2003 Maybach 62 Spark Plug 12 Cyl 5.5L NGK

  • NGK Spark Plugs (U.S.A.), Inc. is the largest OE supplier and manufacturer of spark plugs for domestic and import vehicles in North America. Its OE legacy, unsurpassed quality and leading vehicles in operation coverage reinforces NGK as The Ignition Specialist. With over 80 years of automotive expertise NGK has built a reputation for quality and reliability; manufacturing spark plugs for virtually every automotive, motorcycle, marine and small engine application. We are committed to be the premier partner with our customers, while maintaining original equipment standards for the highest durability and operational performance. With state-of-the-art manufacturing, inventory and distribution facilities in North America and across the globe, NGK is dedicated to providing customers with world-class products and services.
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This Part Fits the Following OEM/Substitute Numbers:
19, 3068, 3071, 3071-2, 3071S, 3340, 3340-2, 3344, 3346, 3346-2, 4027, 4227, 4504, 4702, 5, 6705, 6724, 6730, 7026, 7092, 7318, 7318-2, 7401, AGSP32C, AP3923, F6DP, F6DP+, FGR7DQE, FGR7DQE+, FR7DPP30T, FR7DPP30X, FR7KPP30X, FR7KPP33U, FR7KPP33U+, IK20TT, MIU12783, PK20TT, RC7PYCB, RC7PYCB4, RC9PYC, SP497

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Vehicle Block CC Engine CID
2003 Maybach 62 V 5499 12 Cyl 5.5L -
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Brand NGK
Part # N127092
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  • NGK G-Power Platinum Spark Plug
  • Twin Spark System Gap 0.028"
  • G-Power Spark Plug
  • NGK is a world leader in original equipment and aftermarket spark plugs and oxygen sensors. When it comes to spark plugs, NGK is the World Leader. Makers of spark plugs for virtually every automotive, motorcycle, marine and small engine application, NGK dominates.
    NGK Spark Plugs: When you require the best, count on The World Leader in spark plug technology NGK Spark Plugs. We offer the highest quality products for virtually every vehicle application. Count on NGK Spark Plugs to deliver the finest quality products and customer service. NTK Oxygen Sensors is the world's largest supplier and manufacturer of original equipment oxygen sensors. NTK Oxygen Sensors brings our expertise and innovation to the aftermarket providing oxygen sensors with superior fit, form and function. When you require the best, count on NTK Oxygen Sensors to deliver. Each NTK Oxygen Sensor is extensively tested during manufacture to guarantee quality and reliability, are supplied with a factory-fitted OEM Connector for easy installation, and is precision manufactured with a sensing element incorporating NTK's premier technical ceramics.


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    1. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      05 May, 2015
      We had autolite spark plugs in our truck and they kept missing and truck won't operate correctly, so I purchase these NGK spark plugs and truck runs slot better.
    2. Ricardo Pernell Dugay
      22 Apr, 2015
      The perfect plugs for our turbo engines, I have been using these plugs on all our VW/Audi 1.8T and 2.0T engines, way better than platinum and iridium if you want to make power and use bigger turbos or higher boost levels.
    3. Gary Fillmore
      19 Apr, 2015
      They work!
    4. L. Hildebrand
      13 Apr, 2015
      Web page very helpful in finding the right plugs.
    5. Dave L
      12 Apr, 2015
    6. dfrjr
      10 Apr, 2015
      Works just as they should. I seem to have more horses and still checking milage; but after running the others for 102,000 miles, I expected them to help!
    7. Temur
      04 Apr, 2015
      Works great
    8. Douglas Ross
      21 Mar, 2015
      Spares for the Yamaha EF2000iS generator. Cheap insurance. There are times when a generator is a nice to have toy, and times when Mother Nature reminds you that the Boy Scout motto of "Be Prepared" is good advice. There's a reason Yamaha includes a spark plug socket as the standard issue tool with their generators. Best to have a spare spark plug to go with it...
    9. christi714
      19 Mar, 2015
      We received the spark plug in a timely manner, it was exactly what we ordered and it works great. We chose to get the exact same kind of spark plug that was in our lawnmower , because the old one lasted 10 years , before it started giving out on us.I would highly recommend NGK spark plugs, they are well worth the money and way cheaper through AutoPartsWAY.
    10. jim
      21 Feb, 2015
      Great spark plug, arrived on time.
