2004 Ford E-150 Club Wagon Oxygen Sensor - Downstream Denso

  • DENSO Oxygen Sensors are manufactured and tested to the strictest OE standards for unparalleled peformance; Each component is precision built for exact replacement, and a first time fit; This innovative line features DENSO's exclusive aluminum oxide trap layer, designed to protect the ceramic element from silicone and lead posining for improved engine performance, greater fuel efficiency, and unparalleled longevity; DENSO gives you the right part and the right fit, the first time.
This Part Fits the Following OEM/Substitute Numbers:
15717, 1F2118860, 1F8118860, 213-1317, 213-1408, 213-1459, 22016, 22045, 22500, 250-24001, 350-34414, 6L7Z9F472BA, 75-1649, 75-3974, 75-3998, DY1060, DY1063, DY1093, DY684, DY686, DY709, DY732, DY734, DY744, DY749, DY764, DY800, DY806, DY831, ES10841, ES20014, F1UZ9F472B, F39Z9F472AFFV, F4UZ9F472B, F75Z9G444BA, F78Z9F472BA, F85Z9G444BA, F85Z9G444F, F88Z9F472BA, OS123, OS163, OS170, OS176, SG107, SG1802, SG1803, SG1804, ZZMF18861, ZZMJ18861, ZZMK18861, ZZMN18861, ZZP118861

Additional Fitment Information:
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2004 Ford E-150 Club Wagon Downstream
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$54.24 USD
$65.09 USD
Brand Denso
Part # D45234-4127
Condition New
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  • Oxygen Sensor 4 Wire, Direct Fit, Heated, Wire Length: 18.82
  • O.E. Quality Replacement Sensor
  • OE Style
  • DENSO has taken everything they have learned as an Original Equipment manufacturer and use it to their superior aftermarket product lines of auto parts. Every part that leaves their factories has been designed with precision, manufactured to OE standards and subjected to rigorous safety and performance tests. DENSO factories are QS9000 and ISO9000 certified worldwide, just one of the many reasons why zero defects for parts produced in the millions is a reality for DENSO. The OE-standard quality and reliability of DENSO aftermarket components add up to a tremendous value.
    Quality, Reliability and Value.


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    Information on technical characteristics, the delivery set, the country of manufacture and the appearance of the goods is for reference only and is based on the latest information available at the time of publication.
    1. sammywham
      04 May, 2015
      works as described
    2. clerk5
      26 Apr, 2015
      a perfect fit again. pass the required smog check test and much cheaper than the other car stores....
    3. carl stanley
      25 Apr, 2015
    4. GLENDA Sinkey
      25 Apr, 2015
      5 star, fit my 2002 dodge ram 1500 4 door SLT with 4.7L v8used on bank one sensor 2 after small cat.my pu has 3 of thesegot 2 off ebay last year, had to swap plugs wire housing as they were wrong patteren,2nd one did not function, stuck at 1volt this one swapped right in.no more code & passed smog no problemthx
    5. K@Petr "logic"
      14 Apr, 2015
      Installed on my Montero 2000 3.5L with no issues. I needed to buy a special key for that.I like that it comes with a lubricator. Also the connector was 100% fit.The installation process took me a little bit more that an hour, the difficult part was to remove the old one and to drag the cable form bottom of the car to engine compartment. Once it is installed I passed the smog check in CA and my Check engine light disspeared :).
    6. Loren
      11 Apr, 2015
      Nice product at a great price. Comes with copper antisieze and instructions.
    7. Reynold Neverson
      10 Apr, 2015
      Delivered on time just like AutoPartsWAY and fit like a dream no modifications needed check engine light is now off
    8. Earl King Jr.
      28 Mar, 2015
      Direct fit for my 2001 Suzuki esteem glx. Found it on AutoPartsWAY cheaper than on RockAuto
    9. Chris L.
      28 Mar, 2015
      Denso is the OEM for most electrical components for that era of Toyotas. My 1996 Camry 4cyl. has 123k miles and the original sensors were still working, but I decided to replace them since I replaced my catalytic converter and I wanted a fresh start.Anyway, this is the same part that Toyota used when they built this car, so it fit perfectly. It's a very high-quality item, as there is an extra shield around the probe that most oxygen sensor brands don't have.To remove/install, you will need:1. Penetrating lubricant ("PB Blaster")2. 12MM Combo wrench/DEEP socket, or small adjustable wrench.3. Rags, cleaner, wire brush.4. New nuts (M10x1.25), lock and flat washers (M10)The old nuts are usually rusted on pretty good, so penetrating oil helps immensely. After removing old sensor and gasket, clean gasket surface and studs with cleaner and wire brush. A new gasket is included with the sensor. If you can find anti-seize...
    10. Ken
      14 Mar, 2015
      Works great. Bought it for a car which I use daily.No problems for almost three years of use.
      11 Mar, 2015
      Denso and NTK are the only brands of O2 sensors I will use. I have tried the ones available at the auto parts stores and have received defective units that I had to replace immediately. With Denso this has never happened to me. Spend the couple extra dollars and wait the couple extra days to get quality and do the job once.
    12. Paul Tinsley
      09 Mar, 2015
      They work
    13. A. P. "Alan"
      07 Mar, 2015
      It was a perfect fit to the electrical harness, allowing oem plug-in. Depending on location, they can be very challenging to get to.
    14. DS
      05 Mar, 2015
      Great fit for Jeep Grand Cherokee '04.
    15. Flower Lover
      27 Feb, 2015
      Perfect fit for oxygen sensor replacement at a price that is far less then dealer supplied units. It has correct length wire and connector and functions perfectly. This is the unit to buy as even OE manufactures have Denso build o2 sensors for them!
    16. armando rivas
      25 Feb, 2015
    17. dimsittedmoose51
      24 Feb, 2015
      Never had a problem with any Denso product I've ever purchased. This was no exception. Buy the best and only cry once!!
    18. Christopher Grosjean
      23 Feb, 2015
      OEM replacement, always good for tuneups, works great!
    19. jerintexas
      22 Feb, 2015
      Had no problem changing the wire harness end. It has been running fine. What is there to complain about...
    20. Elizabeth
      11 Feb, 2015
    21. clayton
      08 Feb, 2015
      Ordered 2. They seem to be working well.
    22. Mrneg9
      05 Feb, 2015
      Only the best here. $40.00 for both sensors. $140.00 from Autozone. Nice to get a deal like this every once in a while. Thank you.
