2012 Scion xB Spark Plug Denso

  • Increased performance with World's smallest Iridium Center Eletrode (0.4mm).
  • Suggested Purchase Quantity: 8
    • Most jobs typically require 8 of this item.
  • This item must be purchased in quantities of 4
This Part Fits the Following OEM/Substitute Numbers:
0000-18-BP01, 0000-18-JE41, 003 159 31 03, 003 159 54 03, 003 159 66 03, 003 159 67 03, 003 159 68 03, 003 159 71 03, 003 159 81 03, 003 159 94 03, 004 159 07 03, 004 159 19 03, 09482-00549, 0K23A-18-110, 101 000 044 AA, 101 905 611 A, 101 905 631 A, 101 905 631 F, 101 905 631 G, 1822A030, 1822A068, 18814-11051, 18817-11051, 18823-11101, 18823-111012, 18826-11101, 19302724, 19302726, 19307140, 21020184, 21021362, 21021363, 21024004, 21024005, 21024774, 21024775, 21025102, 21025103, 22401 AA570, 22401 AA650, 22401 AA65A, 22401-0B015, 22401-1P114, 22401-1P115, 22401-1W614, 22401-1W615, 22401-20J05, 22401-27N15, 22401-27N65, 22401-40P15, 22401-40P65, 22401-50Y04, 22401-50Y05, 22401-53J05, 22401-5M075, 22401-7B004, 22401-7B005, 22401-85E14, 22401-85E15, 22401-97E15, 22401-97E64, 22401-97E65, 22401-9E014, 22401-9E015, 27410-23700, 27410-25000, 27410-37100, 27410-3C000, 32 00 5952, 455 0157, 4609 076, 4609 079, 4796 779, 5098 167AA, 5098 168AA, 5149 060AB, 5600 6240, 5602 7275, 5613796, 5614106, 5614285, 5614286, 5962H8, 5962J1, 8-92063-303-0, 8-97111-376-0, 8-97125-969-0, 8-97170-268-0, 88901014, 90080-91145, 90080-91184, 90541059, 90919-01164, 90919-01168, 90919-01168-83, 90919-01169, 90919-01176, 90919-01192, 90919-01196, 90919-01197, 90919-01217, 90919-01219, 90919-01240, 90919-01244, 90919-01265, 90919-C1002, 91175704, 91175705, 91176020, 9195166, 94856823, 94859009, 94859446, 94859448, 98079-541-4G, 98079-541-5G, 98079-551-4J, 98079-551-5J, 98079-551-5V, 98079-551-7V, AGSP 32FS-M, AGSP 32FSMF4, AGSP32C, AGSP32F, AGSP32FM, AGSP32FP, AGSP32PP, AJ84575, AW343939, AW350015, BP01-18-110, BP02-18-110, BP11-18-110, BP13-18-110, BP13-18-110A, BP8J-18-110, BP8K-18-110, C2A1535, IK16, JE41-18-110, JE42-18-110, LR0 05253, LR0 21006, MD313442, MD339798, MD350292, MD361067, MD372553, MD376962, MN163235, MS851335, MS851357, MS851501, MS851571, MS851572, MS851622, MS851727, MS851728, NCA3850EA1, NCA3850GA1, NCA3850HA1, NCA3850HA2, NLP 000030, NLP 100290L, NLP 100320, SP0RC10YC4, SP0RC12YC5, SPRC10PYP4, Z6B7-18-110, ZJY6-18-110

Additional Fitment Information:
2012 Scion xB
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$17.25 USD
$20.70 USD
Brand Denso
Part # D455303
Condition New
Warehouse B


  • Spark Plug Iridium Power
  • Gap 0.044 Iridium Power - Performance Upgrade with World's Smallest Center Electrode (0.4 mm Dia.) & Tapered Tip Patented U-Groove Design & Patented Ir Alloy (90% Ir)
  • Spark Plug Iridium Power
  • Iridium Power
  • DENSO has taken everything they have learned as an Original Equipment manufacturer and use it to their superior aftermarket product lines of auto parts. Every part that leaves their factories has been designed with precision, manufactured to OE standards and subjected to rigorous safety and performance tests. DENSO factories are QS9000 and ISO9000 certified worldwide, just one of the many reasons why zero defects for parts produced in the millions is a reality for DENSO. The OE-standard quality and reliability of DENSO aftermarket components add up to a tremendous value.
    Quality, Reliability and Value.


    Hex Size
    Center Electrode Tip Material
    Seat Type
    Ground Electrode Tip Design
    Tapercut, U-groove
    Center Electrode Core Material
    Ground Configuration
    Pre-Gap Size
    Ground Electrode Core Material


    bar code
    package quantity
    3.35 in
    0.96 in
    0.96 in
    0.09 lb
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    1. Andy
      03 Mar, 2011
      i Actually has really bad generic spark plugs in my Acura 3.2CL. It was probably installed by previous owner. but once the change was made. I could actually feel the improvement in responsiveness. The car runs alot smoother on idle, and hopefully a combination of these things will produce a better gas mileage! Really high quality stuff. Btw, it is always good to check the gapping of these spark plugs before installing them. According to my gap gauge, These are not pre-gapped. Another thing to do is to stay away from those gap gauge coins. They can damage your precious metal.Be careful with these!I love them!!!
    2. O. King "D Online freak"
      11 Dec, 2010
      I had a 1968 VW with the 1600 engine stock single port heads and single solex carb.It had that floating miss that the engine was known for. I did some research and decided to give these a try and at the time there were 12-13 dollars each I bit the bullet and bought some pre-gapped for my engine installed them and the engine started easier, ran smoother, and could take off faster. No more floating miss. I have since learned that due to my engine configuration it was harder for the stock style plugs to fire. I had also tried NGK V powers because I was trying to stay with a standard copper core for the air cooled engine. Bosch stock plugs just didn't work as well either.From my experience if you run high compression, aircooled, or hot engines use Denso Iridium plugs with the 0.4 wire.If you have a stock setup water cooled you might try halo plugs or sonic plugs to save money. I've had good results with those also. Iridium plugs 10-13 each or about 6 each for...
    3. Josh Assing
      03 Feb, 2009
      I have used the Denso plugs on my cars & race bike. I don't notice much in the cars (other than I haven't replaced a plug yet) but on the race bike; which I would have to replace regularly; they have proven to last longer; and I have had less misfires at redline. Expensive; but worth it.(btw: asked someone to pick up a standard plug for my generator, they brought me an E3 plug -- avoid these; it cracked less than a month. Their arranty is "life of the engine" -- if it had completely fallen apart, engine life would have been over -- Avoid gadget plugs like E3, split electrodes, etc)