loaded up to 500 lbs. in the trunk of the '93 & it did not make the car "tip" noticeably. IMHO, this should be an option on new Lincolns. Also, it only takes 40 minutes to remove air bags & install springs.And, DON'T REPLACE THE SHOCK ABSORBERS UNLESS THEY LEAK OR RUBBER BUSHINGS ARE ROTTED. The factory shocks are very good quality & the replacement job is a monster - the top nut is very inaccessable.
    41. justfacts
      22 Nov, 2010
      These Moog Springs were purchased to try to fix a problem in a Toyota Camry whereby the Camry would bottom out on any speed bump when there were occupants in the rear seat (including children). These variable rate springs did the trick. The car can handle more weight and no longer has any problem.
    42. J. Iblib
      19 Nov, 2010
      Restored my 1999 camry rear sag to an even height with the front. Definitely a better ride, not too stiff but void of the excessive vertical play I had before.Fast shipping too! However, I would recommend your shop ordering these for you, as they often charge less labor when you buy the parts from them. It also seems to just be a general annoyance to the folks doing the (you hope!) good work.
    43. R. Thorne
      17 Sep, 2010
      The stock springs on my 4Runner had lost their springiness causing the rear of the vehicle to sag and the suspension to bottom out on rough roads. These Moog springs brought the back end back up to where it should be and improved the ride and handling substantially. Would prefer them to be just a tad stiffer, but they are a big improvement over worn springs. The price on AutoPartsWAY was the lowest I found - about half the price quoted by the fine folks at the local auto parts store.
    44. SERIO
      21 Jul, 2010
      This IS a PAIR of springs(comes with rubber spring cups too) and they can be used to replace your stock air-suspension! My install went quickly and all I needed were jack stands, a nice hydro jack, deep 19mm socket with wrench and vice-grips for shock bolt nuts, a knife to cut the old bags out, liquid wrench to loosen shock mount bolts, a tire iron for wheel removal, and a bud to help out. Should only take you a couple hours to install. The result is a great ride that I preffer to the air-suspension. Feels more solid than the squishy bags. Stance is also good. I don't know about the sets that certain companys sell for almost three hundred dollars, but I do now know that this is all you need for a direct replacement to your air-suspension. Great price here on AutoPartsWAY (cheaper than auto-parts stores) and AutoPartsWAY Prime makes it even better.
      13 Jul, 2010
    46. Christopher Orlando "corlando52"
      07 Apr, 2010
      These coil springs are the same that you can buy anywhere else for $50 - $100 MORE!I highly recommend them, and buying them on AutoPartsWAY for such a great price is a bonus. I bought them for the front of my 1984 Firebird as direct replacements.