2000 Jeep Cherokee Exhaust Muffler 6 Cyl 4.0L Dynomax

  • Features:
    • Exclusive Patented Flow Director Design Channels Exhaust Flow
    • Eliminates Turbulence
    • Large Internal Flow Tubes Improve Exhaust Flow
    • Large Internal Flow Tubes Reduce Backpressure
    • Fiberglass Matting Tech To Absorb Unwanted Interior Resonance
    • Maintains A Mellow Performance Tone
    • Dyno Proven To Flow Up To 700 SCFM/Support Up To 636 HP
    • Proudly Manufactured In The USA
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • DynoMax(R) Super Turbo(TM) performance mufflers exclusive patented flow director design channels exhaust flow and eliminates turbulence on most applications. The large internal flow tubes improve exhaust flow and reduce backpressure. Each muffler uses fiberglass matting technology to absorb unwanted interior resonance while maintaining a mellow performance tone. The 'Pure Unadulterated POWER' of DynoMax(R) Super Turbo(TM) mufflers are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty and exclusive 90-Day Performance & Sound Guarantee(TM).

Additional Fitment Information:
Vehicle Block CC Engine CID
2000 Jeep Cherokee L - 6 Cyl 4.0L 242
5 In Stock
Best Price:

$130.49 USD
$156.59 USD
Brand Dynomax
Part # D2217747
Condition New
Warehouse B


  • DynoMax Super Turbo Muffler
  • Universal; Oval; 4.25 in. x 9.75 in.; 2.25 in. ID; 20 in. Shell Length; 25.5 in. Overall Length
  • DynoMax Super Turbo Muffler
  • Super Turbo Muffler
  • DynoMax, an innovator in performance cat-back exhaust systems and mufflers, is manufactured and marketed by Tenneco Inc. DynoMax is one of North America's leading suppliers of dyno-proven exhaust technologies for muscle cars, diesel and gas trucks and sport utility vehicles, and sport compact/European cars.

    DynoMax, an innovator in performance cat-back exhaust systems and mufflers, is manufactured and marketed by Tenneco Inc. DynoMax is one of North America's leading suppliers of dyno-proven exhaust technologies for muscle cars, diesel and gas trucks and sport utility vehicles, and sport compact/European cars.


    Tip Quantity
    Muffler Overall Length
    25.500 In.
    Muffler Type
    Outlet Diameter Designation
    Inside Diameter
    Outlet Position
    WARNING CA Proposition 65
    Body Width
    9.750 In.
    Flow Director
    Outlet Configuration
    Body Height
    4.250 In.
    Muffler Body Length
    20.000 In.
    Outlet Quantity
    Max Year Covered
    Most Popular Year
    Muffler Body Height
    4.250 In.
    Muffler Body Finish
    Muffler Count
    Inlet Type
    Single Center
    Total Part VIO
    Body Length
    20.000 In.
    Inlet Connection Type
    Most Popular Make/Model
    Jeep Cherokee
    Muffler Outlet Diameter
    2.250 In.
    Automotive Item Grade
    High Performance Part
    Outlet Connection Type
    Muffler Body Width
    9.750 In.
    Overall Length
    25.500 In.
    Inlet Inside Diameter
    2.250 In.
    Muffler Inlet Diameter
    2.250 In.
    Outlet Outside Diameter
    2.250 In.
    Product Grade
    Min Year Covered
    Inlet Diameter Designation
    Inside Diameter
    Main Piping Diameter
    2.250 In.
    Inlet Quantity
    Muffler Body Material
    Muffler Body Shape
    Inlet Position
    Muffler Reversible
    Outlet Type
    Single Offset Outlet


    package quantity
    27.25 in
    11.00 in
    5.50 in
    14.44 lb
    Information on technical characteristics, the delivery set, the country of manufacture and the appearance of the goods is for reference only and is based on the latest information available at the time of publication.
    1. Leon S.
      04 May, 2015
      A bit on the louder side if you dont have a cat.
    2. Karen Proctor
      15 Mar, 2015
      Quieter and noticeably more power than old flowmaster
    3. TerryB
      25 Feb, 2015
      Sounds Great!!
    4. Scott H.
      23 Feb, 2015
      Performance mufflers... these sound awesome! Deep mellow rumble.. nice mellow tone while cruising.
    5. Robert C Sandlin
      11 Feb, 2015
      Clean look, sounds great. Removed the stock muffler on my 4dr Jeep Wrangler, and installed this inline in front of the Evap Canister. My only complaint is my own fault, As I rock climb my wrangler Dynomax makes a 4" diameter race version which would have been tucked up out of the way and above the frame rail. This exhaust is 6" in diameter and hangs down below the frame rail about 3/4". Not dynomax's fault. This muffler is quality built.
    6. John D Price
      30 Jan, 2015
      These fit very well and give my Ram 318 c.i. a nice rumble.
    7. B.
      28 Jan, 2015
      Finally, no more dreaded drone! These mufflers provide a low rumble and sounds throaty when you open up the throttle. If you're looking to set off car alarms in parking garages, this particular muffler may be too quiet for you.
    8. James M.
      17 Jan, 2015
      Good solid quality construction. The inner flow tube measures 3" on the 17226 muffler and necks reduce down to 2 1/4". These bad boys flow really well and I have seen some muffler charts on the internet showing flow rates of 101% of a straight pipe. The 3" inner core and large spiralled perforations allow these mufflers to flow better than a straight pipe. Excellent exhaust technology from the guys at Dynomax.
    9. dale cohen
      12 Jan, 2015
      If you are looking for a high performance muffler to increase horsepower, but do not want a really loud one. This is the one for you. I had previously had a Flowmaster muffler that was advertised to be quiet,, but it was really loud. The Dynomax super turbo is very quiet.