    11. Mario
      21 Feb, 2015
      I bought these spark plugs to change out in my 2007 Dodge Magnum, they are OEM and are worlds better than most out there.
    12. Brent Erickson "Semper fi"
      19 Feb, 2015
      Works like a charm except I had to use a different spark plug socket than the spark plug I removed.
    13. M. J. Stroven
      15 Feb, 2015
      Excellent replacement for the champion plugs previously being used.
    14. Coolmomo
      17 Jan, 2015
      So far so good :)
    15. Luis Diego Miranda Otoya
      10 Jan, 2015
    16. lshaw112
      10 Jan, 2015
      Comn on they are just plugs what's wrong with you at AutoPartsWAY?
    17. Pedro
      07 Jan, 2015
      Excellent product at a great price
    18. Ratatouille "Vinny"
      03 Jan, 2015
      Cannot beat NGK quality and these are the OEM spark plugs for my 1988 Toyota MR2. However, beware the product is for "ONE" spark plug and not "4" as depicted by the picture.
    19. tew440
      26 Dec, 2014
    20. spunkymunkymusicdotcom
      21 Dec, 2014
      NGK is simply the best. Iridium plugs will solve most ignition idling issues. They last 100k+ easily.
    21. jason
      14 Dec, 2014
    22. Hunter haugh
      23 Nov, 2014
      Installed in my 1995 f150 with 4.9l and was kind of skeptical because i heard they would not be a good plug in my truck. To my surprise they worked great with no issues. Already have a few thousand miles on them and they are still running great. Ive always stood by ngk plugs having raced motocross and have had 0 issues with them. Would def buy again. But to anyone buying them for their vehicle just be sure to gap the plugs to specification. These plugs are not pre-gapped. Great product!
    23. Tyler C.
      02 Nov, 2014
      Great price and barely needed to adjust the gap. Had them in for only four months, but no problems. I run these in my MKIV Jetta 1.8t Stage 1 Gonzo Tune.
    24. Allen R.
      24 Oct, 2014
      great spark plug!!!
    25. Dr. Memory Chip
      15 Oct, 2014
      kinda pricey but well worth it
    26. Andrew Angelo
      11 Oct, 2014
      The original spark plugs in my 2001 Jetta 2.0 AVH were these, AND THEY HADN'T BEEN CHANGED IN 136,000 MILES!! They were barely worn, and only showed indications of improper cooling(a white coating). This was not the plugs fault and was more recent; has been fixed.Needless to say, I have replaced them with these exact plugs. They were gapped at about .043, which didn't require adjustment.
    27. Kindle Customer "Hislittlelamb"
      09 Oct, 2014
      These Spark plug are great
    28. AD
      05 Oct, 2014
      Ngk plugs are good products....the main issue is that you must know which plug is for your car
    29. Big Tymer
      16 Sep, 2014
      Using in my 700 rwhp CTS-V and happy with results
    30. The real review
      26 Aug, 2014
      built a generator maintenance kit and added the spark plugs. If you have to use the generator... that means not many stores are open... if they are not open and you need another spark plug.... good luck!
    31. Mike
      25 Aug, 2014
      Solid replacement option for my 2002 Saturn SL2. These fit right in and were even gapped correctly.
    32. David
      21 Aug, 2014
      this is my second time to used NGK 2gap. last long time. and gas miles has improved
    33. ASMEQC
      15 Aug, 2014
      I use these in my 1997 Saturn SL1. I replace them per the manual every 30,000 miles, the Chilton book say or 2 years. I do it by miles or hours 670 hours. (I installed an hour gauge in my car for the in town times). This time frame in hours works for me, the last set I replaced had 25,000 miles on them but I was at almost 700 hours. The car was running "not quite right" and using a little more gas. I replaced the plugs and everything is back to normal. My wires seemed fine and are not that old. I think they have 25k on them. In the past I have used other brands of plugs in the car and it just did not run correctly. After much research I learned that Saturn does recommend the NGK brand plug for a reason. So I you have a Saturn S-Series I do strongly recommend these plugs.
