1996 Infiniti Oil Pan

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The 1996 Infiniti Oil Pan is a removable metal bowl that is attached via bolts to the bottom of the engine's crankcase in your vehicle. It is usually made of steel or cast alloy. In order for your engine to run properly it must be lubricated. The lubrication required is oil.

After the oil circulates through the engine and does it job to lubricate and cool all of the moving parts, it then drains into the 1996 Infiniti Oil Pan to be stored there. Typically there is a drain plug that can be removed in order to drain the old oil out during an oil change.

Your 1996 Infiniti Oil Pan can become damaged or heavily corroded. When this happens you may notice an oil leak indicating that the pan needs to be replaced. During an oil change, which should be performed every 3,000 miles or so, the old oil will be drained and new oil put in. The person performing the oil change will be able to see if there is corrosion or damage to the pan with a visual inspection.

Oil is to a car as blood is to a body. It is required in order for the engine to run properly.

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