    10. Kopperhed
      04 Jan, 2015
      not obnoxiously loud straight-thru steelpack muffler. This particular muffler I bought was the largest size they make with offset inlet & outlet, I used it to replace a Flowmaster muffler in a Flowmaster system on my 2010 F250 with the 6.8 V10. The Flowmaster 50 series had an intolerable drone between 1400-2000 rpm no matter how light or heavy I was on the throttle, I don't think anyone could stand it and would not recommend a Flowmaster for any V10 application. The Dynomax has some drone, but it is in the livable range, at least 1/3 less annoying as the Flowmaster. The drone at low rpm's is louder in the cab than full throttle, I have no complaints at all on the sound volume outside the vehicle.
    11. Haris Shuja
      30 Dec, 2014
      Sounds great, fairly quiet but still has a tone, gets louder after 100 miles or so.
    12. Richard Wayne Pitts
      07 Dec, 2014
      These mufflers rock! I recently picked up a supercharged 93 Mustang with headers, high flowing cats and Pypes M80’s. The car is beautiful but driving was a terrible experience. The Pypes exhaust droned and resonated so bad that I had to wear earplugs while driving and it still gave me a headache. Anything between 1500 and 3500 RPM was an unbearable WAAAAAA that shook the entire car. After hours of online searching I found that the only way I could solve the drone problem was to have custom resonator tubes installed and that it may or may not work. My second option was to install the only muffler designed to stop drone, the Dynomax VT. I read nothing but good reviews. Apparently people would try just about anything to stop the horrible drone. Once they put on the Dynomax VT the drone stopped, they could talk in their car, and they could hear the radio some described it as miraculous.I purchased two and they installed easily with the use of exhaust...
    13. HobbesofReagan
      06 Dec, 2014
      Put this on my '94 Honda Del Sol to replace a straight pipe and it reduced the sound to a beautifully sexy purr
    14. Ramona M Rowbottom
      02 Dec, 2014
      Deep mellow sound
    15. Daniel A.
      01 Dec, 2014
      well I decided to wait to make this review. I installed this on a 2001 ford ranger 3.0 v6 and man it sounds mean. After month the glass pack kind of breaks in and changes sound a bit but it's been about 5 months now and it sounds great! Doesn't sound like a ranger anymore sounds like it's got something much bigger like an f150. And don't be deceived it sounds so much better from the outside than inside. Hearing it being driven by someone else it sounds like a v8. Best 18$ you'll ever spend. Probably the best value for the money too. Although I still don't know how long it will last, holding up pretty good
    16. Shelley H.
      21 Nov, 2014
      exactly what we expected. Great sound for the price
    17. John F. Westermann "ServerDoc"
      14 Nov, 2014
      It gave my car the nice exhaust tone that I wanted, but I DID pair it with a resonator up line so that my car doesn't sound like a rice burner. Do your research!
    18. clifflaughlin
      08 Nov, 2014
      Had been installed and cut out.
    19. Sarah
      09 Oct, 2014
      Shipping was fast from AutoPartsWAY as always and the muffler is perfect for a chevy colorado slightly louder then stock removed flowmaster 50 series and put this right in sounds so much better now couldn't be happier
      08 Oct, 2014
    21. MAM
      02 Oct, 2014
      Used this product to replace my 20 year muffler in my 94 Toyota Landcruiser. I wanted an inexpensive muffler with better flow than the original without being too loud. It flows a lot better than the original and has a nice sound, not much louder than stock.
    22. JDM Tuner "Gamer"
      25 Sep, 2014
      I bolted this sucker up to my 4A-FE Geo Prizm, and boy does it rumble! The only thing that I don't really like about it, was that the metal was too strong for the exhaust clamps, so I could not get the metal to squeeze down on the pipe. My resolution was to just use couplers with thinner metal to clamp down on. But complaining that the metal is "too strong" for the clamp is a pretty dumb complaint, really. I guess its considered a good problem!
    23. Delta Papa
      17 Sep, 2014
      I only have 400 miles on them but they sound good, not at all loud which may or may not be an attribute to some one. After I reach 30 mph I can no longer hear them inside the car. No noise inside to disrupt conversations.
    24. Jacob Tricomo
      09 Sep, 2014
      Sounds really good. Pretty loud. You can fore sure get something a lot louder
    25. llODIEll
      04 Sep, 2014
      This muffler is an interesting one, I purchased it for use on my VW golf GTI. I would NOT recommend using this on a naturally aspirated vehicle as the turbocharger REALLY helps the exhaust note not be incredibly high pitched and mosquito like. When I first put the muffler on, it was not very loud at all. That all changed after maybe 2 months of use, the packing material used in the muffler rotted/blew out and made the muffler much louder. Keep in mind that this is a very long glass pack and it will never be as loud as a short one.In my opinion, this is a good muffler for certain cars. It's also incredibly inexpensive, so if you've got a turbocharged 4 cyl car and want it to be slightly louder but have a deep (as deep as a 4 cyl can get) rumble, I definitely recommend this muffler.
    26. Nicholas Hickman
      03 Sep, 2014
      Perfect fit for an '89 Honda CRX DX. Don't need couplers. Just cut the pipe, slide this in and clamp it! Save the elbow pipe so it exits away from the car. Nice increase in loudness, but not obnoxious! Right where I want it!
    27. kenny
      02 Sep, 2014
      Great fit, Great price.
    28. Gary Bryan
      29 Aug, 2014
      Gave it to my brother-in-law and he installed it on his Tundra. Has a great sound!
    29. Jose colon
      16 Aug, 2014
      I mounted 2 of taht on my 1999 Mustang GT with BBK shorty headers and other thinks on it and the sound is really identical as the Flow Master. I feel too a better performance.
    30. Brett Kurth
      09 Aug, 2014
      wow awesome deal great shipping sounds awesome only thing bad was,It was not direct fit, just need a adaptor from stock to new exhaust about a $5.00 part but again 5 stars you will love it gos from pretty little sound at idle to super cool when you get on it turns more heads helped performance and fuel mpg with cold air intake added about 2 mpg increase don't forget you need clamps and hangers
    31. klh
      03 Aug, 2014
      perfect fit
    32. Chris Longhurst
      30 Jul, 2014
      This is nice and throaty on my 2003 4.0 wrangler. I thought it may be a bit too loud at first, but I have fallen in love with the rumble.