    23. Dave
      25 Jan, 2015
      Bought 2 . One For front and one for rear.Excellent product.Super price over parts store.
    24. Quinton
      22 Jan, 2015
      fits pefect exact like original on my 2002 jeep liberty KJ 3.7 V6
    25. Alex CK
      16 Jan, 2015
      I have no problems replacing the oxygen sensors, it a simple procedure, which only requires a couple of ramps to lift the car (also could be done with a jack and stands); they were fairly accessible, so the removal was not an issue.The plug-in connectors were a little bit difficult to unplug, one of them was being held with a plastic pin in the side of the transmission, and it as a tight hand squeeze to remove it.I made sure that I attached the cables, and connections in the same place. They are secured, those cables run very close to the exhaust pipes.If you need to use plastic tie wraps, make sure to use thick ones, I already had issues were the very thin tie wraps become loose with the heatIf you have a high mileage on your truck or SUV, and one of the oxygen sensors fail, I recommend changing them all, it just going to be a matter of time before you need to change the others.The Denso sensor came with the right plug-in...
    26. Charles Rigsbee
      16 Jan, 2015
      Got rid of my check engine light for a while, but in truth my problem was at least three issues, a failed oxygen sensor, an exhaust leak, a failed mass air flow sensor, and a failed injector. The oxygen sensor works very well and was easy to install.
      07 Jan, 2015
      I have had other O2 sensors that just didn't last. Denso always works and is OEM supplier. Denso is all I use now.
    28. RC flier
      28 Dec, 2014
      Great part. I did my research, and for my Lexus (Toyota), everyone said to use this Denso part. Good pricing. Do a youtube or other search on how to change this part. Seems easy, but the connector goes up into the car. my connector was under the driver's seat. Never would have looked there! With some effort, I was able to use the connector, and not cut wires. take the time and do it right. side note, I saw info that changing this sensor MIGHT get rid of the Bad Catalytic converter code my car was throwing.. and it did, for two days. Luckily I was able to pass the emissions test, then the C.E.L. came back on. so fast forward to December (from August), I finally changed the Cat (direct fit Walker 16130), and my C.E.L. finally went off. this sensor is still working!
    29. greg chapman
      11 Dec, 2014
      The Oxygen sensor arrived in the time frame quoted. I was shipped in good packaging and protected the part very well. I experienced a problem with the pressure washer that was not installed properly on the threads and was very difficult to install properly. Eventually, I had to remove the pressure washer and then experienced extreme difficulty installing the washer over the threads correctly. After 40 minutes with files and a dremel tool with grind stone, I was able to install the sensor on the manifold. It installed very easily, once the pressure washer was correctly fitted. I have not experienced a problem with the sensor once installed 10 days ago - no service engine codes.
    30. wiedemannsr
      09 Dec, 2014
      Just installed this a couple days ago, fit perfectly and appears to be working just fine... One thing to note and that is that this is only the secondary 02 Sensor that is located on the bottom of the catalytic converter, I thought they looked the same in the manual and it didn't differentiate between them, but after looking it up I found the correct one for the primary downstream to go along with it...If you're looking for the primary downstream sensor it is the NGK/NTK 24300http://www.AutoPartsWAY.com/gp/product/B001PNAOQ6/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_5
    31. Osama Ben Daw
      29 Nov, 2014
      I have 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L with 240k km It is fit 100% and work perfect
    32. Osama Ben Daw
      29 Nov, 2014
      I have 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L with 240k km It is fit 100% and work perfect
    33. The Grump
      25 Nov, 2014
      Worked perfectly, and was a direct fit and plug in my Previa Van. Very easy to install too.
    34. MitsuKev
      24 Nov, 2014
      Plugged into factory harness and functioned correctly.
    35. TriumphBill
      17 Nov, 2014
      very happy with my purchase.
    36. giorgi
      04 Nov, 2014
      Great deal. perfect fit for my 2004 jeep liberty sport 4x4
    37. Ralph
      01 Nov, 2014
      This with a little splicing worked great. Fit was good. Code was cleared and not come back on.
    38. Marcus Smith
      01 Nov, 2014
      The right part as factory.
    39. Jonathan Rivera
      31 Oct, 2014
      fits perfectly
    40. Peaches
      24 Oct, 2014
      looked like original equipment. erased codesensor kept code from returning works great on 2004 dodge grand caravan WOULD BUY AGAIN
    41. Andy T.
      19 Oct, 2014
    42. KAI
      06 Oct, 2014
      Works and fits perfectly like OEM.
    43. Luis A. Reinoso
      08 Sep, 2014
      Everything is excellent
    44. CSI GROUP "JJ"
      20 Aug, 2014
      They do the job as if it would be the OEM ones. I even think these guys make the OEM ones!!!
    45. Doug A.
      26 Jul, 2014
      Perfect fit for my 2003 Subaru Outback.
    46. Me.............. "Me......................"
      11 Jul, 2014
      Better than the OEM unit and at a better price as well
    47. Jean Manzi "Sweet Wally"
      05 Jul, 2014
      Only use Denso for Toyotas. Anything else with not communicate with the ECU as the ohms are different. Identical match for Avalon
    48. frank ricci
      04 Jun, 2014
      Unfortunately the car was stolen before I got to install this or the other three oxygen sensors I bought. Price was good though
    49. Bustedknuckle
      31 May, 2014
      Perfect stock replacement part. Length of wire, connecter and mounting flange exactly like the factory item. Of course it works just fine.
    50. Florina Nisioiu
      06 May, 2014
      Perfect fitment.Easy to install in Celica.7/8 wrench needed.The socket does not fit properly.Good quality Denso.v
      05 May, 2014
      great price!! well made! motor runs nice! made better than stock sensor really improves all around preformance people should change O2 sensors when u change spark plugs
    52. Trick
      30 Apr, 2014
      My '98 A6 with its original O2 sensors at 135,000 just wasn't working anymore. Replacing the upstream and downstream sensors got rid of the dreaded CEL and now I will not do anything to this car until the next issue comes up.
    53. Addicted2AutoPartsWAY
      15 Apr, 2014
      I had a check engine light come on at about 100k miles, ran the code and it came back with an emissions code -- off the top of my head I think it was catalytic efficiency. I figured I would try replacing the sensors before I shelled out the bigger bucks for the catalytic converter. Well, it worked. 2 years later and the check engine light hasn't returned!Note: I replaced the front and rear sensor. It was a piece of cake no my truck. only took 30 minutes or so.
