2006 Pontiac Vibe Catalytic Converter 4 Cyl 1.8L Magnaflow

This Part Fits the Following OEM/Substitute Numbers:
17410-0D150, 17410-0D151, 17410-0D300, 17410-0D301, 17410-0D340, 17410-0D341, 17410-22470, 17410-22500, 174100D150, 174100D151, 174100D300, 174100D301, 174100D340, 174100D341, 1741022470, 1741022500

Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Block CC Engine Drive Type CID
2006 Pontiac Vibe L 1794 4 Cyl 1.8L FWD -
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$1,695.86 USD
$2,035.03 USD
Brand Magnaflow
Part # M66551461
Condition New
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  • Direct-Fit Catalytic Converter
  • CARB Executive Order D-193-133 Engine Family Number 6NTXV01.8PEA ; Certification Level : LEV2 ULEV
  • Direct-Fit Catalytic Converter
  • Sound MagnaFlow wants you to have the best sound possible. With this in mind, they designed mufflers to have a free flowing, straight through design with a perforated stainless steel core, mesh wrap and acoustical fiber fill to deliver that smooth, deep tone. Their mufflers are packed tight with the acoustic material to ensure long life and no sound degradation.

    MagnaFlow got its start as a natural extension of Car Sound Exhaust systems. Their parent company specializes in superior catalytic converter technology and has spent the last 30 years earning its reputation as a market leader around the world. MagnaFlow is proud to continue this tradition through producing the best sounding, best performing and most durable exhaust components in the world. If you're looking for quality, power and sound, then you're looking for MagnaFlow.


    Inlet Attachment
    Main Piping Diameter
    Mounting Hardware Included
    Outlet Attachment
    Air Tube Adaptable
    Overall Length
    Converter Quantity
    California / Carb Compliant
    Substrate Material


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    package quantity
    36.50 in
    7.88 in
    7.50 in
    10.00 lb
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    1. Roberth C.
      03 May, 2015
      Highly recommended! Good price, easy installation, excellent durability! It 's been a 3 years since I bought it and It has no got any problem!
    2. neal hollister
      27 Apr, 2015
      perfect fit
    3. Majer357
      21 Apr, 2015
      helped increase power and fuel economy,fast shipping
    4. do_2
      09 Apr, 2015
      Perfect fit; mpg increased 17%.
    5. Joseph
      09 Apr, 2015
      Car is running excellent.....
    6. Ben "Harley Davidson - The best way to conver...
      22 Mar, 2015
      Perfect fit. Good buy
    7. James Scheuerman
      22 Mar, 2015
      A bit on the heavy side
    8. Jason G Montgomery
      20 Mar, 2015
      my 2002 grand am Feels slightly faster!
    9. Lance Newcomb
      20 Mar, 2015
      Can't beat the price!
    10. Teddy B. "TeddyB"
      17 Mar, 2015
      I purchased this 2+ years ago and was installed only recently after my mechanic indicated that my vehicle will not pass the safety and emissions tests as required before the renewal of sticker registration. It was installed and fit perfectly to my 2000 Honda Odyssey Minivan, mechanic reset the codes, drive in the highway for 50 miles and brought it to the emissions and safety test shop, and passed with flying colors, no issues. Good buy and should last for at least another couple of years.
    11. Mrs. E. N. Glaser
      04 Mar, 2015
      Item exactly as described and received in excellent condition.
    12. Jerry R. Raby "rabyjrm"
      02 Mar, 2015
      A little loud, but it works. It functions properly and fixed my check engine light.
    13. Johnny Payne
      26 Feb, 2015
      Good replacement cat, had mine stolen, both sides... Make sure you use the Denso O2 sensor if you have a Tundra.
    14. Mike
      20 Feb, 2015
      Does the job for much less than the factory item. Car runs great!
    15. Tammy Carter
      14 Feb, 2015
      Direct fit on our 2006 Hummer H3, with the 5 cylinder. Everything lined up perfectly. Improved throttle response and I suspect mileage as well, but have not had it installed long enough to know yet. came with everything I needed. Exhaust manifold gasket and the donut gasket. Install was pretty simple. Took around 3 hours total at a relaxed pace.
    16. Amanda Melbourne "AJM"
      11 Feb, 2015
      This Magnaflow Cat really did the trick - Easy to weld (quite thick) and when looking at the up & downstream oxygen sensors, this really smoothed out the signal as it should. No idea how long it will last - but it got our little Miata though inspection this year!