    33. C. Huth "family movies."
      17 Jul, 2014
      Well..first off it is made in U.S.A....fit perfect...I wanted a muffler with low restriction....no droning and it is indeed silent at 65-80 mph cruising and has that raspy///wake up the neighbors full throttle wail I wanted...Jeep 4.0 Cherokee....much better quality than expected...
    34. MDtz
      14 Jul, 2014
      Very impressed with the build quality. I used it a resonator aka premuffler. It has a straight through design, but dramatically reduced sound and resonance.
    35. terry holmes
      01 Jul, 2014
      It was great
    36. family
      08 Jun, 2014
      Bought this muffler to replace the original on my 79 Camaro. No problems with fit. But i was disappointed with the sound. Not much different than the original. Even with cat converter removed. I have had turbo mufflers before on other cars and it doesn't compare.
    37. Douglass Humphrey
      04 Jun, 2014
      installed into a 96 mustang 3.8 super coupe. No drone, loud when it needs to be, and gives a unique sound
    38. allenc
      03 Jun, 2014
      Put on Two on My 1998 Silverado, for cat back dual exhaust,to replace OEM single muffler. Sound good not loud, and straight though no restriction. Seems to help on mileage. Fast AutoPartsWAY Prime Shipping!
    39. Hayden
      01 Jun, 2014
      SAME AS A FLOW MASTER IF NOT BETTER, my friend owns an automotive shop, agrees the same, the only difference is it lasts not as long, 4/5 years minimum is good though
    40. Limitless Adventure
      26 May, 2014
      I have these installed on a true dual setup with a 350 in front of them and they sound great with little resonance when idling or on the freeway. (installed on a K5 blazer)
    41. Jesse
      26 May, 2014
      It gives my Xterra a nice deep sound. It's not loud like a catback exhaust system. It won't sound like a WRX with aftermarket exhaust system. But step on the gas and enjoy the exhaust note, it's like music to my ears. I find myself stepping on the gas harder and more often. Gas mileage sucks as always but at least I have a good reason flooring the gas pedal now. It's about 1/3 of the size of stock muffler and it's lighter. I had it weld to my stock exhaust pipe, but you can get clamps instead if you want.Update 6/6/14: It has been 2 weeks now. This could be in my head, but... I feel like my truck responds quicker to the throttle and added a bit more torque and/or horsepower to the engine. Keep in mind that I also have aftermarket parts such as aFe 54-10492 Stage 2 Intake, aftermarket Y-Pipe, and Intake Manifold Spacer (which was probably a waste of money and time by the way.) MPG went up by 1 BUT I wouldn't get too excited just yet. Gas stations are switching back to...
    42. kyle
      14 May, 2014
      I bought 2 of these and put them on my Lincoln Mark VIII. Awesome muffler. They are fairly quiet when ur cruising at in town speeds....put the gas down, and it turns into a head turner.
    43. AkaZero
      12 May, 2014
      Mounted to a 1993 full-size Chevy Blazer, 350 TBI small block, single 3" exhaust with highflow cat.Makes a nice burble at idle and sounds great when accelerating, but is plenty quiet for daily driving.Tire noise is louder than the exhaust at highway cruise, no droning.
    44. Holly's Dad "Rob"
      11 May, 2014
      I installed one of these on my MR2 Spyder. After getting a turbo installed, the mechanic put on a FlowMaster exhaust which was a little noisy, and the drone was unbearable. This muffler solved the problem. Now I can drive around and barely hear the engine, unless I step on it, and then it roars. I would highly recommend this muffler.
    45. Joshua Jacob Merritt
      26 Apr, 2014
      Was looking for a lower coast muffler so my cummins would pass inspection and this one fit the bill price was right length was correct so I'm overall happy with it changed the sound some not much thou
    46. Bruce Gamble
      20 Apr, 2014
      I have not one but two pairs of Dynomax V/T mufflers on my restored cars--a 1967 Mustang convertible and a 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC.Initially I was disappointed. Like the posters who complained about rattle, I noticed right away that there was a lot of annoying noise in the mufflers. However, the local shop personnel who installed my exhaust system quickly diagnosed the issue: neither one of my cars had an x-pipe or h-pipe to connect the individual exhausts coming off the headers.VOILA!!! The trick with the V/Ts is that back-pressure must be equalized. If there's no h-pipe or x-pipe, one of the muffler valves (or possible both) will rattle.I have had these mufflers installed for more than two years and covered tens of thousands of miles in both cars. They are still going strong, and I love the fact that there's no drone when you're cruising. Put your foot in it, though, and they growl like a bad-ass muscle car should!!
    47. Courtney
      14 Apr, 2014
      great price, came brand new in the box. full stainless steel. it even came with a dynomax performance sticker to boot.
    48. R. Cook
      11 Apr, 2014
      I put this on my 2.7l Tacoma and it rumbles just a little more over stock but is still very tame. When I want to hear loud pipes I just drive my Mustang but 4cyls aren't meant to be loud. This muffler is a perfect stock replacement at an awesome price that gives just a little bit of deep growl to it.
    49. sail110
      28 Mar, 2014
      I returned this because I thought it was a axle back system(45 bucks shipping to return). I did however buy the complete system which I like, but it is a little loud.The muffler is not centered which looks a little weird but works out okay with the hitch in the middle and some black high temp painted on the tail pipe not shown in picture. Basically you only see the two shiny ends sticking out; looks good this way.I am in the process of adding a vibrant resonator because it is too loud on my jeep jk 2007 3.8 at certain rpms. When I back off the gas around 2k it is very loud. It does have a nice idle with the dual exhaust. This is a straight through exhaust. Also not sure if there is enough back pressure for good mpg at all speeds.