    54. ventingisok
      11 Apr, 2014
      Material quality is good as well as the construction of the working tip. Denso also includes a pack of anti seize, rather than already applied on the threads. Fresh and clean anti seize. It is working and helped with passing state inspection. I used Denso to replace a brand new Bosch that was defective.
    55. abdulrahman jaafir
      26 Mar, 2014
      It works flawlessly on my 2006 Pontiac GTO. It is much cheaper than the ones sold by dealership as well.
    56. Justin Chaput
      20 Mar, 2014
      Saved over $200 purchasing this from AutoPartsWAY.Installed quick and easy. Used the Torque android app + adapter to reset check engine light. Run diagnostic. Car runs perfectly.This was used in a 2000 Honda Civic. Mechanic quoted me close to $300.
    57. Steve
      11 Mar, 2014
      What else do you need? Scanner showed a lazy response out of one of the four sensors on my Jeep, this fixed the problem.
    58. mart
      07 Mar, 2014
      My code reader said the O2 sensor was bad. The Denso sensor came with butt connectors and heat shrink wrap to connect the wiring. Also, it came with anti-seize compound for the threads. Getting the old sensor off took 30 minutes because it was rusty. The new one installed in 15 minutes total. No check engine light anymore!
    59. Sang
      05 Mar, 2014
      Got this for my 98 Toyota 4Runner Limited 4x4 Auto. California resident. Doesn't look identical to the Factory Toyota O2 sensor. The factory sensor has the same girth from the base of the sniffer all the way through to the end, where as THIS Denso O2 sensor (234-4162) starts out thick at the base but then tapers off to a skinnier sniffer. Not sure why that is, because they're made by the same company.BUT, I was able to bring my emissions down by A LOT!! A few hundred on NOX.Brought be down to 100's on 15 and 25 mph vs. the 500's I was at.NOTE* This is the O2 before the CAT. It controls the Air/Fuel Ratio.
    60. Frances P.
      26 Feb, 2014
      This was a plug and play and took care of my check engine light going on six months no problem denso is my choice
    61. M-beans
      12 Feb, 2014
      Installed in my 94 Mazda RX7. Car passed CA Smog.nothing much else really to say. its a car part.
    62. SBCinClayton
      08 Feb, 2014
      Bought a set of 4 of these to go into my Yukon. These were the exact fit parts. They include OEM connectors and the retaining pin to hold the connector in place under the vehicle. I highly recommend these for your GM car or truck.
    63. Rizwan Ahmad
      05 Feb, 2014
      There was a lot of hesitation while going uphill moreover the plugs had to be cleaned on a regular basis because of the carbon from the unburnt fuel. After installing the product the ride amazing.
    64. Mark A. Fisher
      31 Jan, 2014
      One of the best oxygen sensors out and half the price of the auto parts stores.Easy to install,can't beat that!
    65. Jman72
      21 Jan, 2014
      Exact same one that was OEM on my 2003 8.1 liter left side! Comes with everything you need to splice it to your OEM plug.
    66. KB "KB"
      17 Jan, 2014
      I installed 2 of these. No issues and they're still working well. You can't seem to beat these for the price.
    67. griffen williams
      11 Jan, 2014
      these sensors are oem manufactuer items, amzaon fulfills the order very well and UPS is very professional. I definately would recommend buyingthese parts through amazaon vice through a local chain, (Auto Zone, Pep Boys, Etc.) You will save money and the product is exactly the oem spec.
    68. Breemania
      16 Dec, 2013
      I installed this then reset the MiL light on my 1997 Pathfinder, I had to drive the truck 316 miles before I was able to get an inspection but finally did! Thanks to this sensor the truck finally passed and that light is gone. Hopefully it will Never be back!Denso 02 sensors are the way to go.
    69. Stephen A. Hughes "Steveo"
      08 Dec, 2013
      Works as it should, No problems same as OEM at 1/2 the cost. Save some money and replace your sensor after 60,000 . east to do.
    70. Bloose
      05 Dec, 2013
      Installed two of these into the exhaust of my Jeep. I was having a problem with rough idle when the jeep was left idling for long periods, MIL for cylinder misfires, MIL for O2 high and low voltage. Now that I installed these into my exhaust I no longer have the MIL coming on and it no longer begins to idle rough when left idling for long periods.My Jeep is a 1998 Cherokee that originally had the 4.0L in it. I replaced the 4.0L with a 5.2L from a 1997 Dodge Dakota. When I replaced the motor I kept the O2 sensors from the 4.0L. These sensors had 150,000 miles on them and likely were getting bad closer to 120K miles. I wish I would have replaced them when I did the engine swap.
    71. Chris Sautter
      02 Dec, 2013
      I noticed my gas mileage on my Mitsubishi Evo 9 had went from a normal 22-23 mpg to about 19 with no heavy driving, just going to and from work (about 50 freeway miles round trip). My low fuel light came on early and it caught me off guard. Since my check engine light is always on due to a faulty EGR solenoid, I have to check my codes every so often. Turned out I had a P0031 pop with a P0134 HO2S heater control curcuit low. This was caused by heater element failure within the sensor. I checked the wires and connectors to make sure it wasn't chafed or exposed, and decided the sensor was bad. First search I did on Google brought up AutoPartsWAY with a great price just below $40. It was the same part number listed by forum members on Evolutionm.net. I went ahead and ordered it and it arrived quickly. Out with old, in with the new and everything works perfect. Now if only I could find a suitable EGR solenoid...Thanks AutoPartsWAY, you guys rock.
    72. C. Russell "Auto Tech"
      27 Nov, 2013
      I've used a lot of Denso products and generally find their products to be very good. A lot of vehicles use Denso oxygen sensors from the factory and these replacement sensors are a great choice over a dealer part, and they are usually less expensive.
    73. M C
      25 Nov, 2013
      Way better than the OE pricing. Installed in no time and has worked without any issue since. I'm glad I bought this instead of buying a new OE one, or a used OE one (for about the same price).
    74. Janicqua Walker
      19 Nov, 2013
      This fit great in my 06 Suzuki Forenza and I loved the price compared to AutoZone and OReillys. Hope this helps.