      07 Aug, 2014
    35. Nikita Gubanov
      05 Jul, 2014
      I used these on a 2002 Honda Civic LX (1.7L I-4) with great results. The owner of the car does not put many miles on it so there was no need to buy the 3x more expensive Iridium tip plugs. While these won't last 100,000 miles, they are in fact an equivalent copper core plug drop in. This means that it has the same thread size and heat range. NGK has a great spark plug decoder on their website to be able to understand their naming nomenclature. You won't notice the difference between these copper plugs and the Iridium ones in the short term.NGK is an OEM supplier for many manufacturers and I have always had great luck with their plugs. While never the cheapest, they have always been reliable and make the engine run like it should (no misfires). I will personally stick with NGK because they are the OEM supplier to all the vehicles I own (VW, Suzuki, KTM).
    36. KORNfed
      30 Jun, 2014
      Fit my 2009 Mazda3 iTouring Value Sedan perfectly.IT's pretty much the OEM to the Mazda. I switched it out at 100.000 miles
    37. Lil
      16 Jun, 2014
      Came right on time. Fit perfectly into my BMW 323ic. I changed them myself! My car is running smoother than ever. I'm very happy with my purchase.
    38. 1Dub79
      09 Jun, 2014
      I bought a 1998 Civic some months back. Well, in May, I ended up needing a tune-up. No biggie for me because they are easy to do. I bought some Bosch spark plugs because they were listed as a plug that was supposedly compatible with the Civic. Not to mention, when I owned other cars, I had this notion that I could just slap ANY “compatible” spark plug in the car and it would work fine. Of course, upon using the Bosch spark plugs, the car was running “fairly” well. For some reason, the car just didn’t have the horsepower that I felt it should’ve had.One day, I randomly looked at the owner’s manual and saw that the preferred spark plugs listed for the car are NGK or Denso. Well, something told me that they preferred those spark plugs for a reason. Well, the other day, I paid $2.09 a piece for some NGK spark plugs, which were actually cheaper than the Bosch spark plugs. Once I put them in and started driving, I noticed a significant...
    39. Scott
      30 May, 2014
      Best Iridium spark plugs available. Period. I will not type useless words because there is nothing bad I can say about this product.
    40. Matthew Charles Jolley
      29 May, 2014
      Guys and Gals--although AutoPartsWAY's little "garage" thing works sometimes, it says that these do NOT fit a 2013 Judge. So I called two different dealerships and they do indeed. In fact they read it to my right off of their parts manifest. So, pay the cheaper price here rather than the $6.40 at the dealership.
    41. GD
      03 Apr, 2014
      these are the OEM plugs for the evo and they are alot cheaper then from local autoparts store. make sure you gap them to .23
    42. DJSOUNDS "dj sounds"
      28 Feb, 2014
      NGK LZTR5AGP G-Power Spark Plug, Its Worth The Money, Great alternative To the Original. I have great performance using this plug.
    43. BIxby
      26 Feb, 2014
      Installed them a few days ago, in my 1998 Jeep cherokee i6, starts much better, runs smoother, noticeable difference running. Idle isn't rough. The old plugs showed normal wear, no abnormalities/hot spots, and I checked the gaps and they were all perfect @ .35, these plugs perform better than the ACDelco plugs they replaced. Thanks Japan!
    44. B Harvey
      17 Feb, 2014
      Not a gear head; but they seem to be working out for my 08 VW Rabbit just fine. I purchased them due to the glowing reviews from VW enthusiasts at [...]
    45. CL "C"
      12 Jan, 2014
      Replacement for my 2001 saab 95 wagon. Like all spark plugs, be sure to check the gap before installing them. Car ran great after installation.
    46. R. Garcia
      08 Jan, 2014
      I bought these Cause they're probably the best price you can get online shipped to your door. I've always been a huge ngk user. I've ran ngk in every car over owned. Never had a problem. These particular ones I used in my 2006 Pontiac GTO. While some people preach about iridium plugs. I put about 4-5k miles a year on the car and I change plugs every year or so. Which is about the expected life for a copper plug like this. 10-15K. Copper is a better conductor so in theory a better plug vs platinum and iridium. The only downside is it's low life. I got these Cause they're cheap, a better plug and since I do low miles a year, will get changed out anyway way before it's life end.
    47. Jesse Schneider
      06 Jan, 2014
      OEM replacement for my Yamaha generator. I have a difficult time finding these locally, but they work great at a much lower price than the special order would be through my dealer.
    48. Malia's 2 cents
      27 Nov, 2013
      These are original equipment parts. They are now installed on my 96' Honda Prelude. They fit just like the seller said theywould and the car is running great.