    50. Kevin
      10 Mar, 2014
      I was a little cautious about getting a glass pack for my 92 k1500 because I didn't want it to sound ricey. I thought for how cheap it was why not give it a shot. It was fairly nice because on the box they have a free test trial online. It sounded nice online so I clamped it in place of my muffler. One thing I have to say is it's not anywhere near "loud". It's actually fairly quiet. But when you accelerate, It sounds like an old muscle/drag car. It's a low, toned rumble that I really like instead of the loud thwacking sounded just a regular straight piped truck has. The reason for only 4 stars on this one is because it's almost too quiet at idle. I didn't want it too loud, but I'd like it to be heard a little more coming down the street.
    51. John
      03 Mar, 2014
      Yup, this muffler successfully turned a super-quiet Chevy V-6 pickup engine into a growling, rumbling, fire-breathing monster that makes the teenage driver an irresistable target of desire among young Southern females. There IS something women like about a pickup man (or boy)!
    52. Mark Jansen EH3
      16 Feb, 2014
      I gave this a 5 star rating because of the quality of this muffler. It was a direct fit on my OEM piping with a sleeve to go along with it. It feels and looks very durable which is what i needed in a muffler. It is very quiet until you reach your higher rpm's specially when your VTEC kicks it sounds very nice. Overall if i had to switch another muffler, I would go with this one.
    53. Speed Freak
      30 Jan, 2014
      excellent muffler for a v8 application. She produces excellent low resonance inside the cab and a great low bass rumble. I have used in multiple applications. You cant go wrong!
    54. felipe miles
      30 Jan, 2014
      Gives a v6 a far better sound than a stock muffler. Low roar, deep sound, good price, fast shipping. I see wrong
    55. Kurt FrancisGustafson
      29 Jan, 2014
      I love this muffler, especially for the 27 dollars I spent on it. I purchased the 2in offset inlet/outlet.I have a 1996 Isuzu Rodeo with the 3.2L V6, and had some time ago cut the factory muffler out. Honestly, I'm not sure why. That being said, hearing that roar for close to 4 years now, it was starting to drive me a little batty. I literally searched for the cheapest possible muffler I could get, without doing cheap glasspacks, and this came up. I thought, it's got to be quieter than what I have now, and it can't possibly be any worse, let's try it out.I went to a local shop and had it installed for only 45 bucks, and immediately the difference was apparent, and wonderful. It's got a nice mellow tone, and when I romp on it, as I very seldom like to do these days, I hear the very distinct and very enjoyable sound I used to hear at full blast, only now it's slightly moderated. This does not do a lot to change the tone of the exhaust, which I rather...
    56. J taylor
      29 Jan, 2014
      My straight piping was a little loud on my 1996 Dodge 3500. Bought this after some research. Just wanted to tone the exhaust down a little. Arrived quickly and I installed right after the down pipe. Worked great. Really nice grumble and cut down on the drone In the cab. But it only gets 4 stars as I took away the whistle from the turbo out the tail pipe. I will be removing it soon, but I will keep it for when the straight pipe and drone become to much in the future. (Haha)
    57. C. Levdahl
      19 Jan, 2014
      Fits great and sounds great. Made of really sturdy and thick metal. It has a nice, mellow sound. Rumbles, but won't annoy you on the highway. Perfect for a street truck. I have it installed on a 2001 Ford F150 5.4L with an underbed downturn.
    58. Mike Celi
      22 Dec, 2013
      I put a set of these on my 1988 Lincoln Mark VII and they sounded great for approx. 12 years and over 100,000 miles! THEN, WALKER supplied 2 new mufflers, under warranty. I paid the labor to install. GREAT DEAL!!THIS PAIR OF # 17777 , I put on my 1979 Pontiac Trans AM, (Y84 Smokey and The Bandit) Special Edition.They are just the right sound for an ADULT driver who likeS a meaty sounding car, without being annoying!
    59. Frank Bonanno
      15 Dec, 2013
      Very practical in design allows for good bottom end torque down low where its needed without the traditional droan of a straight through muffler under normal driving, Then when you want to put the boot in midrange to top end its free , , thats when you need it . construction is very solid and sound is becoming more distinct now that its been in for a while . recommend to anyone who is after the best of both Torque and Power without compromising either in their respective rev ranges.
    60. J. Spruill
      15 Nov, 2013
      Although the item was NOT the part number I ordered, it was an acceptable substitute... The muffler is installed and working correctly at this time...
    61. Ralph Jones
      13 Nov, 2013
      Great product, installation was a little tricky, but it does look good. Great prices for a complete kit. Had to reuse and relocate existing hangers, but still a good deal and looks great.
    62. tundraJEM "tundrajem"
      31 Oct, 2013
      I installed this type on my Vette so I am installing the truck version on my Suburban now. These flow nice and have that perfect low tone rumble.
    63. Dmjr228
      31 Oct, 2013
      My truck has a V8, headers and a full 2.5" exhaust to the muffler and 2.5" duals coming straight out the back. This muffler replaced my previous one (I cannot remember the brand) when it rusted out. I was driving around with no muffler for about 2 weeks before screaming over the exhaust note became annoying.That being said, I purchased this in hopes that it would quiet my system down at cruising speeds, and it did compared to no muffler. There is a slight drone around 1800-2100 rpm, it just kind of reminds you its there on the highway (radio or windows down can easily tune it out). The muffler sounds great under heavy acceleration and at idle, but not perfect. The only reason I give it 4 stars and not 5 is because it has a little bit of a higher pitch to it. Don't get me wrong it sounds deep, mean and throaty, but not as deep as anticipated.Build quality seems pretty good, and there is a protective coating on it that I hope will last through these NY salted...
    64. Redbeardmike
      11 Oct, 2013
      Thrush Welded mufflers sound just like Flowmaster original 40 series. They both use the same chambered design to give a powerful deep tone and that classic sound. The Thrush is just as good in every aspect, but completely beats the FM on price. If you want a FM without the price, Thrush Welded should be the first thing on your list.