    75. M. Phelps
      07 Nov, 2013
      2005 Dodge Durango has a factory sensor that went out(stopped switching and stuck rich). I replaced that one with a Bosch 13937 purchased from Auto Zone. The truck ran terrible and the sensor was reading full rich and the PCM pulled all the fuel from that bank causing a severe lean misfire. Much time was wasted on diagnostic with the disbelief a new sensor was bad right out of the box.After everything else was ruled out this Denso sensor was purchased/installed. Truck runs perfectly again. Skip the Bosch, buy this one!
    76. jose garcia
      04 Nov, 2013
      fix the check engine light it made my truck run better more MPG helped making my truck pass smoge check
    77. Hyun_1
      17 Oct, 2013
      The shipping was fast. Installed it 3 months ago, and no problems. I would highly recommend Denso O2 sensors. I will buy Denso sensors in the future
    78. Rob
      13 Oct, 2013
      OEM direct replacement for the "front" of the engine, pre-cat O2 sensor.It would be read as the "Bank 1 O2Sensor 1" from the OBDII scanner.
    79. Joe W. Burkhamer
      02 Oct, 2013
      I wanted to use the same brand of sensor that came in my 2002 Jeep so I bought this one and works perfect. I got over eleven years out the original one that why I wanted this brand and it hes a great price too.
    80. Steve Buckley
      02 Oct, 2013
      I purchased this Denso oxygen sensor to rid my 2003 Mazda MPV dashboard of a bothersome check engine light. Bank 1 Sensor 2 P0037. After an outrageous $425 dollar estimate from a dealer I decided to tackle this simple yet difficult repair myself with the help of a friend with ramps, an OBD2 code scanner, and full set of oily automotive wrenches. If you attempt this repair yourself prepare to wedge both your arms past exhaust and heat shields and deep into the back of the motor. The trick is to identify the correct wiring harness and disconnect it with the aid of a short length standard screwdriver. You'll have to do this in tight quarters with your arms wedged inside the engine while holding the screwdriver. A friend will come in handy to hold a flashlight. The Denso oxygen sensor fit perfectly and looked nearly identical to the original part.
    81. ken
      15 Sep, 2013
      IT WORKS. oem replacement, exactly what I needed and the car runs perfect stoichemetrically and is gas savings also.Former mechanic: recommend this downstream sensor anyday of the week and twice on Sundays.
    82. jing713
      10 Sep, 2013
      Came with 3 cables (heated) when I only needed two.Manually soldered / connected the 2 and worked fine, fuel consumption seems to be reasonable
    83. JBA "jaxn99"
      08 Sep, 2013
      Denso 234-4061 is the downstream sensor for my Avalon. It installed on the exhaust pipe just beneath the passenger seat and resolved my check engine light issue. The electrical connection is inside under the passenger seat and this part has the exact electrical end that fits the toyota. Some cheaper ones require you to cut and splice wires. The seat removes with 4 bolts. Just tip it back to get it out of the way. Then you have to remove the floor carpet in the passenger area. The only "tricky" part to that is removing the plastic finish panel on the passenger-door hinge side of the compartment. There is a threaded fastener that holds that panel on. Unscrew it and remove the panel. Then the carpet can be removed enough for easy access to the electrical connector.I sprayed the old sensor 2X a day for 3 days with PB blaster to help it break loose. You cannot get an 02 socket over this sensor (at least not in my application). You need a large open end wrench. I dont...
    84. HerbieK
      05 Sep, 2013
      After replacing the upstream Bank 1 sensor on my 2003 Lexus RX300 the check engine light reappeared. Previously I had my mechanic replace the plugs and test the coils. He was adamant that replacing the upstream sensor Denso 234-9009 would solve the problem. The only drawback, he wanted $300 to do it. I bought the sensor myself and the installation was easy (see Youtube for detailed instructions. Still I had the check engine light...grrrrr!Had the car checked with another mechanic and he said it showed the downstream sensor was bad, so back to AutoPartsWAY I went. The weird thing about replacing this sensor is that the plug is inside the vehicle, under the drivers seat. I thought this would be a major project, but found that removing the four bolts holding the seat was a snap. Then I just laid the seat back on the back seat and it didn't even require me to remove the seat's wiring harness. The clip on the sensor is a bit snug to remove but if you pull the carpet up a little it...
    85. snarf
      03 Sep, 2013
      I purchased this for $15 less than Advance Auto sells it for. I think the Bosch was $30 less than Advance sells it. Anyway, it was for my 95 Honda Accord EX sedan (4-cyl). My check engine light had been on for about 2 years because of the old one going bad, and I'm just lazy. I had to replace the rest of the exhaust, so I figured since I was going to be under the car anyway I might as well get it taken care of. The old one was a little rusted in place, but once it broke loose it came right out. The new one screwed right in and clipped into the connector. This comes with a little tube of anti-seize to put on the threads as well as a crush washer under the threads. As soon as I had it installed, my check engine light went out and the car has been performing better.
    86. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      15 Aug, 2013
      This was a great buy getting an OEM quality part for a good price.You can buy with confidence with this part.
    87. Vladimir Berkusenko
      28 Jul, 2013
      Thank you for providing a great product that works and at a great price that is affordable to everyone. Keep up the good work!!
    88. ian
      06 Jul, 2013
      Excellent fit for my 2005 spyder. Will buy again if needed. Recommend this to anyone who needs it. O2 sensors spoil fast, stock up if needed.
    89. Truth Be Told
      28 Jun, 2013
      This is the Upstream (before the catalytic converter) O2 sensor for the 98 ford ranger 2.5. This is the OE Style version, Denso also sells a universal O2 sensor for the 98 2.5 part# 234-4212. This is a well built, top quality sensor. It has worked great without any issues, no check engine lights, misfiring, poor performance, etc. The $30.90 price on AutoPartsWAY is great. My local Autozone sells this exact sensor for $49.99 plus tax.
    90. Nancie
      18 Jun, 2013
      Worked perfectly, especially since 2001's seem to reject just about every thing that is not an OEM part. Fixed the issue without costing and arm and a leg. It even came with anti sieze compound. Took less than an hour to install which also saved about $200 of shop time. The brain accepted this part which it hasn't on most other parts that were not OEM. Very very happy with Denso!
    91. JR
      12 Jun, 2013
      I took my car to an import shop that INSISTS on using only OEM parts. Problem is Acura Oxygen sensors can run $600-$800 from even online sources (he quoted $850). I did some research and Denso is an OEM manufacturer on many OEM parts for different auto makers. My shop orginally balked at using them but after he did an online search he conceded that Denso might be the OEM manufacturer of these anyway. For less than the price of one OEM Acura oxygen sensors I got 3 delivered to my house and the shop didn't have any problems with them.