    49. Litzner
      26 Nov, 2013
      I have tried many different spark plugs and have found you can't go wrong with NGK copper plugs (nickle plated copper in this case). Although copper plugs don't last quite as long as platinum or iridium, they perform better, and are far cheaper. In my case I put these in a 5.9 Magnum motor to replace the factory recommended Champions and the motor spins up much more freely now, but the Champions were very worn, so it is not a fair comparison.
    50. trash80
      19 Nov, 2013
      I've been a fan of NGK for years. I have used most all brands with succes, but NGK have always seemed to have an edge. They are well built and seem to last longer than Champion, Bosch, etc.
    51. k1skanation
      12 Nov, 2013
      I ordered these to do a tune-up on my truck as well as ignition wires, distributor cap and rotor, and the truck has a LOT more power than it did before. It's almost unbelievable, but considering how worn down the other plugs were (as well as the other parts that were replaced), it's understandable. The only issue I have is my MPG went down by about a mile. With that considered, it's very much worth the trade-off. All in all, if you're looking for some good plugs, these are definitely worth consideration. Have a good day and drive safely!
    52. Adam
      04 Oct, 2013
      These spark plugs are a great stock replacement for my EVO and the performance from them are on point .
    53. D. K. Lawson
      01 Sep, 2013
      I have replaced my cars' spark plugs for years. However, when my '03 Civic was in for timing belt replacement the shop suggested I might want to replace the plugs. I asked the obvious question "how much" and they quoted $120. I was shocked! I could not fathom how/why less than 15 minutes work should be so expensive. They said it was because they only used the factory plugs which were expensive. I checked around and confirmed that they were only going to gouge me a little on labor. I told them "no thanks" and bought the same NGK factory plugs from AutoPartsWAY for a fraction of the cost and installed them myself (as usual). I still hate paying this kind of money for spark plugs but at least it's not like the "old days". You used to replace plugs every 10k miles, the original NGK plugs in my Civic lasted over 100k and I anticipate these will also.
    54. Walter Stanford
      14 Aug, 2013
      This is the second set of plugs for my 150 direct injection Evinrude.Bar none for this motor the NGK plug is the longest lasting and most fuel efficient..
    55. Mike M
      11 Aug, 2013
      Work great in my Mazda Miata. Gap was already set to 0.044". My first set of these spark plugs lasted 100K.
    56. Trevor S.
      15 Jul, 2013
      I needed to replace the spark plugs on my subaru, and was happy to find direct replacements at a reasonable cost.
    57. Brian J. Kaminsky
      02 Jul, 2013
      Floats on a cloud now since replacing original plugs.Good value, should get much better gas mileage now.Definitely recommend for Crown Victoria Police Interceptors
    58. John Flath
      01 Jul, 2013
      Been using NGK plugs in my Dodge Ram since new (its a 2001). No pings or knocks with this plug.
    59. susie q
      26 Jun, 2013
      I have faith in NGK and these plugs burn cleanly and last longer than expected. They have a crush washer which is nice and come with a consistent and accurate gap for my 4runner application. Highly recommended. Are the other ones better? Could be, but these are flawless and I am not changing from a long history of success.
    60. RSL1
      25 Jun, 2013
      I bought this for the Honda engine on my dad's lawn mower. NGK is a popular brand of plug that often comes from the factory in motorcycles, outboard motors and small engines. I have found them to be long lasting and reliable plugs. If you want to up grade to a top of the line fine wire iridium spark plug. Drop the S and add IX to the end of your plug number. So NGK BR6ES is the standard plug and NGK BR6EIX will be the fine wire iridium plug in the same size and heat range.
    61. Herbert L Gibson.Jr
      04 Jun, 2013
      I have been using NGK spark plugs for years. They have always done there job. If you wondering why only 4 stars it is because I Love my family not spark plugs.
    62. Junster
      20 Mar, 2013
      NGK builds a quality plug. Remember when changing heat ranges NGK is opposite of most plug brands. A NGK plug of a higher number exp. pzfr6h is a colder plug than a pzfr7h. Most brands a 7 would be colder. Just look at the depth of the recess around the center electrode. The deeper it is the hotter the plug is.
