2009 Toyota Tacoma Exhaust Clamp Dynomax

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    • Available In Stainless And Aluminized Steel
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    • Proudly Manufactured In The USA
  • Walker(R), with our worldwide OE partnerships and manufacturing facilities, possesses the technical excellence needed to meet today's emissions control needs, while developing solutions for tomorrow's challenges. Walker(R) is a 'one-stop' convenience, offering complete engine-to-tailpipe coverage of replacement emissions control systems and components for popular domestic and import vehicles in broadmarket, performance, and commercial vehicle applications. Walker(R) delivers optimal OE-style fit, appearance, and dependability in aftermarket emissions control parts.
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2009 Toyota Tacoma
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Brand Dynomax
Part # D2235337
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  • Hardware-Clamp HD. 2 1/2in. U-Bolt
  • Size 2.5 in.; Heavy Duty; Steel 2 1/2 in. System
  • Hardware-Clamp
  • Walker U-Bolt Clamp
  • DynoMax, an innovator in performance cat-back exhaust systems and mufflers, is manufactured and marketed by Tenneco Inc. DynoMax is one of North America's leading suppliers of dyno-proven exhaust technologies for muscle cars, diesel and gas trucks and sport utility vehicles, and sport compact/European cars.

    DynoMax, an innovator in performance cat-back exhaust systems and mufflers, is manufactured and marketed by Tenneco Inc. DynoMax is one of North America's leading suppliers of dyno-proven exhaust technologies for muscle cars, diesel and gas trucks and sport utility vehicles, and sport compact/European cars.


    Most Popular Make/Model
    Ford F-150
    Nut Type
    Saddle Gauge
    WARNING CA Proposition 65
    Saddle Hole Type
    2.500 In.
    Hardware Material
    Product Grade
    Min Year Covered
    Max Year Covered
    Most Popular Year
    U Bolt Diameter
    0.375 In.
    Total Part VIO
    Diameter (in.)
    2.500 In.
    Clamp Type


    package quantity
    4.25 in
    3.75 in
    1.00 in
    1.52 lb
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    1. Furman O. Ashley "Taz-I812"
      22 Jun, 2014
      I have a Flow Master CAT Back exhaust on my 300C and the included exhaust tips had their own welded on clamps but due to the exhaust configuration, this made the tips stick out just a little bit farther than I wanted. So I cut them off along with about an inch of pipe on the tips and used these clamps. As always, these and the other 2" band clamps I've used are great because they clamp down very tight to secure the pipe / tips but do not crush the tips or pipe to make it almost impossible to later separate the pipes. These do slightly compress the pipes but I've already had to take them off and once the clamp is loosened, the pipes come apart with no issue. I highly recommend this product.
    2. John W
      06 Mar, 2014
      It's a great fit for a pipe that is split and expanded to slip over a 2.25" pipe. I put a lot of torque on it and it didn't snap. Plus, it's stainless.
    3. Andrew
      17 Apr, 2013
      These 3 pieces make replacing the stock muffler a quick and easy installation.All you need is a "sawzall" or reciprocating saw, floor jack (jack stand for safety) and a 9/16 wrench/ deep socket.Just jack the right rear and take off the wheel, support with jack stand.Cut the old muffler off close about 1/2 inch from the muffler.Slide off the old strap bracket, muffler and all.Install the new muffler over the just cut exhaust pipe.Loosely attack the clamp, and the new strap bracket.Align in place, tighten the clamp and then the strap bracket nut and bolt.Put the wheel back on.Car is nice and quiet now.That is it. It took me at most 15 min to do this!
    4. Joseph P. Smathers
      30 Mar, 2013
      It's a clamp! And it's meant for pipe diameters of nearly 2.75 inches! You can just google the part number of this and any other Dynomax/Walker Exhaust clamps to find out the specifications for any clamps like this (or pipes) where AutoPartsWAY doesn't have the specification.The clamp was tossed into a cardboard box with both bolts. That's great. What sucks is that there is a putty compound taped to the clamp, and after traveling about the word, the bolts have a tendency to hit, dig into and spread the material all over the inside of the box. Quite the mess! - but this is for dirty, industrial manbeast work after all, right? I think threading the bolts through the clamp prior to shipping would fix this, but it'd probably push the cost up, so I'm quite alright with it. Will you be?
    5. Bryan Cosby
      11 Mar, 2013
      Needed clamps to seal some connections on my exhaust I replaced on my truck. I used all stainless steel for longevity and these stainless clamps worked well because of the clamping force and the sturdy bolts that did not strip or break with the force of air tools. Best bonus is that they can be removed and they do not crimp the exhaust tubing like traditional exhaust clamps. Shipping was fast and packaging was adequate.
    6. Anthony S. Manfredini
      11 Jul, 2012
      Product was as described.Fit pipe like it was suppose to.good quality,only wish i would have ordered one more.had to buy one locally.
    7. tsquare47
      23 Jun, 2011
      I was installing a new metal tube gate and needed to connect it to my existing gate opener. I was looking for a way to bolt the opener directly to the gate without drilling through the gate tubing, which is how the original installation was made.The Dynomax stainless steel U-Bolt Clamp was just the answer. It has a clean look, won't rust, and looks like it belongs with my stainless steel opener and galvanized gate. It will last forever!Problem solved!!
    8. MM
      07 Jun, 2011
      When the muffler of my custom exhaust fell off (rotted off), I decided to get a pre-packaged catback and install it myself. Turns out the flange bolts after the cat converter were spot welded (probably done during the custom job). So I had to cut the existing pipe. I then cut the flange off the new cat back and used this clamp to join the two pipe sections. Worked like a charm! Very easy to install. No leaks. Perfect!
    9. Michael Aarons
      21 Feb, 2010
      I bought this along with the Walker muffler and strap (to hold muffler in place) for our 1993 Saturn SL. It was "recommended" by AutoPartsWAY with the other items. It's a perfectly good clamp and fit - what else can I say? If you're going to replace a muffler (or pipe) you need to replace the clamps. Unless you put them on a week ago they will be rusted and likely need to be cut off. Save yourself a trip to the local auto parts store and make sure you get the clamps along with the rest of your parts.
    10. GL650i
      19 Jan, 2010
      Keep in mind that these clamps are mainly for large diesel trucks, and are very large. I ordered 4 of the 2" dia. clamps for my motorcycle (for the 360deg. sealing) estimating from the picture that they would be about 1-1/2 to 2 inches long. They are a full 3 inches long! The bolts are 3/8" x 2-1/4" long! The tabs stick out almost 1-1/2 inches!Fortunately, I was able to cut them in half at work with a wire EDM. I would not attempt to cut them with anything else because you'd get a raggedy edgw along the cut. Now they work great, but I have to try and hide the bolts and tabs. They do not break after re-tightening like the t-bolt muffler clamps do. T-bolt clamps are a one-time use item because the exhaust heat weakens the bolt and it will snap off the next time you tighten it.
    11. MacFong
      26 Mar, 2009
      No doubt this will endure. But get the right size. That is key. otherwise, it is hard to put on and wont fit snuggly. This is 2.0 in diameter. If you need 2 1/4, get that. dont get this.