    17. Brian
      20 Jan, 2015
      I was told by the GM dealer that the exhaust manifold on my 2007 H3 was cracked so I figured I would upgrade to this header instead of replacing the stock cast manifold. It turned out that the manifold wasn't cracked but I had a couple of broken bolts. I installed this header anyway and I'm very happy that I did. It definitely increased my horsepower. I haven't checked my mpg yet so I don't know if that improved or not. This header was more expensive than other manufacturer's options but I'm pleased with the results.
    18. Kaila Brand
      03 Jan, 2015
      Husband bought this for his 2002 S10 Ext. Cab 4.3 liter V6. He said everything went together well other then he said he had to take the factory hangers on the crossmember off for clearance bc the mount pieces on the exhaust dont line up. Other than that he's said there's no problems with any check engine lights or leaks! Love it!
    19. Mark
      30 Nov, 2014
      Fit my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee as advertised.
    20. Finestkind
      25 Nov, 2014
      best price I found . name brand . I was very surprised to find recently how many products AutoPartsWAY carries and has the best deals on . And the PRIME thing gives free 2 day shipping for $100 a year plus other bennies . and no tax . And I can research on the net and find stuff that used to take me hours or days to find . Gotta love the net and AutoPartsWAY ! Its a new world brothers and sisters !!!!Thank you Jesus ,or the diety of your choice
    21. muqrin
      07 Nov, 2014
      This is perfect fit product and it's work as it described but I faced a problem which is the gasket that came with the kit is very bad quality after 23 days I replaced it with oem one because it's producing noise so my advice is to buy a oem gasket then install the catalytic converter (:
    22. Brent Parsons
      29 Oct, 2014
    23. Nick
      18 Oct, 2014
      Fit my MX6 perfectly! No problems at all installing, and car sounds great! Passed emissions after installing and a little horsepower gain as well!
    24. keith
      09 Oct, 2014
      Bought this for my 02 Jeep Wrangler SE and it made a way bigger difference than i thought it would, Not only did it increase my up hill speed by 8MPH but it was easy to change and install. It also changed the sound of my system and added to the banks exhaust that i install a year ago, and the price was awesome!!
    25. A. Collin "tony d"
      07 Oct, 2014
      aesome thx
    26. Paul Blakey
      05 Oct, 2014
      Install was not too bad. Part was a perfect OEM direct fit. Sounds great! Highly recommend this product if you are looking to upgrade.
    27. Nulter "Nulter"
      17 Sep, 2014
    28. alex
      15 Sep, 2014
      It fit directly as it should've. Shipping was quick and painless too bad putting it on wasn't so! Truck runs way better and I'm happy I spent the money.
    29. Mark Avakian
      14 Sep, 2014
      no nonsense, quick response, good price, reasonable price for shipping ( considering its a metal pipe thats 4 feet long, exactly what i ordered, easy checkout with AutoPartsWAY ... and the important part ? passed emissions ... yeah ...
    30. J. Sirmans
      29 Aug, 2014
      Toyota dealer quoted $1600 to replace the clogged converter, my cost was this plus $50 to the muffler shop for the install; at 400333 miles my 2005 xB runs like it should! I'll add an updated report after a few days on fuel mileage, but as of today I'm a happy driver. Update on fuel mileage: Seven thousand miles later and I'm averaging about 30 in town and up to 35~38 on highway, so I'm STILL a happy driver!
    31. KMoses
      27 Aug, 2014
      Easy to install. & works well
    32. Art
      16 Aug, 2014
      Product was almost a fit . Two issues. First was there are two tabs with holes that should fit into bolts around the center of the assembly. The OEM had a bracket that slid over the cat assembly, where this assembly is thicker so the bracket will not fit. Maganaflow gives you the two holes that replace the bracket and the holes should slid onto the two studs. Only problem is there is no way for them to line them up as they interfere with lining up and installing the two manifold ends at the angle needed onto the front rear manifold. I ended cutting off the tabs and use clamps to hold that section of the pipe.Also, the rear section of the pipe that go's into the oem down stream cat pipe was about 1/4" to long and interfered inside the down cat and would no allow the gasket to seat. I cut about 3/8 of an inch off the end of the pipe.I finished and drove the van for about 30 miles no signs of the cat light,
    33. Ursula Boatswain
      06 Aug, 2014
      Bought these for my 2006 dodge charger R/T they worked great 2 months in ,no complains since they got rid of that annoying check engine light and a slight increase in HP is not bad either
    34. Paul Kasman
      04 Aug, 2014
      This fit great on my 2003 ZX3. It is actually a bit thinner than the original, so the heat shield fits back over it much easier, and there is a little more room for airflow around it. The original had threaded studs. This one has to be nut and bolted on. It did not come with the nuts and bolts and that's why I knocked it down to four stars, but did come with the gaskets. I replaced it myself. Getting the old EGR tube off was the hardest part. Reconnecting the EGR wasn't so easy either. No more P0420 MIL. Hurray!