    63. ToMasca
      09 Mar, 2013
      I replace my old plugs with these plugs (OE-Recommended) and now I have a "service engine light" on after 2 weeks. Checked codes and cylinder 1 is misfiring. I pull the plug and Gap is right at .040 as my car requires, and plug looks clean. I cleared the codes and reinstall the plug and getting same errors. I will buy another plug locally to see if it is just one bad plug.Not very satisfied, will purchase some other brand next time.Update, the plus are good, I have a vacuum leak intake manifold, it is an new problem unrelated to the plugs so upgrading my review to 4 stars.
    64. Mike Landers
      27 Feb, 2013
      I was a little disappointed that AutoPartsWAY stated these plugs wouldn't wotk for my car, I purchased the Pulse plugs and I didn't get 2 houses away when the service engine lights came on and it started missing so bad I almost pushed the car back to the house, other web sites reccomended these plugs and they work perfectly.Lesson learned was to get my information else where, AutoPartsWAY did have the best price though.
    65. Joe "Joe S."
      09 Jan, 2013
      If you own an import car or motorcycle you should really try an NGK sprak plug for your application. I have never had any problems ever!!
    66. Adib M.
      20 Dec, 2012
      Purchased due to reviews on AutoPartsWAY.com and product review from consumer reports. Bottom line, reviews and reports weren't wrong, this is a great product.A++++++++++++++ highly recommend
    67. Camodrake
      09 Dec, 2012
      Found a seller on AutoPartsWAY that had the cheapest price of anyplace online or in-store for these plugs which are what's recommended for my vehicle. Changed at about 33,000 miles on my FJ Cruiser and the old ones did show some wear but were still functional. Can't really say whether they work any better or any worse than any other plug out there it's kind of a "it works or it doesn't" kind of item.These plugs come pregapped but I'd still recommend checking, always good to check the ceramic for damage and install with anti-seize. As a rule any plug dropped from above 12" on a hard surface I won't use but even with new plugs you never know when you get one produced on a Friday.
    68. Ricardo José Contreras Taulé
      28 Nov, 2012
      Put it in my jetta 2002 2.0 AZG and the i felt the difference, the idle was smoother, the engine was running better than ever.
    69. Ricardo
      12 Sep, 2012
      The local hardware store did not have a reference guide to indicate compatable spark plugs for my Honda mower. This is the plug that came in my Honda mower & recommended in the owner's manual. It cost no more than if I bought a similar plug locally.
    70. Ki_IOWA
      10 Sep, 2012
      I have an 2000 Honda Civic LX, and I change my sparks every 30,000 miles as suggested by the manual. My car has approximately 120,000 miles, and I get an average of 36 miles (with 65-70 miles per hour) per gallon in highways. After changing the spark, the car gets 38 miles for a while, so I am happy with it.I did not buy a more expensive NGK (like iridium sparks) because I have to change them regularly. All used NGK spark look OK when I pulled them out after 30 K, so I think these are good products.
    71. johnny ngo
      05 Aug, 2012
      I replaced a new spark plug for my 20hp tohatsu outboard motor every year. My motor are always smooth running. They performed great and very easy to install. Don't forget to buy the anti-seize for the thread of these plugs.
    72. Yashar M. Aval
      28 Jun, 2012
      What can I say... This is the only recommended spark plug for 2.3t Saab 9-5 (as far as I know, not the AERO, not the V6 SE). There is some confusion online about the spark plugs, but if you do your homework you find that is the correct spark plug for 2.3t engine with original company tune. The quality seems pretty good. Made in Japan. Saab recommends changing them every 30K miles.If you have tuned your car, you have to stick with the recommended spark plug of the tuner.- Yashar
    73. LTO
      11 Jun, 2012
      Not only was this spark plug a perfect fit for my Honda lawnmower, it was half the price I would have paid in the store and saved me the time and gas money going to get it. Producing a good, strong spark, it runs clean and got my mower back to working order.
    74. G-man
      30 May, 2012
      These are the OEM replacement spark plugs for 7th generation Honda Civics. The original set lasted 110k miles, and I fully expect the same from these replacements.
    75. Daniel A. Pomplun "DAN"
      30 May, 2012
      Great Product, item is exactly as described high performance. Perfect item for SAAB 9-5. This was very reasonably priced. Would highly recommend this.