    92. anthony allen
      07 Jun, 2013
      My sensors were on the fritz and throwing codes so I picked these babies up and no more problems. My gas mileage went up about 1 mile/gallon with fresh sensors in.
      30 May, 2013
      a+work great no problems at all. have used many other and this works just fine. good product for the mo
    94. motor head
      20 May, 2013
      Item arrived nicely packaged. Denso makes quality sensors, unit fit with no problems at all, electrical connector was same as OEM, so no wire cutting and splicing.
    95. ToddWisconsin
      14 May, 2013
      Well..its hard to brag about An oxygen sensor..but the Denso sensor got rid of my check engine light on my Buick regal..my gas mileage is now the best its ever been since i replaced it...highly recommend it!
    96. Ken Kanhai
      11 May, 2013
      This Denso Oxygen sensor was reasonably priced and was the correct replacement sensor for my car. Denso has a good reputation and I was glad AutoPartsWAY was able to offer it.
    97. motor head
      13 Apr, 2013
      first of all these sensors are OEM, they are built with quality materials. only issue is that when you go to replace them you have better have the right tool to do so. with age they dont want to come out easily.
    98. Chad
      17 Mar, 2013
      Great product. Just what I needed for my situation. I wasn't sure what was happening with my 94 GSR, but I was having a strange bogdown (almost like a misfire). No CEL codes were being thrown to me, and I had already changed your typical spark plugs/wires/dist cap/rotor/fuel filter to no avail. I had this gut feeling about the o2 and so I ordered one to go ahead and give it a try since it could be a potential $46 fix.. Couple hours of yanking out the old o2 sensor, new one in and my car drives like a dream!
    99. Geoff
      25 Feb, 2013
      You cannot beat Denso O2 sensors - they work well and they keep working far longer than most; as such I would always endorse them.
    100. T. Matthew Workman
      18 Feb, 2013
      Fixed my upstream sensor. Jeep would hesitate and buck while the fuel system was in closed loop mode. Then work fine in open loop. No O2 sensor codes, but this replacement took care of my problems.
    101. Jon Wells
      15 Feb, 2013
      Perfect, quality part for best price I could find. exactly as ordered, directions a bit sparse but how much do you need to unplug and unscrew old part, and screw in new and connect.
    102. JMAG "greenearthdream"
      01 Feb, 2013
      Had a recurring CEL (code was P0420) on an 02 Outback for the catalytic converter, even after replacement. I knew it was probably the downstream O2 sensor but I still kept getting CELs after I replaced it, twice. After a little work I discovered that someone had reverse wired the car-side plug at some point, but I couldn't find the splices even after backtracking the wires through the engine compartment. Using this universal sensor I was able to cut the plug off the bad sensor and then match the wires properly, without rendering a return impossible by modifying an off-the-shelf oem version. Worked like a charm...no more CELs for 150+ miles.
    103. Tom Sawin
      22 Jan, 2013
      2008 Highlander.Just installed so far works like o.e. Exact replacement with all attaching points & correct length of electrical connector. Hope it lasts more than 81K
    104. Biao Han "Biao Han"
      15 Jan, 2013
      Great stuff and it works a lot better than the Bosch one. Direct fit and doesn't need me to cut the wire.
    105. Matthew Topelius
      22 Dec, 2012
      Worked on my 350z after I accidentally stripped an 02 sensor removing it from a cat. Installed this in my new ART pipes, cleared my CEL and it hasn't come back, gas mileage is up significantly, I have to assume it's working haha.
    106. AutoPartsWAY User
      01 Dec, 2012
      Bought 2 of these for an 04 CTS-V. They do have a little bit longer harness than factory, so it may fit better with headers. Fit perfectly, plugged right in the factory harness. Smaller than a Bosch replacement, which makes them easier to install. Sensor is the same size as OEM. Denso makes many of the AC Delco boxed replacements.No issues whatsoever. Each sensor comes with a small pouch of ant-seize lubricant, so you can get the sensors out next time. One pouch was plenty enough for 2 sensors. So I have some extra now, which is a plus. Just don't put too anti-seize much on, as you don't want to contaminate the sensor itself.
    107. JohnW
      11 Nov, 2012
      OEM fit. No splicing. Fixed my emissions problem. No more check engine light.98 maxima, 233,000 miles and syyill going strong.
    108. UKCatFan
      19 Oct, 2012
      Received the item via regular shipping in 3 business days and in excellent conditon. My Tacoma has 4wd and standard 5 speed transmission. The Denso oxgen sensor was a perfect fit. My pocket scanner had been showing an engine malfunction code of P0125. Initially, for several months, the engine malfuction light would come on, my scanner would show this code, and I would erase the code with the scanner which caused the light to go out. The engine light would not come on again until 50-100 miles later. Recently, the light started coming on after the engine temperature gauge warmed up to normal operating temp. I think the sensor was telling me that it was completely shot. Some website posts were suggesting a bad thermostat for causing the problem. But, the new 234-4162 Denso oxygen sensor immediately fixed the malfunction. My truck, as domost, has two oxygen sensors (one in front of catalytic converter and the other behind it). I replaced the front (upstream) sensor which is...
    109. Mark "Mark"
      11 Oct, 2012
      I saved a lot of money by looking for the exact part that I need for my truck. It fit and works great.
    110. The Fix It Guy
      24 Sep, 2012
      Product arrived promptly without any problems. Perfect fit, good quality wiring and connector. Engine light on cleared up. Will buy product again if need to.
    111. Dudesnake "All around nerd"
      31 Aug, 2012
      Fit and function are as expected. The wires were significantly longer than the original sensor. For me this was a plus as it worked with my longtube headers without extending any wires.
    112. C. Russell "Auto Tech"
      10 Aug, 2012
      I do a lot of repairs on Japanese vehicles and using a Denso oxygen sensor on these cars is a must. I will normally use a factory original or a Denso sensor for these cars because the fit and function of both products are the same. Denso sensors are also used from the factory on many cars, so using them in place of the factory boxed part can same some money. Denso sensor can sometimes cost 1/2 the price of OEM parts although it's not always the case, so compare prices of Denso and original before you make your purchase.
