1980 MG MGB Repair Manual Bentley

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1980 MG MGB
Brand Bentley
Part # BNT1623676
Condition New
Warehouse A


  • MGB Owner's Repair Manual: 1975-1980
  • MGB 1975-1980
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    1. 05 Feb, 2018
      BMW X5
    2. Zann
      16 Apr, 2015
      I bought the "repair" manuals because in order to know what is what on a VW Passat one needs a good guide. I left them in my car for my mechanic to use and they have been very helpful. Some things are missing in the diagrams like the motor mounts aren't listed, and there are five of them, only shows two. I would recommend buying these books, there are over all fairly accurate.
    3. Hank Reffner
      10 Apr, 2015
      Great manual!
    4. Mark
      05 Mar, 2015
      Worth it cost ten times over if you use it just once or twice!
    5. Ranger Rick
      10 Feb, 2015
      Order was processed quickly and manual was just as promised for E46.
    6. Isaac Barajas "ISAAC B"
      01 Dec, 2014
    7. In Montana "Ologist"
      02 Nov, 2014
      This manual is a must if you own a Z3 or a Coupe and plan on doing your own maintenance. It is well thought out, easy to read organized to get you effectively from the starting point to the end. It is a very good reference manual, far exceeding those of the common variety. I ordered the paperback and ended up being sent the hard cover. I am very glad because I use the heck out of it. I am a former nuclear technical writer, I used to write work control documents for a large nuclear facility. The folks that wrote this book, must have learned a bit because it works an that I cannot say for some of the others.
    8. crazipainter
      25 Oct, 2014
      I purchased my first Bentley manual in 1984 from Toyota as a factory service manual. Since then I have only bought Bentley manuals. They are substantially more in-depth with information which is well worth the higher cost as compared to other manuals. To top it off, this two book set is hard bound. I've paid almost the same price for the last Bentley manual in paper back. Great investment!
    9. Terry E. Test
      29 Sep, 2014
      By far the most complete auto repair manuals are made by Bentley.
    10. Kalil Salkey
      14 Jul, 2014
      You can complete any job with this manual. You do need some basic mechanical knowledge as it doesn't specify specific tools you will need. It is written for dealer service shops. For example it says "Use water pump wrench VAG 1590, or equivalent, to counter hold belt pulley...". also doesn't give the specific sizes of bolts but that is very easy to figure out.
    11. John Malcovitch
      04 Jul, 2014
      Surprised to see there is only one other review of this Bentley Manual on AutoPartsWAY at the time being. This set has been worth every penny, and I have to spread the word to any AutoPartsWAY shoppers on the fence.What's in this manual, and why is it worth over $100? In short, nearly everything. Starts with some basic primers, tips, and tool requirements (along with a helpful "service interval" chart) before diving right into how to remove and disassemble your engine. The book contains specifics on nearly all the body styles and engines for an e39: M52, M52 TU, M54, M62s (sedans, touring, V6, V8, etc). The only notable exception is the S62 (M5), but the M5 has quite a bit of mechanical and electrical overlap with the 540i. I use these manuals for both a 528i and an M5.The first book is mechanical, while the second book starts with a thin "practical" section of electrical components (lighting, washers, radio, etc), and then follows with several hundred...
    12. Chigoo
      25 Jun, 2014
      An amazing repair manual. Coming from working only on a tii with poor quality manuals (and no Bentley available!), fixing an E28 with this manual is a breeze. Great descriptions, good pictures. Anything you can't find, you can find on www.mye28.com
    13. Jonathan D. Williams
      19 May, 2014
      I love these. I was astounded to get hard bound copies for less than 80 bucks. Excellent coverage of repairs by Bentley. All the Bentley manuals assume the mechanic has basic skills and knowledge of tools and removal and installation techniques.
    14. james greenfield
      29 Apr, 2014
      Now, this was a deal that keeps one coming back!!! Again, with quality and integrity out FRONT you can`t go WRONG!!!
    15. Jenn
      16 Apr, 2014
      My husband does the maintenance on our cars. Every time he needs to work on the Jetta, he is visibly excited to use these manuals. Now we need to get a set for his Audi!
    16. K. Prolo
      01 Jan, 2014
      My project car only came with the original manual which isn't thorough enough for a car approaching it's 4th decade of use. This one has been relied on often as I replace trunk lifts, defroster parts, etc. I actually keep the book in the car now. It's about 3 inches thick so don't kid yourself that it will fit in the glove box.
    17. SirWired
      19 Oct, 2013
      This manual is the "official" repair manual for the B5 VW Passat, and is based on the one the dealer uses. On the plus side, it's far more comprehensive than the Haynes or Chilton's manual.Note: As an abridged copy of the dealer manual, repair procedures will always use the VW special dealer tools when available. For some, such as a torque wrench, you can simply ignore this and use your own. For others, you'll need to supplement the book with some intrepid internet searches or posts to the PassatWorld internet forum for substitutes or alternate procedures, if available.
    18. Jeanne R.
      14 Oct, 2013
      Very good manual. We have done several repairs that has saved us hundreds of dollars in repair bills. A must have.
    19. zjwp "AR"
      07 Oct, 2013
      Great manual, and mine came with hardcover which was added bonus. And I was pleasantly surprised by it when I opened the package!
    20. James D Borkman
      03 Sep, 2013
      Best MGB repair manual out there. I would highly recommend it to anyone. This is a great resource for any MGB owner.
    21. michael colton
      11 Jan, 2013
      I found everything I needed in this book and don`t anticipate any problems that can`t be fixed with the info in it. It costs a lot and its huge but now that I have it I wouldn`t want to be without it.