    76. Eman Nep
      21 May, 2012
      I bought the NGK CR8EIX spark plugs to replace the original spark plugs on my 2007 SV650 with 6500 miles. When compared to the stock plugs, the only physical difference is the thinner center electrode at the top of the spark plug. Apparently, these iridium spark plugs do not need to be regapped. The center electrode is so thin and small that when you try to regap them, you may bend the center electrode. Just ship it back if the spark plugs are out of adjustment. As for the difference in engine performance, I didn't feel any difference at all. This is because my bike has a fuel injected system which automatically helps compensate for any minor wear on the spark plugs. However, I must mention that the spark plugs I replaced looked clean and showed minor wear. So, if you happen to have major wear on your spark plugs, these plugs would definitely make a positive difference in your engine's performance. I would definitely recommend these plugs to anyone looking for a replacement.
    77. Brenden
      19 Apr, 2012
      I had a set of IK16 Denso plugs in my d16 for 15k and they were worn out, supposedly good to 30k....I went back to the OEM plugs that came with the car from the factory (these ones) and they came gaped properly and work well, seems to run better than it did with the IK16's
    78. T. Hansen
      10 Mar, 2012
      I dont buy plugs to increase fuel mileage cause guess what they wont.a good plug will not cause missfires or foul out to easily.also a good plug will help car start easily in the winter.take it from an autotechnician ngk plugs are good plugs.you should never have to gap a plug they should come pregapped for your application.dont buy into that +4 technology or the other garbage these plug manufactures put out.platinum plugs are fine for most applications.want better then get the iridum plugs.you dont need to spend 10 dollars a plug to get quality.and stick with a major manufacture of spark plugs.ngk.acdelco,motorcraft,nippondenso,autolite,bosch.stay away from champion,i wont run those in my lawn mower.bang for the buck though ngk has them all beat.
    79. MuzX
      20 Feb, 2012
      I always used the NGK spark plugs (it's the factory recommendation for Saabs).I have never experienced any problems with them. The quality is consistently high.Absolutely recommended.
    80. Julie Miller
      23 Jan, 2012
      It NGK so its a top quality product. i put it in my GMC and my fuel effiency went up by 125 miles, my ac/delco's were on thier last firing pin. what a differnce new plugs and wires made. no stall, no sputtering.
    81. motor815
      17 Jan, 2012
      I was having a slight miss on my 2002 Mustang, 3.8L V6. The car had a little over 50,000 miles, but was just purchased on November 2011. The vehicle still had the original OEM Motorcraft plugs and wires in it. After a friend's recommendation , I changed out to these. I couldn't be more pleased with the addition. I have much better acceleration now, no hesitation or miss at all, and my gas mileage has noticebaly improved as well.
    82. Jane Chen
      16 Dec, 2011
      I just bought six for my 2005 Toyota 4Runner SR5 V6. No limit was encountered - a strange notion to start with. Although we have not experienced any significant improvement, 47,000 miles on odometer, the long service interval alone is worth the price. Also, three of the six plugs are found in not-so-easy to reach locations; here is the link one may able to utilize:[...]. Do it yourself, save money, and thank AutoPartsWAY!
    83. Bryant
      16 Nov, 2011
      Their gapped at .054 which were perfect for my Crown Victoria. My old ones were at .075! I made a big difference having a good tune up.
    84. jda
      08 Sep, 2011
      These are OEM for my Saab and AutoPartsWAY has the best price. I have never tried non-OEM spark plugs to know if using these expensive ones makes a difference.
    85. SilentPropulsion
      26 Aug, 2011
      I went against several "expert" opinion in terms of using NGK spark plug in a Chevy C-3500 Dually which had AC-Delco Platinum in its 7.4 liter big block. I was told it would have performance issues, miss fire etc. Well, I have none of that after having driven almost 1000 miles & my engine sounds more effortless across all rpm.I was able to get 440 miles out of a full tank of gas which took 33.5 gallons to fill-up; this translates to 13.13 mpg. Thats about 1.6 mpg better than I'm use to getting with the stock AC Delco plug. (I run 5w-20 Mobile-1 synthetic, that helps too)Word to the wise: Don't take the gap from factory for granted, gap them properly before installing them. My vehicle required 0.060" but these plugs came from factory way under that.I cross examined NGK, AC-Delco, Autolite plugs before settled on the NGK as it has the highest build quality, fit,finish & tolerances are also better. If you hold up an Autolite & AC-Delco plug next to...
    86. IvoP
      10 Jul, 2011
      BKR6EK is my favorite spark plug for BMW E30 316i and 318i with engine M40. It can be replaced by 4-electrode BKR6EQUP (my favorite to BMW E39 528i M52). This NGK type shows best ratio performance/cost.