    113. James A Forten
      14 Jul, 2012
      This oxygen sensor is an OE replacement for my 1999 Toyota 4 runner. It was shipped to me in Canada very quickly and in great condition. Very easy to install. Wire is a bit longer than the original but with a couple ties it eliminated the wire from hanging. After install I turned on my truck and my engine light was off. I've heard that you have to drive around a bit for the error to clear but that wasn't the case for me. Very satisfied. Whatever you do, don't get a sensor through a mechanic and have them install it...you'll be throwing your money away.
    114. jerry
      06 Jul, 2012
      Item was received faster then expected, when the sensor was installed it was a perfect fitno wires to cut, no soldering, no problems as of today,(4 weeks later) I'm very happy withthis sensor, I've used Denso parts before and have been very satisfied with them.the check engine light went off as soon as I drove my sequoia.AutoPartsWAY price was about $70 less then my local store.
    115. alphonse
      27 Jun, 2012
      These replacement sensors work perfectly in most cases and I save a boatload by purchasing them on AutoPartsWAY. Excellent product, thank you.
    116. BOATS99 "BOATS99"
      22 Jun, 2012
      I own a 93 Toyota p/u with the 22re motor with 195K on the clock. Had a engine light on and code was "21" oxy sensor so replaced it was easy to do 10 minute job leads are a little longer then the stock one just used a strap to keep it from hitting the hot exhaust. Runs smoother better power and better mpg that's a win in my book !
    117. dave
      09 Jun, 2012
      another happy consumer here, exactly what i wanted and exactly like they described. shipment was super fast, got my truck up and running like a champ now. FORD all the way!!
    118. JW
      01 Jun, 2012
      Had a check engine code of P0420 related to the function of the catalytic converter on a 95.5 Tacoma 2.4Ltr 2wd automatic pick up truck. Since the truck had 163,000 miles on it I decided to replace both the up stream and down stream o2 sensors with Denso OEM type sensors to see if that was the problem. After soaking the extremely rusty nuts in solvent, I used an easy out to remove what was left of the nuts. Surprisingly, the mounting studs were still in good condition. I bought some new metric SS nuts from the local hardware store and replaced both sensors. It's been 2 weeks now since clearing the CEL and the code has not returned. Both sensors were perfect fits, came with gaskets, and plugged right into the connectors with no problem. The sensor (234-4153) referenced in this review is the down stream one. The up stream sensor is a 234-4162.I would recommend this product to a friend and it was the best price I could find anywhere.JW
    119. Clark Scott
      09 May, 2012
      Had a P0133 code, replaced the upstream oxygen sensor and problem has been gone now for 2 weeks. Price on AutoPartsWAY for the part was less than half of what it was at my local auto parts stores. Also, surprisingly, this 1995 vehicle has an OBD2 connector that makes it easy to get the code read at any Advance Auto or Auto Zone free of charge if you don't have a reader of your own.
    120. Jimmy C. Roe "Roe-dog"
      03 May, 2012
      I spent much time finding the right part at the right price-but it all came down to AutoPartsWAY. The best price with prompt delivery. The price could not be beat. The part itself was the perfect fit and connect well. Best thing was the lubricant which was included. I bought this for a 2000 Mazda Protege with a 1.6 litre engine. Replaced the catalytic converter as well.
    121. Dallas Electronics Fan
      28 Apr, 2012
      I didn't know Denso until I found out I needed a front O2 sensor. After being told by Honda that it would be $290.00 for the sensor and another $150.00 for labor, I did some research and found that Denso is a respected company in the Honda enthusiast community and an oem. I checked several online sources and a local chain. AutoPartsWAY had it for about 10 bucks less on average (thanks AutoPartsWAY). It even came with anti-seize paste. After having it installed (should have done it myself but had honda do it for 150), the check engine light went out and all is well. It's too early to talk about long term performance but so far, so good. Great product, great price, great AutoPartsWAY service. Net $250.00 saved, happy customer.
    122. WoodstockVA
      19 Apr, 2012
      I bought this to replace a failed O2 sensor on a 1999 Ford Ranger. Once I got the old one removed, the complete installation time for this is under 5 minutes.Some tips :1. Engine warm or cold ONLY! The exhaust system is extremely hot & you WILL burn yourself if you do not wait until it has had adequate time to cool down after driving it.2. Spray LIBERALLY the old O2 sensor (not wires) with PB Blaster or some kind of penetrating oil. After soaking it, walk away....come back in 30 minutes. This will give the pentrating oil enough time to break down some of the rust. Keep in mind that this is basically installed in one of the hottest parts of your car. At those temps, bare metal/heat/rust will eventually fuse the pipe & O2 sensor together.3. Use either a) Oxygen Sensor sockets OR b) crows feet line wrenches. If you try and remove this with a regular wrench, you will round the provided bolt off of it.4. Use an O2 sensor...
    123. Darian P. Paganelli
      13 Mar, 2012
      Great price on this Oxygen sensor. Incidently, it is an Oxygen sensor, NOT an Air Fuel Rato Sensor. They are different and put out different correction voltages. The AFRS puts out a DC voltage of about 0.9 volts, depending on what it is doing. The Oxygen sensor puts out a switching square wave voltage depending on what it is doing. The Oxygen sensor and the Air Fuel Ratio sensor work toghether to manage the amount of fuel the computer allows the injectors to feed to the engine at any given speed.Probably more than you wanted to know about this item, pardon me. Denso is OEM quality at a wonderful low price from AutoPartsWAY. Look up the proper application information for Denso products on the Denso aftermarket website. The combination of Denso and AutoPartsWAY can not be beat for quality and price.Regards, D. Paganelli
    124. sr20awesome
      18 Feb, 2012
      The oxygen sensor was great and fit perfectly, but the car i put it on was a pain due to routing of the wire, other than that was great. Took me about an hour to do both on a 1998 lexus ls400. Love denso quality.
    125. wjamyers
      16 Feb, 2012
      My Evo IX BBK Full install was stalled out by this broken O2 Housing Front O2 sensor. I found out at 5:30 PM and was being quoted $360.00 for the replacement delivered in a few days, ARRGHHHH! so I searched around...And found this page:[...]Which seemed to confirm that Denso 234-4741 replaces Mitsubishi 1588A064.Still not certain, I kept looking and found this:[...]"OXYGEN SENSOR CROSS REFERENCE" confirmed on page 46 that:Mitsu MN153010 = Denso 234-4741Seeing as AutoPartsWAY's "Make Sure It Fits!" confirmed it was right for my car and it's AutoPartsWAY I had maximum confidence. Ordered it overnighted for $70.39 (instead of the $332.00 shipped they want elsewhere: [...]). Placed my order around 6:55 PM and it was delivered the NEXT DAY at 11:48, installer confirms the part has the exact same plug and is compatible with the stock sensor, the only difference being the wire is a little longer.All of...