    35. Carl Dworschak
      20 Jun, 2014
      I had a shop install the direct fit exhaust with no issues. This is a quality product. I had six catalytic converters on my 97 mustang. The sound is great and the engine must be breathing better with two converters instead of six. I would recommend this Magnaflow product to any mustang owner.
    36. Midnight Toker
      08 Jun, 2014
      This is a direct fit and it's a high quality piece. For my 2003 Ram quad cab. Has both bungs for O2 sensors. At only about $40. more than the cheapest steel one I figured why not. The only thing worth mentioning is that you have to remove the passenger side torsion bar to install it without cutting it up. The torsion bar unloading tool will cost you around $140. for a quality one. I just made one that worked for me but I have a pretty complete shop. You'll also need 4- Chrylser part #'s 6034246 bolts, and 4- 55366000AA nuts.
    37. Bruce Sheldon
      31 May, 2014
      good price, fast shipping.. saved a few dollars due to item being sold and returned. It was a little difficult to install, had to pull the rear cross member, plus heat and bend the pipe a little
    38. Giftoflife
      21 Apr, 2014
      Installed on a 2004 Maxima, more power to go with the modified intake. With the ecm, takes around a week to fully realize the greater performance.
    39. Nate
      15 Mar, 2014
      This converter was a direct fit replacement for the third cat in my 2003 Jeep Wrangler. The picture looks backwards, the hanger bracket faces towards the double-bolt flange to the rear of the vehicle and the gasket between the three bolt flange to the upstream cats is an oblong shape, need to order Omix-Ada 17617.06 gasket also. This did not come with nuts but it does come with splined bolts pressed into the front flange, so make sure to buy new nuts from you local parts store. Final word on installation, my hanger bracket was not welded to the top of the cat, instead it rests on the transfer case support bracket which works fine as it still holds the weight of the exhaust but it would squeak from metal on metal contact so I put a small piece of rubber on the hanger and all is quiet now.
    40. Brett G. Vollmer
      27 Feb, 2014
      Replaced my old maniverter with this because the old one had some small cracks that were throwing an engine code at me. Definitely solved that problem - it's been 3-4 months with no codes. As an added bonus, the exhaust note seems to be a bit more pleasant. I gave it four stars because the old maniverter had a heat shield that sandwiched the pipes to protect the engine bay and firewall from excessive heat. I felt that the upper portion was necessary given the proximity to the firewall, so I had to modify the lower plate to get it to sandwich back on.
    41. JpsArt
      08 Dec, 2013
      I am impressed with how fast I received it! I signed up for 5-8 day standard shipping on Wednesday evening and got it Saturday late morning :) I do not know how well the product itself works yet as it's not installed. However, it came in new package with product info and looks new. Also, my mechanic told me to get it cause it's universal so he knows it will work and he said he couldn't find one for less anywhere else. He said he's going to start using AutoPartsWAY! I'll feel so much better when it's in and my car passes inspection!
    42. David M.
      22 Nov, 2013
      It fit exactly in a 1995 GMC Yukon. As expected it resolved emissions issues with the vehicle. Overall a great catalytic converter at a great price.
    43. Amos Lewis
      08 Sep, 2013
      Received product on time and they worked very well, Will use this product again and the price is right compared to Ford.
    44. Adama
      08 Sep, 2013
      This part is a good replacement part,makes you safe money and keep your car running for way less than those so call OEM
    45. Orrin Preston
      06 Sep, 2013
      Sound of exhaust is louder and improved... great deal for the money. Scrap your old ones and the price of the new high flows is cheap.
    46. Tom McCourt
      07 Jul, 2013
      This is one of the great value for the money products. I trust the Magnaflow brand, and they were 1/3 of price of factory replacement.
    47. ThisMackRightHere
      11 Jun, 2013
      You can shine a light down this thing and see the other side, it's so clear and so beautifully simple. Part is OEM spec and replaces the stock to a T. Fits great with a custom header too.
    48. John
      24 May, 2013
      It was easy to put on and passed inspection. Call tech support as it is a bit louder than the old one. Very helpful over the phone.
    49. online shopper mania
      18 May, 2013
      However, I returned it because the mechanic made an error and a new one was not required. However, it was such a bargain online, less than half of the cost if I bought it locally, that I actually did love it! The shipping was unbelievably fast. So, for the future, I will shop online for auto parts when possible.All in all, a very satisfactory experience.