    65. Shawn Broe
      04 Oct, 2013
      I am a repeat buyer of Dynomax mufflers. These sound nice and aggressive and they just plain outlast the cheaper glass-pack style mufflers. Quality of construction is outstanding. I live in Vermont where road salt is a BIG problem for many aftermarket exhaust system components but it doesn't seem to bother these. Great product!
    66. DGriz
      03 Oct, 2013
      I replaced a Borla muffler with this one and, even though I was happy with the Borla, this one is so much better. The sounds is deeper (and a little louder). The performance during excelleration even feels better.My only complaint is that it started getting discolored almost immediately. After a couple of months, only about half of it is still silver. The other is a blackish purple color. Is this normal for this muffler? My Borla never did that after 2 years of use on the same Jeep in the same spot.NOTE: The picture displayed is not the correct model. The 17263 is round (about 4" diameter), not oval.
    67. Chris Ojeda
      24 Sep, 2013
      Great muffler! I purchased it to replace my stock muffler on my 07 cobalt! It is pretty loud but sounds nice and deep! I would recommended to those who want a pretty loud muffler but without that "ricey" sound!!
    68. HM
      13 Sep, 2013
      Dynomax 17732 Super Turbo Muffler- nice product - I have purchased numerous Major brand mufflers (Dynomax, Magnaflow, and Flowmaster) - and this Dynomax performs as well as the others- NOT as quiet as some might think - if you are looking for quiet, this may not be a good choice for you- strongly recommended
    69. dataSponge
      09 Sep, 2013
      This thing sounds excellent on my f150 with 5.4L. I just had the stock muffler cut out and this welded in place at a local muffler shop.I took a gamble (but the price makes it easy to) and I really did not know quite what to expect. I've heard glasspacks on other trucks that were just obnoxious. That's not what I wanted. I wanted a nice low rumble. I got that.It's a bit louder than stock, which is ok, but as of right now it's a comfortable level. In the cab it easily is drowned out by conversation or the radio.HP gain? I don't know. And honestly, I'm not sure that I didn't lose a slight bit of low-end torque..but it may just be that it 'feels' different due to the sound that I was accustomed to having been replaced by this nice rumble.I'm very happy with this.
    70. Cpl G
      28 Aug, 2013
      I like the low mellow tones and not too loud, just right. Does get a little loud when pulling a camper, but that it's bearable. Great deal and was about 1/2 the cost of a new one thanks to AutoPartsWAY.
    71. Steve
      25 Aug, 2013
      Thrush Mufflers give your vehicle a aggressive and powerful sound. They are thicker than standard mufflers and are 100% welded making them strong and last longer, I've been running Thrush Mufflers & Components on my cars and trucks for many, many years have have never been disappointed with their quality and sound yet!
    72. 3qtrtym
      19 Aug, 2013
      Great Sound but not over the top of being loud.installed on 300 cubic inch Ford with Eldebrock4 barrel (360) intake (Holley 390) carburetion and Headman headersLots of air going through these babies.Sounds great! mounted near headers then added tail pipes, all 2 inch diameter.
    73. Dan Sherweezy Palmer
      24 Jun, 2013
      oh MAN it just gets better and better the longer you have it. i thought it sounded awesome the day i got it but if you drive on it for 3-4 months and break this bitch in it sounds SO EFFING GOOD. awesome product, reDONKulous price, fast shipping, and super sexy hot rod red paint job
    74. Hanen "Reviewer"
      23 Jun, 2013
      I bought this off another site but still wanted to let people know my results/review. The muffler is huge, which wasn't a problem. The muffler went in my 1997 explorer v6 w/ the sohc engine. All though it feels like I lost a little too much backpressure (I went w/ 2.5" in/out) its better than stock. The muffler noice difference is noticeable compared to stock IMO. I noticed a small bit of drone while doing 65 mph on the freeway (~2500 rpm) w/ a FULL car, other wise nothing else. It adds a little deeper tone and sounds better during hard acceleration. Everything is good. Felt solid in hand and not cheap. Its one of the Greatest investments I've made on my car.
    75. REM
      08 Jun, 2013
      Excellent mellow tone. Impressed! It may be me but it does seem to improve the performance. ANYTHING to help this little engine.
    76. Frank Bush
      31 May, 2013
      Nice muffler, heavy weight, has a very good sound. I just wish they made header mufflers with two bolt flanges.
    77. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      30 May, 2013
      This is a great sounding muffler especially for the price, bought it for my husband's 08 silverado instead of paying the $100 for a flowmaster, since it sounds pretty much the same, definitely WORTH IT! it has a deep sound and we LOVE it and not disappointed at all. Would recommend if you are looking for the flowmaster sound and want to stay within a smaller budget.
    78. Justin M. Graves
      18 May, 2013
      I bought a pair of these mufflers to replace my overly loud Flowmaster's that droned like crazy. Now the drone is gone and my '81 'vette sounds EXACTLY the way I wanted it to: quiet but still a bit throaty.
    79. F. Elliott
      26 Mar, 2013
      They really knock down the drone and they sound great when you lay into them. They do rattle a little bit when first started, but that quickly goes away. Youtube is chock full of video clips, give them a listen. These mufflers are quieter in the Drone Zone than any of the Borla's, Superturbos, UltraFlows, or QuietFlows I've had on the car.
    80. D. Sheldon
      20 Mar, 2013
      The heft of this weghty and the construction is thick walled steel, not the rolled tin foil crap you see today.The only down side of this is the paint that will burn off shortly after installation. If your putting this on a car , it's no big deal (how often do you or anyone else look under your vehicle to admire it). High heat header paint will fix the uglies, I recommend the chromed version over the painted for motorcycles if pretty is your thing.I used this Thrush as a motorcycle muffler to create a free flowing exhaust and the rumble is quite noticable and loud at mid throttle. You have to do some rejetting of the carburator and modify the exhaust flow to prevent burning out your exhaust valves, but the power gain is very noticable at highway speeds.
    81. Eric D. Holbrook
      13 Mar, 2013
      I used this to replace the muffler on my 2007 F150 with a 4.2L v6 and for a 6 cylinder it sounds great. I just wanted something so I could hear the truck to shift and this did the trick. It is very comparable to flowmaster and for the price, you cant go wrong.