    126. lrman12
      23 Jan, 2012
      Bought this when I had to replace my 99 Honda CR-V's converter. I was pleasantly surprised to see that AutoPartsWAY had these and not only that but they were the cheapest price available! The manufacturer is the same one that provides the OEM product for my car and so this was really replacing what came out of the Honda factory with the same part but at a significantly cheaper price. Ever since the install the CEL has not come on and my car is running smooth so I am satisfied. I highly recommend anyone who needs to change their O2 sensors (around every 80-90,000 miles) or has to replace their converter buy their own O2 sensors and do it themselves, it will save you a lot of money.
    127. CRAGER
      13 Jan, 2012
      Some cars need better performance o2 sensors and this would be one of if not the best out there, works great on my 427ci LS1 motor.
    128. G. Mesiarik "GeorgeA"
      05 Jan, 2012
      This oxygen sensor was a breeze to install with the correct sensor socket, which I also ordered. I was able to save several hundred dollars by doing it myself. It has been installed for about 9 months with absolutely no problems. It was a direct replacement. Highly recommended.
    129. baldys250
      28 Dec, 2011
      Part fit perfect and cleared my check engine DTC. Installation was tricky because wire colors didn't match directions, but the web provided enough examples to get me through it successfully. Good part, not so good installation instructions, perfect fit, great price.
    130. AutoPartsWAY Customer
      09 Dec, 2011
      I have purchased several versions of Denso Oxygen sensors, and they all work very well. This particular one was for a '04 Honda CR-V that was giving bad sensor codes (rear?) and it has been working fine for quite a long time ever since being replaced. Even if your car is not throwing codes, it might not be a bad idea to get new oxygen sensors around the 100K miles mark for you vehicle. The sensors can get "lazy" over time and are slow to tell your car's computer that the mixture of air to gasoline is not opportune. This will cause bad performance and/or wasted MPG.
    131. DrewKaree
      04 Nov, 2011
      I had to replace this sensor on the wife's car. I can't remember the bank or sensor number I needed to replace, but just like with my RX300, I went to Denso's website to make sure I had the proper item and then came here to AutoPartsWAY. I saved about $20 over buying it directly from Denso, and about $35 over the local parts store.Replacing this sensor on the wife's car necessitated removing the carpet on the passenger side and feeding the wire through the floorboard/firewall area. DO be sure to use the anti-seize compound to help with removal the next time. Just put the compound on the threads of the sensor, don't bother putting it on the exhaust pipe.This sensor was a bit more difficult to remove than on my RX300, but I believe that was due to me not using anything to loosen rusted/stuck parts. On my RX300, the following process worked quite well for me, and I recommend it anytime you need to replace one of these sensors: The day before trying to remove the...
    132. 8trout
      04 Nov, 2011
      I had many options when considering a replacement for my 1997 Ford Ranger 2.3L 4cylinder motor. I chose the (Nippo)Denso product due to the price and previous experience with their products. Quality is great! Included anti-seize compound saving me from having to buy a tube.You'll need an O2sensor removal socket (or wrench) and maybe some penetrating lube as the old sensor usually seizes itself to the bung over time. Took less than 5minutes and after clearing trouble code "CEL (check engine light)" my truck runs better and smoother.
    133. Crash
      03 Nov, 2011
      Denso is a direct fit for your Chrysler vehicle. Only problem is that AutoPartsWAY said this would work for the upstream sensor on my 1996 Dodge Ram truck. It is not AutoPartsWAYs fault because all other Auto Parts websites said the same thing. I ordered it and found out it is about 2 inches too short. It has a wire length of 12 inches. My original is about 14 inches long. I found out that there is an alternate part of 234-4076. It is the exact same part but it has a 18 inch wire length with the same pigtail (it was another option I could of used but did not know about). The 234-4076 fit great and works great also. I loved the extra 4 inches of wire to work with. If you don't have the option of taking out your original and measuring the wire length, order the 234-4076. You can thank me later!
    134. Crash
      03 Nov, 2011
      Works great and fit perfect on my Dodge Ram Truck (down stream sensor). Exact replacement for the old original sensor.
    135. DoLittleDo
      16 Oct, 2011
      AutoPartsWAY is a good place for automotive parts,once you got the parts model and you can found it here.is been a couple of months my CEL remained lit,my local workshop said that i had a faulty O2 sensor at front and ask for a ridiculous price,AutoPartsWAY only cost about half of it! I installed this on a Mit 4g63 the part fits and worked perfectly,the factory original part is also a denso and this part is almost identical except the wire was slightly longer.DIY and it only tooks 35mins to be done,the CEL light went off right after the engine starts.I am very happy with this part,I also saved a good deal of cash by buying it here and changing it myself!
    136. Caveman
      16 Oct, 2011
      I bought this item and it worked perfectly. there is no need to purchase one for $150 when you can get the same item for less here. I definitely recommend this item to anyone.
    137. Mellie
      03 Oct, 2011
      Arrived quickly and was exactly what I ordered. Spent much less by purchasing this product from AutoPartsWAY.com instead of the dealer!
    138. miatadriverchris
      28 Sep, 2011
      Denso is the main manufacturer and supplier of OEM parts for many cars, both foreign and domestic. In some foreign vehicles, especially in Toyota, another brand will not work due to difference in resistance values in the sensor. (electronic differences) So make sure if your car comes with an OEM Denso oxygen sensor that you buy one!Personal experience:This is the exact sensor for the rear one in a 1998-2002 Toyota Corolla, and when we changed our warn out one that kept forcing a CEL (check engine light) to display in our car, we replaced it with this one and the light went away for good! Tried several other brands at first, and none of them worked till I got this. Highly recommend that you stick with Denso, and purchase it from AutoPartsWAY because this is cheaper than from your Dealer or Auto Part Store!
    139. CARLOS
      22 Sep, 2011
    140. Nathan Wilkerson
      20 Sep, 2011
      I am very happy with yall guys and from my family i would like to say thank you for all your help i will make sure to tell everyone to buy from yall all...
    141. crg
      08 Jul, 2011
      Direct fit for 05 F150 5.4L Triton. Worked out perfect. I installed a couple of months and no engine codes. Super fast shipping.