    50. john Washington
      14 May, 2013
      I was a great purchase and after I had it place in my auto I could tell right away that I need it.
    51. GoodInfo
      12 May, 2013
      Great after market replacement catalytic converter, but the pipe diameter is 2.25" where the Magnaflow 99004HM are the proper 2" diameter to make an easy fit.These required some modification to the pipes to make them fit, but they are doable.The Rover runs smooth and quietly now after I replaced my old Walker after market catalytic converters which died due to engine oil blow by (oil was getting into the catalytic converters).
    52. Patrick Carr
      09 May, 2013
      Fit and works.Oxygen Sensor location further forward, but existing wire length ok.Was missing one doughnut gasket.Slipper joint allowed easy installation and alignment.
    53. jesse akers
      27 Apr, 2013
      I had the Magnaflow 94106 Universal Catalytic Converter/ along with my MAGNAFLOW XL 3 MUFFLER . WOW feels like a new truck /1992 ford expoloer- and better MPG
    54. Austin
      22 Apr, 2013
      This fit my 93 Toyota Pick up DLX V6 exhaust just fine. Sounds great with my flow master muffler too.
    55. Caleb
      22 Apr, 2013
      Put this on my 2003 GMC Sonoma ZRX. It is a 4.3 standard cab.It bolted up good. Nice stainless look.goes into a 2.5' high flow cat and 3' exit.Also its for a auto transmission.I matched it with a couple inches of inter. pipe and a 3' straight through magnaflow muffler.I installed it on my own. Just jacked the truck up and remove transmission support.
    56. Scott S.
      05 Apr, 2013
      The Magnaflow Catalytic Converter system (p/n 23936) is an excellent choice for GenII (03-06) Lincoln LS's (may also five similar year Ford Thunderbirds and Jaguar S-Type's) This is a very well built exhaust system and is also the choice of many LS owners and has been widely used and favorably reviewed. You can't go wrong with this item, if you can get it.Allow me to expand: The seller "Monster Cooling" claimed to have item in stock (I have a PDF printout to prove it), then cancelled the order after it was placed and my funds ha been tied up in the bank.Their state reason was "Magnaflow no longer carries this part#. I am cancelling this sale. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused." Funny how every other seller can still get them. How about a legitimate reason, better yet how about fulfilling your contractual obligation made by listing the item, allowing customers to place the order and then tying up said customers money with their banks...
    57. john brown
      31 Mar, 2013
      Perfect fit, was having problems passing emmissions due to an old catalytic converter. I replaced the old one with this one, in under an hour. Perfect fit!
    58. tward
      04 Feb, 2013
      Although this cat requires some fabrication and welding to fit in certain applications, like a 2002 Honda CRV, it works fine. Its been in for a month now and no check engine light. Comes with a pretty good warranty also.
    59. G. Hall "gregh"
      14 Jan, 2013
      2005 Chevrolet Cavalier - Fit like a glove. Even though I was dissapointed I couldn't install this myself and save the labor. Come to find out it didn't cost me but 65 to get it installed. They told me they might have to cut the bolts and put new. That was my problem also. I couldn't get the bolts/nuts loose. They did. Sounds great and runs great!
    60. Samer Massoud "Samer Massoud"
      14 Dec, 2012
      i have a couple for my truck disco 2004, as i got my old ones broken.when they are fixed in, i could not believe the difference in sound, power.this is great converters, now i shall go for the silencers from magnaflow
    61. Bruce J Noble
      15 Nov, 2012
      I had to do some modification to the bend in the pipe to make it fit perfectly, but, it was much better than the first one I tried from a competitor that would not work at all. the big plus is the manifold end flange that is not welded but able to fit to the exhaust. configuration.
    62. James t Dunigan
      31 Oct, 2012
      The product was the perfect length and seemingly had the right twist or bend to fit very well, but the collar was a bit too far from the flange at the exhaust manifold, so the nuts just made it on the lowest threads of the studs. I agree with the other guy about the sound---I didn't notice a difference in noise level. As an aside, I would recommend to anyone with only an intermediate level of auto mechanics, like myself, that they borrow a torch to heat the nuts at the manifold and use a 1/2 drive ratchet to remove them (15mm, 6 point socket used on my 02). The bolts and fasteners holding the opposite end can be cut or broken off---you'll need a gasket at this end, not up front.
    63. Leonard Reichard
      17 Oct, 2012
      I had the catalytic converter installed at a welding shop to clear an engine code; so far, so good. The item arrived quickly and seems to be doing the job.