    87. Paul Graham
      14 May, 2011
      These are the O.E. product line for many models although you also find NGK plugs, just depends on which state you bought your car in. In California the smog regulations are the strictest in the country, so run a good strong clean proper gap spark plug remember, to adjust tht timing and the spark plug gap, they don't come pre-gapped, that's a old wise tale!
    88. MahaRex
      20 Feb, 2011
      These are a great plug, that I got lots of miles on, even in what I would consider to be extreme conditions.I bought 6 of these to replace the plugs in my 2001 Audi S4.I had been running a AWE Tuning Stage III tune (K04 Turbos, green top injectors, upgraded MAF housing, and a stage III chip) At the time I had the car out in the desert of southern california, which is just about the worst environment you could imagine for a performance car. 91 octane at best, with 15% ethanol, 100+ degree temps, sand, and no moisture. With my stock intercolers, my intake temps at idle were frequently 65 degrees celsius.Anyways, the plugs persevered through all that, getting me 4 solid years of use before I replaced them, in Ohio, when cold starting resulting in rocky idle. Replacing them cured the rocky idle, but didn't clear up the rough motor when I would first pull away. As such, I've determined that my problem wasn't the plugs so much as the miles on the car...
    89. trd09
      27 Jan, 2011
      Upgraded the stock copper plugs in my V6 Tacoma. Smoother around town and quicker startup compared to copper plugs at 30k. Not sure how much improvement in the real world (eg, vs. new copper plugs) but the extended service interval that iridiums offer make it worth it for cost alone.
    90. Jaime
      18 Jan, 2011
      I'm not a professional mechanic or anything, but I recently installed these for the first time on my STi and about 3 1/2 hours later my engine was rumbling in excellent condition. No check engine light, no problems when idle or when driving in low or full throttle. Overall, I am satisfied with my work and the product. The shipping was quick (the product arrived in 2 days) and they arrived in great condition, no damage was done the spark plugs throughout the delivery.
    91. K. M. FULLER
      31 Jul, 2010
      Purchased two NGK (3481) DCPR6E spark plugs for a Nissan 9.8 HP outboard motor. One of the old plugs had fouled out and the motor had been running very roughly probably on just one cylinder part of the time. The items purchased were as received as described by AutoPartsWAY and the shipment was delivered in a reasonable amount of time. I installed the new plugs and the outboard motor is now running great and both cylinders are firing 100%.
    92. Edward Maurath
      03 Jul, 2010
      The new plugs increased my gas mileage.But you must check the gap not one was set to spec.
    93. C. Beauregard "charlesbt"
      23 May, 2010
      What can I say... These are the OEM plugs for a 2005 VW Golf GLS 2.0L gas engine. They work just fine.
    94. Scary Milli "Sully"
      26 Feb, 2010
      NGK (3741) PZFR5F Laser Platinum Spark Plug,Yes!! this is the correct spark plug for a 2.3L 2002 Mazda Millenia S , don't be fooled by the manual that tries to get you to put in a larger 11 mm gap plug, I did that first and it surged and ran terribly, this one is the proper 8mm. you can even click on AutoPartsWAYs " does this fit my vehicle" and yes it does, good job AutoPartsWAY
    95. M. Bresnahan
      20 Dec, 2009
      this is the stock plug for the MSP. even after 30,000 miles they are in great condition
    96. CT
      11 Nov, 2009
      These plugs worked perfectly in my 2004 Saab 9-5 Aero Wagon. As usual the price was great and they arrived faster than I expected.
    97. Zk "LF"
      12 Aug, 2009
      Had computer show misfiring on a few occasions before I decided to change the plugs. I found these on AutoPartsWAY, maybe not the best price, but still OK. These plugs are the original OEM plugs for stock 1.8T's. Many people use Copper plugs, I picked Platinums as they are known for longer life. Also, they supposedly come pre-gapped, but always check yourselves the correct gap for your model/year. Haven't had any problems since I swapped out the originals with these.
    98. IamSmith
      23 Apr, 2009
      Put them in a 06 Jeep Liberty and went for a 600 mile jaunt. Right away we noticed it ran much smoother.(30K on the odometer)Got close to 20 mpg running between 65 and 75 mph, loaded with stuff. Just to be fair, we are running full synthetic lubs in everything now. Very cool!