    142. R. Wagner "wagnerism"
      01 Jun, 2011
      The hardest part about replacing this sensor was getting the old one out. This replacement sensor got the check-engine light to stay off and I passed emissions.
    143. Oak Brook
      05 Apr, 2011
      Initially I purchased another brand (Bosch) that was listed as a direct replacement for my 2000 Camry, but that sensor didn't include the rubber doohicky that provides a water-tight seal around the wire, where it passes from outside to inside the car. This item is the very same model that was originally on my Camry, fit perfectly, and works.Note: I replaced both oxygen sensors on my car and expected the "check engine" light to reset by itself, but after about a week of driving, I reset the light manually (with a meter). It has been 4+ months and the light has remained off, indicating that the new oxygen sensors are working fine.
    144. food_guy
      22 Mar, 2011
      Purchased back in april 2010. Wired in sensor and replaced bad oem sensor. No codes or problems since. Finally got around to removing the original sensor a few months after not hearing complaints about the vehicle.
    145. John
      16 Feb, 2011
      O2 Sensor fit perfect. Came with a small package of quality anti-seize. Easy to replace for a shade tree mechanic except the electrical plug is nearly impossible to unplug - can only get one hand in area of plug - but with patience it can be done by a shade tree mechanic. You will need an OBII Scanner to erase the fault code or have Advance Auto erase it for you.This sensor fits both passenger and driver side O2 sensors on upstream side of catalytic converter. This will cure your PO135 and PO155 error codes (of course it could also be a wiring problem, but if you have 60,000 miles on the OD, it is most likely the O2 Sensor. My first one failed at 83,000 miles. Both the upstream and one downstream O2 sensors have failed. One downstream is still working and I have 220,000 miles on the OD. O2 sensors are rated for about 100,000 miles. The only other failure on this truck was a $75 ignition coil on the #8 cylinder.4 wire Denso "first time fit" oxygen sensor,...
    146. Doug Krahmer
      24 Jan, 2011
      I bought this O2 sensor in January 2010 for my 2002 Tundra. It has been working perfectly ever since. Keep in mind, this is a universal replacement part and does not come with the connector plug for your vehicle. Be sure to keep your old O2 sensor with the connector intact. You must salvage the connector from your old O2 sensor by cutting the wires between the connector and sensor. Crimp the new O2 sensor wires to your old connector and you're good to go. The crimps and instructions are included. If you are handy enough to replace your own O2 sensor then this little exercise should be no problem for you.
    147. David C. Farr
      19 Dec, 2010
      Item recieved was quality,price cannot be beat,however their list of vehicles is incorrect.I ordered it for a Kia Sportage rear sensor.The add says either front or rear however it is for front only.I will still use it and ordered the correct one.both have now been changed.1note you will save at least $100.00 over auto parts stores.
    148. A. C.
      04 Nov, 2010
      Used this to replace the original oxygen sensor which had 100,000 miles on it. Reset the ECM and got instant improvement in fuel milage and pep.
    149. thook
      17 Sep, 2010
      I've had Toyotas for atleast ten years now. Without question, a Denso O2S is what you need in your Toyota vehicle for optimal mileage and performance. Read [...] to find out more about that. I ordered my unit from Denso Sales. Product was in impeccable condition out of the box. Shipping was fast and the cost was the best deal I found. My 22re mileage went from a consistent average of 18mpg's (with an NTK unit) to 22mpg's within a few days of driving and ECU adjustment after the Denso replacement. BTW, I'm not a dealer nor do I represent anyone other than myself and other Toy enthusiasts. Get a Denso, damnit!
    150. Van "Van"
      14 Jun, 2010
      This sensor fits perfectly in a 01' Dodge Ram 1500 Van, with no problem. I saved over 55 bucks compared to my local auto parts store. The plug fit directly over the factory one, in which the one the auto parts store was trying to sell me was round for some reason, yet they said it would fit.The best part was that my engine check light immediately turned off! Always go to Denso's website to see what the product model is.
    151. James
      05 Jun, 2010
      Fixed check engine light codes 1 and 43 for my 91 accord EX. Comes with anti-seize compound.
    152. Brian Mckeigan
      14 Mar, 2010
      The sensor is installed in the car and working fine. My only complaint is with the instructions, since the sensor is listed as a replacement for a Subaru, there should be a wiring diagram for Subarus in the instruction sheet.Overall I am pleased with the product.
    153. Robert V. Crafton "Toyota Dude"
      08 Dec, 2009
      Purchased this product and it was delivered quickly and is exactly as advertised and just what I needed. My CEL has stayed off and this was just what I needed to fix the code P0420 on my Toyota 4runner. According to what I have read these sensors need to be replaced every 80k miles or so. Great price and great product!
    154. Z. PENA "ZMAN"
      08 Dec, 2009
      I have a toyota 03, This product arrived within 2 days of purchase. It's was the right product. It fit prefect!If you want to make your job easier purchase oxygen sensor socket for about $3 at harbor freight...Another thing, I know it doesn't show it but it does have the factory plug on it as well and matches up perfectly.I would recommended it...
    155. S. Greene
      14 Sep, 2009
      Ok, my car likes to eat O2, so it seams. But I need a high quality O2 sensor. After some research, everyone told me that Mopar ones are the best, but The Denso ones are what mopar uses, they just put them in their own boxes! But Buying the Denso ones are about half the cost of the mopar(boxed) ones! So I highly reccomend you give them a shot!
    156. Erocks
      26 Jun, 2009
      I needed to replace all 4 of my oxygen sensors and needed to shop around because these things are expensive. AutoPartsWAY's prices were the LOWEST, half the cost of what I would've spent at Autozone or Advanced Auto Parts! Pretty happy that AutoPartsWAY had these in stock. :D Oh, you might want to go to the Denso website first to find out which model is made for your vehicle. Overall, great product and awesome price!
    157. Erocks
      26 Jun, 2009
      I needed to replace all 4 of my oxygen sensors and needed to shop around because these things are expensive. AutoPartsWAY's prices were the LOWEST, half the cost of what I would've spent at Autozone or Advanced Auto Parts! Pretty happy that AutoPartsWAY had these in stock. :D Oh, you might want to go to the Denso website first to find out which model is made for your vehicle. Overall, great product and awesome price!
    158. Joshua Vandenberg
      22 Jun, 2009
      I purchased this for my 1998 Grand Prix GTP because the Denso O2 sensor can handle leaded 110 race gas. A OEM sensor will go bad very quickly with leaded 110 but the Denso works great.