    82. DebS
      02 Mar, 2013
      I bought these Super Turbo mufflers to replace some Flowmaster 40s. These mufflers provide a nice mellow sound and don't have the drone of chambered mufflers. I'm really happy with these on my Mustang and will be installing them on my other car soon.
    83. Marcus Walker "mark"
      26 Feb, 2013
      Well i got 2 of these for a 1997 mustang gt. the picture for it is wrong. Go by the model number. Its is offset in and offset out. 2.25 in and 2.25 out. the sound great if you want a little more sound over stock on mustang. they do drone around 1800-2000 rpm lol i kinda like it.
    84. Alexander r gillies
      17 Feb, 2013
      The dynomax super turbo muffler is great! Pretty easy install ,the factory muffler didn't want to come off ,so a little heat and some wd-40 did the trick. I added my own stainless tips it looks and sounds great,it's not to loud but a noticeable difference in power ,best improvement so far.I would definitely recommend this product .
    85. joe z
      17 Feb, 2013
      i put this on a 2007 wrangler. i painted it flat black first. it is best if you have it installed by a pro. the clearance was very noticeable as well. the sound is low and mean. looks and sounds great
    86. paul
      09 Feb, 2013
      I put this on the back end of a custom exhaust system for a 3.4L camaro engine installed in an MGB with headers and a resonator. The car sounded tough without being harsh or overly loud. best sounding v6 I ever heard.
    87. Nickoli Sputnik
      25 Jan, 2013
      good replacement for flowmaster mufflers. went on farily easy. price was good and I would buy another one in the future when this one rusts and falls off.
    88. RCfanatic
      14 Jan, 2013
      I bought a Dynomax 17552 Ultra-Flo X Stainless Steel Muffler for my 2004 Lincoln ls and cut out the factory resonators and H-pipe and this muffler fit perfectly in the tunnel clearing heat shields and all. This muffler was a great choice for me so I did not have to purchase 2 mufflers and an x-pipe it was an all in one deal. Then I cut out the factory mufflers and put 12 in long by 3 1/2 in Cut Angle Polished SS tip and welded them in where the mufflers were. The system sounds amazing and much lighter than what was on there stock. Total investment including paying a muffler shop to weld everything up was right under $200. There is no drone when cruising and its not annoyingly loud either. I get lots of complements on how the exhaust sounds and lots of "I have never heard a Lincoln sound like that before"...
    89. Love My GSD "SAYWHEN"
      05 Jan, 2013
      Needed to replace the OEM muffler on our V8 Grand Cherokee---after some online research I decided on this Dynomax Super Turbo---It was a direct fit and I used the OEM tailpipe as it was still in great shape. I love the sound ---the tone is just SLIGHTLY different then stock. Frankly with windows up at highway speeds you'd never know it wasn't stock. It does have a GREAT/DEEPER TONE UNDER HARD ACCELERATION.I've used Borla, Flowmasters. Corsa and Magnaflow on other vehicles and they were plenty LOUD. If you want to be heard/noticed when you're coming this Dynomax is not for you. But as someone else said if you want to listen to the radio while cruising this one's a great choice !!
    90. Hans
      30 Dec, 2012
      I replaced 2 FlowMaster Super 44 mufflers on my 2003 Silverado 1500 HD about a month and a half ago. The FlowMasters rusted out completely over only 3.5 years, what a disappointment. I instantly noticed a huge increase in low and mid range power over the FlowMasters. As far as the sound goes, it is a lot quieter at an idle but pretty comparable under load and I get less drone in the cab at highway speeds too. The sound has definitely deepened as the muffler has broken in. I have high hopes for this muffler's longevity given its stainless steel construction and lifetime warranty.
    91. Tuan
      10 Dec, 2012
      Ok, if your are a true jeep owner, you never are finished with the add-ons (Just Empty Every Pocket). This is one item that I truely suggest for 2011 models and any other models it may fit. The price is outstanding. The install was about 30mins. The sound...... very rhythmic and smooth with a dash of you hear me coming (so move). The performance seems like you are in another vehicle. I have put an air intake about two months ago and why I did not just both at the same time is now beyond me. If you done one, do the other asap! Again, the price is very affordable. I do have to let you know..... if you have a soft top (like me) the interior sound will be very loud. Lastly, AutoPartsWAY is amazing! I paid for the one day shipping and it seemed as though I got it less than a day. I have said it before and I say it again, AutoPartsWAY needs a retail store! *lllllll*
    92. John Michael Tessaro
      28 Nov, 2012
      I put this on my 2009 Jeep JKU and it sounds good. No Drone and I think my Airraid CAI is actually louder than this. Happy with my purchase.
    93. prok21
      26 Nov, 2012
      Was put on and works perfect, sounds good on my 89 ford f-150 straight 6 300 engine. not too loud, but not quite either, low deep mumble
    94. Pope John Paul "Pope John Paul"
      24 Nov, 2012
      Nice and smooth and quit. I'm glad that I purchased the muffler here. The price was right on. Great deal.
    95. JJ
      17 Nov, 2012
      I just installed this muffler to replace a stock one on a 02 s10 4.3L. Its a little bit louder than stock but has a more aggresive tone that sounds good. If your looking for a mild tone muffler, this is it. Good price too..
    96. AKShawn
      11 Nov, 2012
      Like most of my AutoPartsWAY orders; I recieved this order ahead of time and in good shape. My truck does have a better sound now. Sounds good and not too loud from idle to about 2500 RPM. When you step on it; It sounds REALLY good! Not sure that I am getting more performace as I have only had it installed for about a week now. Seat of the pants...maybe some. I do hope I get some MPG benefit by vertue of less restriction and a new K&N air filter. That has not been the case in town according to the trucks computer. Probably because I have had my foot in it more just to hear that Hemi go! Overall, I am happy with it.