    64. JULIO BARRIGA "Soldado de Dios"
      03 Oct, 2012
      I love this converter, the old one made so much noise. At first, I was hesitant to buy a universal converter because they basically fit a huge variety of cars. After installing it in my truck, I changed my mind. Performance increased notoriously and also the noise I hated on my truck went away. Definitely a good buy for me.
    65. Stephen Mischenko
      02 Oct, 2012
      This is another well-made product product from Magnaflow. We used these to replace the Cats on a '96 BMW. They seem to be working just fine. Magnaflow puts out quality products that are made in America, and my 1st choice for exhaust components.
    66. D-Juan
      24 Sep, 2012
      Product shipped fast and was just what I ordered. After the install was completed it sounds and performs as expected. Much better than stock and will probably out live my truck.
    67. Howard May
      22 Sep, 2012
      this purchase was an excellent buy, fast shipping,would recommend to anyone,the performance and sound is good.was an exact fit to
    68. The Penguin
      06 Sep, 2012
      I got this converter for our second car, which needed to be replaced before its next safety inspection, due to the original being damaged. My husband took some time & some basic hand tools & a few hours on a Saturday. Presto! No trip to the exhaust shop needed (sorry, Art's!). No cutting, welding, or bending... just some good old-fashioned elbow grease & WD-40!
    69. Jeep YJ
      03 Sep, 2012
      Perfect fit using direct fit Cat. I installed this catalytic converter with dynomax exhaust system for my 1994 Jeep YJ.
    70. Andrew
      24 Aug, 2012
      It comes in the box with all 3 gaskets and a warranty. Everything stainless steel. Fits perfectly ('99 4Runner Limited California system). Car fills lighter now, suppose fuel economy should improve as well. Good price.
    71. Tron Carter
      01 Jun, 2012
    72. JeffB
      24 May, 2012
      A magnificent Magnaflow product arrived safe and secure in 2 days using AutoPartsWAY Prime. I had this installed at the local shop saving me over $100 by purchasing the catalytic converter online. I like to buy local but when the parts are twice the price I say NO..!
    73. Paul
      19 May, 2012
      Perfect fit on my 2002 Jeep Wrangler 2.5L SE Just bolted right onto the front exhaust pipe and fits on my MBRP muffler. I did have to buy 3 each - (8mm washers, lock washer, and nuts) for the front of the Catalytic converter because it only came with the bolts. Thanks!
    74. JP
      09 May, 2012
      - Quick delivery- Looks great.- Flanges are a bit too wide, I was unable to clamp it air-tight to the tubing, no major problems but the exhaust isn't completely sealed.- Performance is great however.In general a good item, but not perfect.
    75. Boxer Nut
      01 May, 2012
      Fits in OEM location, but a lot smaller around. Grind off old bolts and use new ones. Sounds like the original. Recomme.nded
    76. CD "CD"
      17 Apr, 2012
      Much better than ones that cost twice as much from Nap# auto parts and rusted out pipes cracked after 3 years.
    77. mightymouse
      08 Apr, 2012
      easy bolt on app took less then 30 min thats with me taking the old one off which was alot harder. gives a great low sound andthat extra hp i needed
    78. Nibbley15
      29 Dec, 2011
      This fit my 1993 Jeep YJ perfectly, good flow. I recommend picking up the direct fit over the universal if you want to save some time chopping the pipe to the correct length.
    79. Michael
      23 Dec, 2011
      Not much more to say than that. Was failing for NOX so needed to swap the cat. Installed it myself, took the Jeep back in and drove off with winning numbers.... WOOHOO!
    80. Bacon Man
      06 Dec, 2011
      1Hr doing a little cutting, and some quick work with the MIG and saved 350$, passes OBD2 cat eff w/o any codes
    81. Matt
      13 Nov, 2011
      Received it the next day, Thanks Prime! Excellent product, fit was exact match for OEM location. Seems to be doing the job well, my truck passed emissions testing without issue. Sound and performance seem to match stock parts, overall a great buy.
    82. GEOgurl
      18 Sep, 2011
      I bought this for my 1992 1.0L 3 cylinder, Geo metro 4 door automatic, because my old cat became clogged, my car was loud and backfired a lot. It fits great with my new exhaust manifold,Dorman OE Solutions - Exhaust ManifoldPart # 674-200, although the manifold hardware kit came with the wrong gasket, but I bought a new fitting gasket for $5. So all and all I am very pleased with my quite car:)
    83. Eddie Mejias
      26 May, 2010
      The unit was exactly as advertised as a direct fit OEM. No adapters required, simple (Reciprocating saw) cut of rear cat exhaust pipe and it fits right in and just clamp it in place. Passed exhaust emission testing and everyone is happy............