    97. B. Noe
      19 Oct, 2012
      This muffler made my V-6 1985 Camaro sound great. The muffler lasted 12 years and 4 months before rusting through where the intermediate pipe connects to the muffler.
    98. Lee Nelson
      02 Oct, 2012
      My son's 1999 Ford Taurus sounded like junk when we purchased the vehicle. I have dealt with the muffler guy that we purchased this muffler from for 10 years and this is what he recommended. The Superturbo sounds great. I always doubt the performance numbers that the companies claim, but if nothing else the sound is GREAT!!. My boy is happy and it really does sound great.
    99. Eric E
      12 Sep, 2012
      Replaced an old flowmaster with this one. Exact dimensions as the flowmaster so easy install for me. Sound is milder but still sporty what is enjoyable is the rumble and vibration is gone at idle. The flowmaster was just unbearable felt like you were sitting in a washer on the spin cycle.
    100. Savannah AL
      19 Aug, 2012
      I have owned several FlowMaster mufflers over the last 15 to 20 years. To some people the sound of the muffler is more important than the actual performance. I'll address both performance and sound. This Dynomax 17222 was a direct replacement for my 3.7 Liter 2008 Colorado. Upon installation I noticed reduced back pressure and slightly better performance, but with no increase in MPG's. The real difference is the sound of the Dynomax to a FlowMaster. When you floor the gas a Flowmaster will give you a loud vacuum cleaner sound. But with the Dynomax I hear a low grumble at low throttle and it stays that way when you floor the gas, this nice consistent low rumble. I like it on my truck. The price was great. AutoPartsWAY shipped promptly. All good!
    101. Kindred Spirit
      12 Aug, 2012
      This muffler came right away and was exactly what I wanted. It fit well and sounds great. Much cheaper than flowmaster of dynomax but made just as well and performed perfectly.
    102. Logan
      15 Jul, 2012
      I bought this muffler for my 2000 Silverado 1500 4.3 short-wide after being very tired of having it straight piped for so long. I have it ran in the factory muffler location and then dumped right behind the rear axle. I wanted it dead quiet, and I got probably as close as I can. It's definitely quieter than stock (guys who have my truck know that it has a decent exhaust note from the factory), but flows much better and still slightly audible. I'm very, very happy with it, and those who are looking for a quieter muffler with great flow need look no further than here.
    103. funinazsun123
      11 Jul, 2012
      Price was right, im not crazy about the sound, a straight pipe would sound pretty much the same, I wish I spent a little more money and got a magnaflow like my son didWe both have a ford ranger v6 and his sounds much better, but mine Is still faster
    104. James
      24 Jun, 2012
      I had a set of these on my car for about 10 years. One of them went out on me and this was a direct replacement. Not a lot to say about a muffler. It muffles.
    105. Rick East Branch ny "Rick"
      12 Jun, 2012
      It was time to replace my factory muffler on my 2004 Ram 1500 quad cab 4x4 I shopped around alittle and chose this muffler for two reasons one it is stainless steel and single to dual exhaust which i was doin anyway this was an easy install just one thing this muffler is about 6in shorter then the stock wasnt an issue on my install but when you start it MAN thats what a Hemi is suppose to sound like i have a 173k miles on my truck this muffler has not only given me the tone and added performance it has also increased my mpg noticeably and dollar for dollar i dont think youll find a better replacement!
    106. Rc
      02 Jun, 2012
      Ok I only bought this muffler after countless nights and days of being on YouTube and acurazine reading and listening to different clips Aaalllll day and night wanting on the stage 3 exhaust like many folks I wanted something that was louder than stock without altering and paying alot of money with the advantage of keeping my tl classy BRO, let me tell you this it!!You see alot of folks comparing it to the G35 and I can say it does have a similar tone my wife has a 08 g35 and between 2-3 Rpms it does have that burpy gargle to it NOT a continuous roar of the g35, maybe cause it a 3.5L engine but the sound is definitely there alot of times I find myself enjoying the sound with the radio on low or the windows down just to hear that orgasmatic soundI'm sure it will sound better will and cold air intake so thats my next stepAll together I'm happy with the mod my local muffler shop charged my $60 to put it all together so it's a very cheap mod that I'm satisfied with
    107. AutoPartsWAY Customer "JPF"
      15 Mar, 2012
      Not as quiet as I had hoped, but good fit and finish. I've used Dynomax before and still recommend them.
    108. ramfn8 "Gregory V. Weinert"
      02 Mar, 2012
      I had this model # muffler installed at a local muffler shop and am very pleased with it..It made my Chevy S10 4.3 V6 5speed sound like it has a small performance V8 in it AND improved the gas mileage a little...LOVIN' IT!!
    109. Dblok
      12 Feb, 2012
      Purchased this muffler because I needed one (old muffler rusted out). Great price but, also needed stainless steel. Installed muffler myself (bolt on) took about two hours to get everything lined up. Once installed I started the engine and WOW, this thing growls like a beast. The only thing I didn't take into account is, the Dynomax is about 6"-7" shorter than the factory muffler that was on my truck (05' Dodge Ram 1500). All and all I am completely satisfied.
    110. Nicholas L Kelly
      18 Dec, 2011
      I bought this exhaust for my wifes 2006 dodge ram. It fit great and the sound is incredible. It's a quality partThe stainless steel body will probably outlast the truck. I would even say I gained a few horsepower. All in all this is a great product and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from this seller again.
    111. gio
      20 Nov, 2011
      Great buy, good product. The best muffler you can get for a compact car, great air flow and more power than stock all while saving gas.
    112. A Customer
      07 Sep, 2011
      I have a 92 chevy silverado 350, with headers and 2.5' pipe with catalytic converter, and i had a flowmaster super44and it was ok, but i installed this dynomax bullet and it flows way better than the 3 chambered, this is straight through. For sound they both sound exactly the same on my truck, no louder on the outside and same tone, except there is NO DRONE with this dynomax bullet, and there was a ton with the flowmaster supper 44. So overall im very happy with it!
    113. Rick
      22 Jun, 2011
      Great price good muffler. Was looking for a replacement for a rotted out 98 Pontiac Grand AM that still had a good pipe. fit perfectly over the pipe, just added an 18 inch extension to bring it past the bumper. Shipping was fast.Rick
    114. Chris
      10 Jun, 2011
      This is a great exhaust. really quiet inside the cabin and doesnt drone as much as the Flowmaster I had. Sounds really mean outside the truck.
    115. Bulldawg109
      23 Mar, 2011
      I ordered this muffler on a weekend with the super saver free shipping and received it on Tuesday, it took 2 business days. soo glad i didnt waste the money for expedited shipping. It is installed on a 5.0 304 with about a 4 foot tailpipe and a .45 degree turn down, (on an old jeep) This muffler has a much deeper tone than a flowmaster. (yes, i have owned both) The tone is the smoothest, cleanest sounding tone i have heard by far. Theres none of that throat gurgling water sound or popping and crackling, its smooth and deep and its not too loud. My neighbors hated me for a while, i had straight pipe at first, this muffler has it at the perfect pitch,tone and decibel.
    116. Craig Ripplinger P.E.
      21 Feb, 2011
      The 17749 as tested has very low, almost zero, back pressure. Two 17749's are perfect for 7 or 7.5 liter V8 engines. In addition, the 17749 provides a nice sound, just enough engine exhaust note yet quiet enough for high speed cruising while listening to classical music. Well manufactured and great price. The design is almost impossible to improve upon.
    117. Eric
      01 Nov, 2010
      This muffler is hardly noticable is the noise department, but does sound a little better at wide open throttle and may give me 1-3HP. Nothing much, but much lighter and better than stock.
    118. B. Chan
      19 Feb, 2010
      Installed this on an 05 3g TL and it makes the exhaust note similar to a g35's growl. The growl only happens in the 2.5k and upwards range but during normal city driving or at low rpms, there is no sound. Installation was about $50 at a local exhaust shop.
    119. I. Duimovic "Civic Man"
      28 Nov, 2009
      I just replace my muffler with this Dynomax 17686 and the sound it is beautiful, It has a deep mellow tone and in high RPM sound racing with the traditional honda engine sound. It has a perfect air flow for your racing application, with out compromising the comfort and performance.I have header, 2" exhaust pipe with out resonator and the super turbo performs really good. The looks is like stock oval muffler but with the different that it has a 3" chrome tail pipe that make it looks better. Personally I polish the entire muffler to give it a mirror finish.I recommend this muffler to everyone who want to replace the stock muffler or a loud, ugly or damage aftermarket pipe. For the price and sound quality it is better than $200 to $400 aftermarket muffler.
    120. Gustavo R. Aragon "Gussie2000"
      26 Oct, 2009
      This is one of the best mufflers you can add to your car.The dynomax,depending on your car's provides you with the soft,quiet & flowing exhaust you can ever have without much $$$$$ to be spent.I belongs to an autoclub where almost EVERY single member carries this muffler under their SUV's.If you are looking for a quiet yet with a little rumble/growwling sound without been calling every one's attention (specially cops) and still having the high performance flow this is the muffler you got to have.On my truck ( ISUZU VehiCROSS 3.5L V6 ) i got running two (2) of those mufflers & once installed you can feel the improvement rightaway,before i had two noisy growling (flowmaster) mufflers,though wasn't bad for a SUV such as the VehiCROSS which is the most rally/sport looking SUV on the planet,but didn't like the rumbling under my backside.I love the sound (very alike to the infiniti F-50)it's very quiet & still can feel the discrete...
    121. Go-Go Gadget
      12 Sep, 2009
      Dynomax does it again...kept looking for a resonable muffler to give performance and quiet power..Found it!!!
    122. A. Perl "Racatui"
      22 May, 2009
      Installed on Suzuki SX4. Nice deep throaty sound. Increased power. Gas mileage increased from an average of 26 MPG to 28 MPG.A couple of years ago I installed one on my 2006 Ford F-150 V6. Similar results. Nice beefy sound and improved gas mileage.This is the quickest, most economic way to buy more power. Next step is to replace the air intake with a cold air intake unit for additional gas milage and power.Highly recommended.P.S. Does not void your car warranty.
    123. Raul Lima
      07 May, 2009
      the product was delivered fast!! Great item!! and made my 1994 integra sound super DEEEEP. Great product!!!
    124. Dave
      11 Apr, 2009
      I love these mufflers. They sound great on my big block Ford engine. It gives it a mild performance tone at idle and a nice tone when revved up. If you are wanting a performance muffler that doesn't sound brash, outflows a Flowmaster and affordable, then I would recommend these for your vehicle.
    125. F. Hernandez "Just another customer"
      20 Jan, 2009
      The Good:I purchased this muffler from AutoPartsWAY.com (great price and free shipping) for my 2004 Sonata. Local muffler shop scared me as the old men told me this muffler wouldn't fit becuase the position of the in /out tips. My car suppose to use a mid in and off set out.My fix consisted on driving 15 miles to another shop, the guys did a great job removing the OEM muffler and installing this one, no problems at all, direct fit with just the need of a small additional pipe to connect to the rest of the exhaust pipe.The Muffler sounds great, very sporty and even better when the car revs up (i.e. joining a high speed street or freeway). I haven't noticed any improvement on Gas maybe little on HP but my commute changed drastically to just city, so I can't go fast and Gas milege comparision wouldn't be fair.The OK: **** LOUDER ****When iddle the Muffler can barely be heard, but be aware that if your car (like my Sonata) is...
    126. Yohei Yamada
      24 Apr, 2007
      i purchased this muffler 4 years ago... it just rusted out. i guess for performance aspect it is great, it sounds deep and low and i love it.. however for a long drive on the high way the deep sounds gets very annoying, this must depend of the car u drive, i have a 90 AWD eclipse modded to have 300hp or so. if i did it again, i would have bought the super turbo because it is MUCH quieter.. its a 3 chamber design on the downside. For a daily driver, i would reconsider this muffler.